The Spring season.

The Spring season is the queen of all season. All plant and tree bloom new flower. Nature look amazing and attractive. Temperature good. All fruits are available in this season.

Introduction of The spring season.

The Spring season is the top popular season of the world. 90% of plant and tree bloom flower and new leaf. Nature look clean and attractive.
Spring, also known as Bosontokal(Bangla Language), is one of the four temperate seasons, preceding The Winter and The Summer. Spring has different technical definitions, but the local usage of the term varies according to the local climate, culture, and customs.

Bengal is generally dominated by six seasons. Namely- Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, late-Autumn, Winter, and Spring. After the Poush-Magh of severe cold, spring comes in the last two months of Bengal in Falgun and Chaitra. Spring is the last season of the seasons. When the roughness of the cold air has absorbed all the moisture, suddenly nature opens its southern door.

The spring (Basanta) season extends between the last Winter and Summer, which is between the Bengali months Falgun and Chaitra (mid-April). This season, the wind is dynamic because it is the time when the north or northwest winds of winter change and the south or southwest winds of summer change. General pleasant with 20 to 25 percent cloud cover, comfortable strength and moderate up humidity weather. The north of the March Arti hole varies from 22’C to 25’C, relative to 50 to 70 percent. Characteristic, early in the season, cloud cover and relative humidity are below their own average. At different ends, there may be isolated thunderstorms, especially the second time in March.

The Spring season duration time.

The annual rotation of the earth revolving around the sun is associated with the change of seasons. Seasons play an important role in biodiversity and nature. The last two months of Bengal, Falgun, and Chaitra, come after Poush-Magh of severe cold. All the people of West Bengal and Bangladesh, especially the Bengalis, spend the spring together in these two months. Because spring is the closest season to most Bengali thinking.

Nature condition on the time of The Spring season.

At the end of the day of leaf fall, Spring comes with the month of Falgun with the nostalgia of mind. When the roughness of the cold air has absorbed all the moisture, suddenly nature opens its southern door. Not cold, not rainy, or hot summer air, but random soft south wind brings peace of mind.

Flowers of The Spring season.

Different flowers bloom during this season. Among them, some special spring flowers are,

Himjhuri, UK.

Fruits and grains of The Spring season.

King of fruits Mango is a summer fruit. In spring, therefore, the mango trees begin to catch buds. The mango tree, burdened with new buds becomes full of bees. The bees are intoxicated by the Honey of the Mango blossom with the joy of the mind. The fields are filled with barley, wheat, mustard, etc.

Birds Sounds of the spring season.

The cuckoo is a symbol of spring. Kokiler kuhutane ( sound of Cuckoo) ‘Spring awakens at the door. The bee’s hive pulls Honey and nests in the trees. Nature is intoxicated by Oli’s humming.

The Spring season is the queen of all seasons.

Spring is called the queen of seasons. The climate at this time is very pleasant and inspires people to walk morning and evening. At this time the sky is clear and new leaves grow on the tree. There is a gentle breeze from the south, very welcome after a cold winter. As the flame-colored Shimul, Palash, and Krishnacura bloom, so do the golden Radha-Chura and Mau’s jarul. Fruit trees like mango and jackfruit also bloom at this time. Spring sees the appearance of the cuckoo, which sings hidden in the fallen leaves.

It is also the season for an active nectar collection of bees. The predominance of wheat, oat, and mustard fields.
Hindus celebrate worship like Basanti and Dolzatra.

In the past, this season was marked by epidemics like cholera and smallpox (called spring). Chickenpox has been completely eradicated and cholera has been largely controlled.

The Spring seasonal Festivals in different parts of the world.

The United States.

In the United States, the arrival of spring is often marked by the vibrant green parade of St. Patrick’s Day and the Easter chocolate rabbit and marshmallow treats. People around the world celebrate the transition from winter to spring in different ways. There are four spring festivals to enjoy at least once in person.

Songkran in Thailand.

If you find yourself in Thailand in mid-April, be prepared for a water war attack that you will inevitably encounter. The three-day Sankran festival is associated with the Thai New Year and is one of the most popular celebrations in the country. Traditionally, Thais use this time to clean and reflect and to show respect to neighbors, family, and the elderly. Young men pour fragrant water on the hands of their elders for luck and prosperity. People bring food for the monks and bathe the Buddha statues in the water, and on the streets, Thais of all ages engage in intense water battles with tourists, similar to each other.

Holi festival in India.

Holi begins on the day after the first full moon of March, a Hindu festival with many legends behind it. On the eve of the festival, people light fires to celebrate the victory of good over evil. The ashes of fire are considered sacred and many apply ashes on their foreheads as further protection from evil. Shops and businesses are closed on Holi. Friends, neighbors, and strangers took to the streets in droves to celebrate the end of winter, throwing colored water and powder at each other.

Cherry blossoms in Japan.

Every spring, the Japanese gather with friends for a picnic under the cherry blossom tree, one of the country’s most cherished traditions. To the Japanese, the sudden arrival of cherry blossoms, combined with their extraordinary beauty and fleeting nature, symbolizes the transitional nature of life. When the cherry blossoms, or sakura, arrive, the Japanese celebrate by going out for a picnic and party under a lot of trees (hanami). From Japanese junk food to barbecues to pickled cherry blossom leaves, there is plenty to eat.

Las Fallas, Spain.

Las Fallas, a traditional celebration in honor of St. Joseph, revolves around a giant paper mache doll (falas) made of a combination of paper, wood, and wax. Las Falas officially begins on March 1 at 2 pm with a deaf fireworks show (mascletà) and continues daily at 2 pm. Until March 19. In the days leading up to the festivities, the streets are filled with joy: music, decorations, fireworks, parades with residents in traditional dress, and the intoxicating aroma of paella cooking in every restaurant. On the final day, a huge bonfire is created, the fireworks display reaches a dazzling, and all the fruits are ignited in a huge fire of glory.

Conclusion. The spring season.

When we talk about spring, think of nature again and again. The morning begins with the chirping of birds.
That is why the festival of Pala-Parvan is celebrated in the seasons of Bengal. The folk seasonal festivals of Bengal also inspire new joy in the homes of Bengal. These festivals bring a taste of instant liberation in the work-weary life of the people who eat day after day.

In this way, every spring, the seasons become unique in the arena of the world. The yearning for happiness throughout the year of Bengali life seems to come alive in this season.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) About the Spring season.

1. Why is spring called the king of seasons in Bengal?

Answer: Bangladesh is a country of six seasons. Here each season brings its own beauty. But spring is called the king of seasons. This spring is the season of beauty and joy forever. It occurs at the end of the season and between winter and summer.

2. How long is the winter in Bangladesh?

Answer: The warmest months coincide with the rainy season (April-September), while the winter season (December-February) is cold and dry. Bangladesh is a very humid country with an average rainfall of about 2,200 mm (mm) per year.

3. Who is the queen of the season?

Answer: Spring is a favorite season for poets because the beauty of nature inspires them to weave the words of nature in their poetic form. That is why spring is called the queen of seasons.

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