The other name of the life is oxygen. Plants or animal cannot survive a moment without oxygen. Only earth have oxygen.

What is Oxygen?

Oxygen is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas which is mandatory for all living beings. Earth will be destroy without oxygen. Let’s know.

Discovery of Oxygen.

According to some people, Oxygen was discovered by a Swedish chemist, Carl Wilhelm Scheele. He got Oxy-gen in 1771 by heating mercuric oxide and some nitrates. He published his discovery in 1777.

Oxygen in the periodic table.

It belongs to the group 16 and period 2 in the periodic table. It is a block-p element. Its atomic number is 8.

Chemical Properties and molecular structure of Oxygen.

At standard temperature and pressure, it has no color, odor or taste. It is a gas with chemical formula 02 called dioxygen.
Oxygen is formed by covalent bond. As oxy-gen gas is very reactive, it can react with many other elements.

Physical Properties of Oxygen.

Oxy-gen is the third most common element in the universe after hydrogen and helium. Below -183o C, oxy-gen is a pale blue liquid. It becomes solid at about -218o C. Pure oxy-gen is 1.1 times heavier than air.


Oxy-gen first appeared in the earth’s atmosphere around 2 billion years ago. For every living organism of the universe, oxygen is a must for respiration. During respiration, animals and some bacteria take oxy-gen from the atmosphere and releases carbon dioxide. In photosynthesis process, green plants assimilate carbon dioxide in the presence of sunlight and evolve free oxy-gen. Photosynthesis uses energy from the sun to split water into oxy-gen and hydrogen. Almost all the free oxy-gen in the atmosphere is due to photosynthesis.
Almost 3 parts of oxy-gen dissolve in 100 parts of fresh water at 20o C. Dissolve oxygen is essential for the respiration of fish and other marine life.

Presence of oxygen in the nature.

The presence of oxy-gen in the atmosphere is about 21% by volume. The elements and its compounds make up


49.2% by mass of the earth’s crust and about two thirds of the human body.
There are two methods to get oxy-gen gas. One is by the distillation of liquid air. And the other is to pass dry clean air through a zeolite that absorbs nitrogen and leaves oxy-gen.

Uses of Oxy-gen.

The most commercial use of Oxy-gen gas is in the steel industry. Large quantities are also required in the manufacture of different chemicals including nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide.

Uses of oxy-gen for medical purposes.

O2 is very important for respiration. Because of this reason, it is used as medicine. It is used to increase the amount of oxy-gen in a person’s blood.

Low-pressure oxy-gen is used in space surrounding the body with gas.
Smelting of iron ore into steel uses about 55% of oxy-gen made by human.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ).

1. What is Oxygen?
Answer: Oxygen is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas which is mandatory for all living beings.

2. What are the uses of Oxy-gen?
Answer: Common uses of oxy-gen include production of steel, plastic and textiles, brazing, welding and cutting of steel and other metals, rocket propellant, oxygen therapy and life supports system, submarines space light and diving etc.

3. Why is oxy-gen important for life?
Answer: Oxy-gen is one of the most important and valuable ingredients for all living creatures to survive. Oxy-gen helps organisms to grow, reproduce and turn food into energy. No living beings can survive even a single moment without oxy-gen.

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