Juliet Rose Flower.

Juliet rose flower is the name of a species rose. It built in Hybrid roses. This Juliet have a beautiful and predominantly fragrant. Juliet Rose makes the garden more attractive. Juliet Rose Flower is now a expensive and rich Rose flower. One of the popular Rose in America and Russia.

Juliet Rose Flower.

Juliet Rose flower. Sir David Austin first invented this Juliet Rose in England. Time need 15 years for proper Clone. Juliet always Expensive and Rich Rose.

We are highlighting Basic information of Juliet rose flower.

FAQ Answer
Name:  Juliet Rose Flower.
Scientific name: Julia Child
Common name: 1. Juliet Rose.

2. Julia Child flower.

3.Juliet Rose flower.

Price of the Flower: 15.6 million US Dollar.
Popularity: 89.32%
Color of the Flower: 1. Red.

2. Yellow.

3. Mixed.

Rose type: Hybrid
Smell:  Sweet smell
Inventor: English breeder David Austin
Invented years: 2006


The current market value of each Juliet Rose, the second most expensive flower in the world, is about 15.6 million. Which is about 200 crore rupees in Indian currency. It is a kind of Rose. Larger in size and spread than ordinary roses, this Rose was first seen at the 2006 Chelsea Flower Show in Britain.

Scientific name of Juliet Rose Flower.

Julia Child is the scientific name of Juliet Rose flower. In 2023, Rare Rose in the world. Juliet Rose is not only considered one of the rarest flowers in the world, but also one of the rarest Roses in the world. Because it took 15 years for rose breeder David Austin to cultivate this flower in England.

This particular type of Rose was named after a famous English poet named after the heroine of W. Shakespeare’s novel.

History of Juliet Rose flower.

Nothing on earth is as easy as the story behind Juliet Rose’s discovery. The story of Juliet Rose’s discovery begins when a man in the United States came up with the idea of ​​inventing a flower by combining several flowers according to his idea.

English breeder David Austin worked on making Juliet roses for 15 years. At his company David Austin Rose Ltd., he tried to achieve a unique appearance and floral scent. Thus, creating a new species requires incredible effort and a large financial outlay. Juliet is worth more than 30 million. David Austin got his new achievement in 2005. He named the Rose after the protagonist of W. Shakespeare’s novel. Juliet performed at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2000iet, where she received the highest award. Culture is most popular in the United States and Japan, not in Great Britain. In most cases, the Juliet rose variety is used to make wedding bouquets.

According to a special report given by International News, David created a new type of flower by combining many types of Roses. It was named Juliet Rose. This Rose was not made so easily. It took Juliet Rose about 2 to 3 years to blossom. This particular type of rose was named Apricot-hood hybrid. The first Juliet Rose that David gave as a gift in 2006 was worth Rs 90 crore.

The fragrance of this rose is mentioned on the official website of David Austin. The fragrance of roses is mild which feels like perfume. Which is what most people like. Fragrance plays an important role in all its qualities, which sets this rose apart.

Juliet Roses are always loved by people because of their special fragrance and texture. According to our History, Roses have been seen as a symbol of love since the Mughal period. However, it has many properties that make it useful in everything from beauty to medicine.

Unique Shape and Size of Juliet Rose flower.

The description of the size of the flower demands special attention:

1. Warm, apricot bud color, with 40 petals.

2. When fully opened, the flower looks more attractive.

3. Fragrant teas are very close to roses but rarely perceptible.

4. If you want to get big buds, the tree needs to be pruned on time.

5. Shrubs with dense shoots, strong, up to 80 cm in length.

Flower sizes range from tiny 1.25 cm (0.5 in) diameter to hybrid flowers measuring more than 17.5 cm (7 in). The fleshy, sometimes edible, berry-like “fruit” of the rose tree (actually the cup of flowers) is known as the hip, and this Juliet is usually reddish to orange in appearance.

Characteristics of Juliet Rose.

This is a penny hybrid with decent parameters:

1. The shrub is 80 cm tall and grows evenly. About 70-75 cm wide.

2. Shoots are erect, dense, and strongly leafy.

3. The leaves are deep green. The coating of the plate is glossy.

Juliet, a soft peach Rose. The edges of the petals are painted in a soft cream shade. Different varieties have up to 40 petals up to one bud. The aroma is subtle, with notes of sweet vanilla and lilac. After a full opening, the bud resembles a half-open peon. Diameter 8-10 cm. Hybrid flowers do not bloom. Juliet’s first rosebuds appear in early June, and the last varieties appear in early September.

Shrubs form large buds if the requirements of agriculture are met.

In addition, it should be noted good resistance to various types of rainfall. The buds fully retain their decorative effect and are not scattered. Another feature that gardens appreciate differently is Juliet’s good frost resistance. The shrub can tolerate temperatures as low as -23 C without any damage (USDA Region 6).
Its repeatedly flowering hybrid attracts the attention of lovers.

Important! In order for the shrub to produce large shoots, it should be cut growing seasonally.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Juliet Rose.

David Austin has a very long list of Juliet rose benefits. Due to its unique features, there are different types of constant demand.

The tenderness and beauty of the flower completely remove potential imperfections.

Advantages of the flower.

1. Multiple flowers in the growing season;
2. Delicate luxurious fragrance;
3. Cold resistance;
4. Immunity is high;
5. Large-flowered;

Among the subtractions of the hybrid, Juliet is distinguished; The fragility of stems below the weight of wet flowers during prolonged rainfall; A unique beauty that will spread all the other plants on the site.

The last point can be attributed to eligibility. But flower lovers often do not want a culture to dominate the rest. Each has its own distinct qualities. Therefore, some think that Juliet’s abnormality has increased as a conditional error.

Market prices and demand of the Juliet Rose Flower.

Kadupul is the name of the most invaluable flower in the world and In second place is Juliet Rose flower. No, this is no ordinary Rose. Her name is Juliet Rose flower. The maximum value of each flower is about 15.6 million US dollars. Which is about 126 crores in Bangladeshi Currency(Taka).

This is totally extra type of Rose. Quite large in size and scattered. Juliet Rose first caught the world’s attention at the 2006 Chelsea Flower Show. This flower is very difficult to cultivate. Because need extra care and strong security.

The accurate Price of Juliet Rose flower in different country.

1. 126 crores in Bangladeshi taka.

2. 107 crore in Indian rupees.

3. 5 billion in America.

4. European 4000 Euro.

Legal Reproduction method of Juliet Rose Flower.

Seed methods are not recommended for Juliet roses. This option is very time-saving, time, and effort required for an amateur garden. Seedlings need to be made in certain growing conditions. Only experienced gardeners can do this. In addition, grown shrubs do not always have the qualities of a mother. Above all, the cuttings will help preserve all the features of the species. Pruning should be done in the summer morning when the shoots are full of moisture.

It is important to follow certain Rules:

1. The tool should be well sharpened and disinfected.

2. Choose different strong shoots.

3. The lower cut is made at the bottom of the kidney, and the top is 2 cm higher than it.

4. Remove the lower leaves of Juliet, shorten by 1/3 of the remaining length.

5. Put rose slices in a solution stimulating the roots for 24 hours.

6. Place in a container with water until roots are present.

7. Once the roots are strong, cuttings of the variety can be planted in open ground. To root for success, you need to remember the terms. The container with the water should stand in an illuminated place. Cover the container with a plastic lid on top and allow for daily ventilation.

8. When grafting, all the conditions of the procedure must be observed

9. Another way for experienced rose growers is the Juliet vaccine. It requires skill and knowledge. Not everyone dares to use it.

Leaves of the Juliet Rose Flower.

juliet rose and Juliet Rose leaves

juliet rose and Juliet Rose leaves.

Juliet roses are valuable and can cost up to five million dollars. The flower took more than a decade to form and is thus the most expensive. It has peach-colored petals which look beautiful when fully opened.

Horticulturally speaking, Juliet Rose is a classic. They were the first color of Juliet roses to be cultivated, as Juliet roses are most common in wild areas. In the Victorian era, the Juliet rose was used to decorate everything from wallpaper to greeting cards.

Insects and diseases of the Juliet Rose.

The shrub Penny Rose Juliet has good immunity. However, in case of violation of agricultural requirements or unfavorable growing conditions, it may be infected by black spots and powdery mildew. To prevent this, preventative spraying with phytosporin is required in spring. When symptoms of the disease appear, the affected parts of the shrub should be removed and burned.

Important! Diseased plants stop flowering. Insects plaguing Juliet are caterpillars, scale insects, and aphids. It is better to deal with them with the help of folk remedies or pesticides.

Uses of Juliet Rose plant leaves.

According to scientific research: This plant absorbs carbon dioxide which is very beneficial to our environment and releases the oxygen that we humans inhale it releases a large amount of oxygen which helps to maintain the balance of our environment.

Juliet rose is a delicious and crisp rose wine with the initial fruit-forward flavor of raspberry and berry which gives the wine an attractive open feeling.

Plants of the Juliet Rose Flower.

Juliet is refreshing and elegant, bone-chilling rose wine, with a layer of vibrant fruit and a bright, smooth finish – just like the real rose wine of southern France. Juliet is an exceptional food wine that is associated with many different types of cooking.

Height and size of the plant.

This juliet plants can grow up to 3.5 feet in height.

Characteristics of plant.

The longer the stems and the longer the buds, the greener and accent flowers with a larger and taller vase are used. Most florists have no desire to cut the stems because roses are sold based on their length.

The Juliet Garden Rose, grown in California, is one of the most popular David Austin® gardens rose varieties available today. Soft, peachy-apricot shade. Juliet has a large, cupped rosette flower head that is open to reveal the many perfectly arranged petals located at the heart of each flower.

Original and unique cultivation method of the Juliet Rose flower.

Roses are planted in spring (after the last frost) or in the fall (at least six weeks before your average first frost). Planting in early Autumn gives the trees enough time to establish their roots before they get dried during winter.

Rose Juliet is simply born. Landing can be done individually, the main thing is to know all the terms and conditions.

Seedlings are best done in the form of planting because if the seeds germinate, all the features of the mother plant will no longer exist.

Optimal time and place of the flower.

The best landing site is on the south side of the area, with a fence and a house nearby. By that time, you can choose April or September.

Pay attention! If the soil is well fertilized, and the shrubs receive the necessary care and sunlight, the plant will actively grow for 15 years. After rooting it must be bound to a support.

Soil preparation system for Juliet Rose.

Seedlings need to be prepared one day before planting:

1. Cut the root system slightly and leave it in water for 24 hours.

2. A hole is dug in a required place at a depth and width of about 50 cm. Compost and Hamas are placed underneath and followed by a layer of soil.

3. Moisturized with water. If planting is done in the spring, the soil should be fertilized before the winter in the autumn.

Second way step process.

1. Once the seedlings and soil are ready, you can plant:

2. The seedlings are carefully immersed in the hole, the roots are straightened continuously.

3. The soil is sprinkled and lightly sprinkled.

4. Important! The earth cannot be dense. Air and moisture should pass through it easily. Therefore, the soil must be loose and constantly draining.

5. Like any rose that eats light water, the stagnation of moisture in the earth’s culture is dangerous.

6. Proper landing in spring on open ground.

Seed collection and Sowing of Juliet Rose.

The process of grafting in Autumn.

Propagation by seed is a laborious process that requires specific care and growing conditions. Therefore, it is used only by experienced producers.

Step by step grafting process:

1. In summer – cuttings are pruned when open buds are found.

2. It is best to prune in the morning when the branches are full of moisture.

3. The knife must be sharpened and treated with disinfectant.

4. After selecting the appropriate strong, strong shoots, the bottom of the kidney immediately needs to perform a lower cut, and the upper – 2 cm higher.

5. Remove the leaves by the third, so that more moisture can be stored.

6. Then place in a special container with water so that the stems begin to take root. Cover the top with a plastic lid and be sure to ventilate every day. Ability should not stand in the shadows.

7. Additional information. If desired, you can keep the cuttings in “Cornwinvin” for a day, but the roots will appear earlier.

8. After the cuttings take root, they can be planted on open ground.

How to take care of Juliet Rose flower?

Matters of care.

Roses need full care throughout the season after planting. This requires timely watering, loosening of the soil, and introduction of top dressing.

Water and moisture.

Watering should not be plentiful, but it is also impossible to allow the soil to dry out. As a rule, it is carried out once every 2-3 days in summer – more plant sprays are not required.

Topdressing and soil.

The soil must be loosened without failure, otherwise, the root system will not be able to acquire all the necessary trace elements and moisture.

With the onset of spring and until July the top dressing is introduced 2 times a month, in rare cases – 3 times. Fertilizer was introduced last August.

Pruning and replacement.

After planting in the first year, all the buds should be removed from the bush so that the roots develop better and all the energy goes to their growth.

Shrubs that have reached one or more years of age are cut in half and small shrubs in spring and winter.

In summer, pruning of broken, diseased branches is allowed. The device must be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate. Subsequently, pruning only needs to be done to create bushes. Transplantation is done 2-3 years after planting in open ground.

Winter care.

In severe climates (below 15) C) it is necessary to cover the bush before winter:
The base of the tree is sprinkled with soil and crushed,
The stalks are placed on prepared boards,
A heater is sprinkled on top.

Growing and caring.

Different types of care do not require special skills. Horticulturists can perform all activities independently.

David Austin Juliet Rose planting is scheduled for April or September. This is the most favorable time for seedling adaptation. In addition to the term, you should know a few more concentrations:
A place. Likes to grow in the southern part of different types of sites. Especially near a fence or building. They protect the bushes from wind and drafts. With good care, Juliet David Austin’s rose grows in one place for 15 years.

Made of soil and seedlings. If the place for planting different varieties of spring is planned in advance, then soil preparation should start in autumn. You will be given soil fertilizer (30 kg of organic matter per 1 sq m) and it will have to be excavated. In the spring, the land should be cleared of weeds, debris, and large debris. Dig a hole on the side of 50 cm and the same depth. Put a layer of compost and Hamas on the bottom, then a layer of garden soil. Moisten with water. The distance between the holes should not be less than 50 cm. Cut the long roots of the rose seedlings to a length of 20 cm, soaking them in the root-forming solution for one day.

Planting algorithms for the Juliet Rose Flower.

1. Install the seedlings, and spread the roots.

2. Place the inoculation 2 cm above the soil level.

3. Sprinkle with soil, lightly tamp.

4. Drizzle with water, and make holes in the planting area.

Diseases and pests of the Juliet Rose Flower.

The plant is very resistant to disease, but can sometimes be attacked by powdery mildew and black spots. In such cases, in the spring, the bushes should be sprayed with phytosporin (7 ml per 1 liter of water). Infected leaves and twigs must be removed and burned.

Insects can be distinguished from aphids, insects and caterpillars. They need to be dealt with using biological methods (whether treated with laundry soap solutions or specialized solutions), you can also plant protective plants that will keep insects away.

Juliet is the most fashionable of all roses, ideal for weddings. Today it can be purchased from almost every grower and grown on your garden plot.

Fertilizers and pesticides of the Juliet Rose Flower.

It is important that the soil does not dry out, but there is no stagnation of water. The frequency of watering Juliet is once every 2-3 days; Irrigation can be increased during the summer heat. 1 plant needs at least 5-10 liters of water (depending on age). It is best to water Juliet in the evening with warm, still water. No need to spray roses. To allow water to penetrate the roots well, it is advisable to loosen the peri-stem region regularly.

The rose should be fed 2 times a month as soon as the top dressing buds begin to grow. The last feeding of this flower is carried out in August. To grow a luxurious Juliet bush, it is best to use special fertilizers for roses. In spring, plants need nitrogen during flowering, phosphorus, and potassium. Be sure to monitor the ratio so as not to damage it.
After pruning, you must remove all the buds that will form the shrub. This strategy allows the core system to be further improved. From next year, you will need to prune roses before spring and winter. Remove frozen, dry, and damaged parts in spring. Cut Juliet shoots in the autumn half.
It is not possible to plant seedlings more than 2 years before planting.
Preparing for winter. After pruning, scrub the shrub, and cover it with spruce branches or non-woven material.

Flower collection time and process of the Juliet Rose.

Rose flowering begins in June and lasts until early September. It is repetitive.
The rose is Juliet’s lilac flower
Period of activity and rest
The buds bloom in early summer during the activity period. All the buds open at once but slowly.
After flowering in late August and early September, the flowers are removed and the bushes prepare for winter.

Take care during and after flowering.

After winter, pruning is done for more abundant flowers. Topdressing is introduced 2 times a month until the end of August. During bud setting – nitrogen, later – phosphorus-potassium. Once the buds have faded, you don’t need a top dress.

If the bush stops pleasing with lush flowers, most likely it does not get enough sunlight or is infected.
In this case, a transplant is taken at a more favorable burn. If the roots of the shrub are infected with fungal diseases, the plant is damaged.

When time to sell Juliet Rose flower in the market?

It is a flower that is very rare and found in almost all worlds, so it is not found in all markets or anywhere except in some gardens internationally. After proper bloom and after selling permission, you can sell it on market. You have to maintain Government rules and flower selling rules.


Juliet Rose’s description and reviews are a unique opportunity to get acquainted with different types of growth rules. The plant is suitable for any home garden and can decorate even a simple flower bed.

Juliet deserves her place as our most popular variety. A light scent is reminiscent of snowdrops and daffodils. David Austin Wedding Rose Juliet has the lightest scent of our cut roses. Nevertheless, it has always been one of the most popular of our cut roses for weddings, commemorations, ceremonies, and special occasions.

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