Compost Fertilizer.

What is compost fertilizer?

Compost fertilizer. It is a mixture of natural ingredients used to improve the fertility of the soil. It is usually prepared by decomposing plants, leaves, herbs or animal manure like cow-dung.


Is the uses of chemical fertilizers are harmful for the environment?


Now a day, with the development of industries and factories human uses chemical fertilizers widely. As a result, the fertility of the soil is damaged. Again, the flora and fauna of the nature become the victim of damages. Even the use of excessive chemical fertilizers may cause imbalance in the environment.



How compost fertilizer can be define as eco-friendly?


It is environment friendly. It increases the soil fertility a lot because it provides nutrients to crop as fertilizer and highly improve the productivity. Again, it also acts as a soil conditioner.


How farmers are benefitted for using compost fertilizer?


Farmers living in the remote corners, can easily prepare compost for cultivation. As a result, farmers will be financially benefitted. Because, it reduces expenses on commercial chemical fertilizers.



How compost fertilizers are prepared?


Preparation of it is very simple. The basic ingredients for making it is greens that are rich in nitrogen. It is a superior alternative to using organic material for land because it highly reduces methane production. Thus, it benefitted us.


Is there any harmful effects for using it?


There is no harmful effects of it. It is totally environment friendly.


Frequently Asked Question(FAQ).


1. Compost fertilizer environment friendly?

Answer: It is totally environment friendly.


2. Which fertilizer is the best for plant ?

Answer: Compost or organic fertilizer.


3. What different between compost and chemical fertilizer?

Answer: Compost is environment friendly. Other one is non-environment friendly.


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