The scent of this flower is desirable, while for a long time you will feel its scent. Then you want to get close to your loved one. Hence its name Kamini flower.

Kamini flower.

Kamini flower. All the ages of people like to cultivate flower in the garden. Kamini flower is one of the popular flower. To cultivate this flower need little water and fertilizer. The word Kamini is Bangla Language.

Kamini flower | Night blooming Jasmine.

Kamini flower. The scent of this flower is desirable, while for a long time you will feel its scent. You want to get close to your loved one.

Kamini flower photo close view
Kamini flower photo close view.

How to look like Kamini flower?

Kamini is a flower, who have small and white in color. The color of the leaves is dark green. Flowers bloom in bunches. Flower size 1 inch. Flowers average 5 petals. Each blooming flower dies after seven days.

The special character of the kamini flower is,

It helps to keep the air clean by spreading perfume. Interesting to see, it is used to the bouquet of all kinds. It is a flower that spreads perfume at night. Deep perfume. At the night time spread deep perfume.

Important information table of Kamini flower.


Scientific name: Murraya paniculata

Family: Rutaceae

Kingdom: Plantae

Order: Sapindales

Common Name: Orange Jasmine

English Name: Orange Jasmine

Season Time: All Seasons (Mostly Spring Season)

Average Tree size: 39 to 60 inches.

Average leaf size: 1 to 2 inches wide, 2 to 2.5 inches long.

Flower Average Size: Area 2 inches tall.

Food: Mineral Salts, Water, Sunlight, Carbon dioxide.

Flower Types: Many types.

Flowering period: 5 to 7 days.

Soil: Loamy soil.

Temperature: 98.6°F (37°C).

Water limit per plant: 1 kg every 2 days.

Fertilizer: Urea, MOP, TSP, potassium, organic fertilizers.

Pesticides: Thiamine, Thiovite, Furcuran.

Input: Mineral salts, Water, Carbon dioxide, Sun light.

Output: Water, Oxygen, Plant growth.

How much essential Kamini flower in our daily life?

All the tree are our best friend. This flower spreads perfume at night which removes the stench of air. Protects the environment from air pollution. Guests are greeted with these flowers. The wood and dried leaves of the tree are used as fuel. Many farmers make a living by cultivating this flowers. There is a lot of demand for this flowers in the market. This flower is very popular with people of all ages.

Important notice about kamini flower.

These plants absorb bad carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Humans cannot live without oxygen. When the flowers bloom, the bees come to collect Honey. This meets their food needs.

Which place is the best to grow Kamini flower?

Kamini trees can grow everywhere. With proper care this tree produces much more flowers. This tree can grow in backyards, bushes, forests, gardens everywhere.

How to do Kamini flowering plants reproduce?

After cutting the branches of Kamini and sowing in wet soil, new seedlings sprout after a few days. Seedlings are produced by grafting in nurseries. After 4 months, when the seedlings are 5 feet tall, flowering starts. Organic fertilizers, when properly watered, accelerate plant growth and flower production.

We should plant more and more.

Fancy people plant kamini flower at home. Kamini protects the environment from pollution, so, we should plant more of these trees.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) about kamini flower.

1. How many times need plant to bloom flower?

Answer: Average 4 month. If plant get proper care flower bloom fast and early.

2. What is kamini?

Answer: It’s flower, spread perfume at the night time. People of all ages like it very much.

3. Which place is the best to plant kamini?

Answer: Garden or beside of your house.

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