Bamboo fruit.

Now days, most of the people unknown about bamboo fruit. It look nice and attractive. Let’s know about it.


What is bamboo fruit?

When Bamboo tree 100 years old, then Bamboo bloom flowers. After 1 month later people can see bamboo fruit into the bamboo tree. Fruit look green and attractive color. Many people like to eat it. Some body make curry. Some shopkeeper sell it into the market with low cost. Average weight is 10 to 20 Gram. Have no perfume. Touch feel hard. This fruit can grow any temperature. Need little compost fertilizer.

Where do you get it from?

Always available into the Amazon Forest. But into the Eastern country, when 100 years old then can see fruit into the tree. Bamboo tree need 100 years to bloom flower. As a result, it this unknown things for most of the people.



Importance of bamboo fruit.

Many photographer collect it’s picture and sell it with high rate. They show to the unknown people and try to educated about it. Many YouTube video creator collect photo and show it and earn money. Many shopkeeper collect it and sell it with high rate. Many people use for eat and try to survive life into the danger place.

Can bamboo propagate with fruit?

Possible to propagate but need government research center help. Most of the people use bamboo propagate by using bamboo plant. It’s easy and helpful for farmer. But research center use fruit cell for research.


Frequently Asked Question( FAQ).

1. What is Bamboo fruit?

Answer: When a bamboo tree is 100 years old, the fruit that bears on the bamboo tree is called bamboo fruit.

2. When fruits bloom?

Answer: When the bamboo tree is 100 years old.

3. What does fruit look like?

Answer: Green colour and weight 10 to 20 Gram. No perfume.

4. What is the smell of the fruit?

Answer: There is no smell of bamboo fruit.

5. Is possible to cultivate bamboo by using bamboo roots?

Answer: Yes. Possible. Farmer use roots to cultivate bamboo.

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