Kurigram Government College.

Kurigram Government College. Without education, no country or nation can climb at the peak of improvement. The improvement and success of the nation depends on education. Education is a power that enlightens the heart of the human being, awakens the conscience. Just as the spine helps people to live properly, education helps the nation to raise their heads.

Education is a prerequisite for the development of the nation. In the light of education, the superstition, narrowness and ignorance of the human mind are eliminated. All kinds of education systems are now being introduced in all places of Bangladesh. Similarly, a college was established in 1961, even in a large number of rivers like Kurigram. The contribution of many educators to spread the light of education among the people of this region is unparalleled. Among them, Mahakuma Administrator Salimuddin Ahmed, Ahmed Ali Baksi, Deputy Speaker of the Jatiya Sangsad Mr. Riaz Uddin Ahmed, Bhola Mia, Advocate Amanullah and many others have played an unique role in establishing this college.

Kurigram Government College.

This college is known as Kurigram Government College or Kurigram Govt. college. Established in 1961. A Popular govt college in kurigram.

This Kurigram Government College was established to change the lives of the helpless people in Kurigram district. Kurigram district surrounded by 16 rivers.

Kurigram Government College at a Glance.

Established time – 1961.

Location of the college- Ulipur -Chilmari Road, Kurigram district.

College Postcode -5600

The amount of college land is -22.20 Acres.

Telephone of the college – 085161659

Mobile of the college – 01718837407

College E -mail – principalkgwc@gmail.com

College EIIN – 122331

College Code – 3005

College Fax – 1726585866

Number of Affiliated subjects – Higher Secondary, Graduate (Pass), Graduate (Honors), Postgraduate.

Number of students – 11397.

Principal – Professor Md. Abdul Mannan.

Teacher Number – 41 people.

Residential Facility – 1 Men and 1 Women Hostel.

Location of the Kurigram Government College.

Kurigram Government College is located on the Ulipur-Chilmari road, Kurigram district. The college was established on 22.20 acres of land in 1961. Kurigram Government College is located next to Kurigram Central Shaheed Minar. Kurigram Government College is well-equipped in a natural environment surrounded by a wide green tree.

Infrastructure of the Kurigram Government College.

On the north side of this ancient Kurigram Government College is an ancient Ashwatha tree. Greenland with also includes main buildings, Academic Buildings, Academic Cum Examination Halls, Business education buildings, mosques, Bicycle garage, Hostel and Student residence.

Next to the academic building is a historic Shaheed Minar called “Ekushey Moncho”. This martyr minaret is a unique monument of the glorious history of the great language movement.

The martyr minaret at a cost of Tk 5 lakh is established as one of the martyr minarets of southern-BD and Bangladesh. Kurigram Government College teacher Md Abdul Wahab was martyred in the liberation war. At present, the hostel is done in his name. Each section of the Honors Department has its own seminars and libraries. In addition to its own computer lab in the mathematical section, there is a central computer lab. The well -equipped flower in front of the Department of Chemistry is the source of the aesthetic beauty of this college. There are also dormitory and housing for teachers and the entire college, including administrative buildings and residential buildings, surrounded with a slight wall. There is also a central library.

Those who contributed to the creation of college.

Former Professor Md. Abul Kashem Sarkar, the former principal of the college, has built a remarkable historic martyr minaret called “Ekushemoncho” of Kurigram Government College. The new journey of the college and subsequently started a new journey of Eklaz with the introduction of 5 Honors courses in 1997 in 1997 with the effort and sincerity of Professor Md. Mokhlesur Rahman, Secretary of Dhaka Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

Former Principal Professor Md. Abul Kashem government’s constant efforts started the Honors Course in Chemistry and Physics in the 2006-2007 academic year. He also introduced the construction of the Shaheed Minar, the construction of the border wall of the college, the construction of internal roads, the workforce and administrative skills in the construction of Bike Garage. Mr. Abdul Latif, a former student of this college, has given the college’s spectacular artistic monogram. Abdus Samad Sir, a former department head of the Department of Chemistry, built a beautiful planned garden of this popular college.

Teacher and Student of the Kurigram Government College.

Numerous well -wishers have contributed to the creation of the citizens of an independent country. The teachers who are specially have spread the light of education in their relentless efforts. In the present society, the relationship between teachers and students is friendly. Because of this, today’s education system has improved so much. Like other educational institutions, Kurigram Government College is a good relationship between teachers and students.

The current principal of Kurigram Government College is Professor Md. Abdul Mannan. There are also 41 teachers, including professors, associate professors, assistant professors, lecturers and exhibitors. The college currently has the total number of students 11397. Of these, there are 600 at Intermediate, 2000 at the Graduate level, 8527 at the Honors level and 270 students at the master’s level.

Faculty of Kurigram Government College.

Kurigram Government College has a level of education up to high school, degree (pass), honors and masters.

There are 3 branches at the high school level. Each branch has 3 essential issues including Bangla, English, Information and Communication Technology.

1. Science Branch:

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology.

2. Humanities:

Economics, mythology, logic, history, history of Islam, social science and psychology.

3. Business Branch:

Accounting Science, Business Organization and Management, Business Production – Marketing and Management, Economy.

There are 14 things in Honors. The topics are: Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Botany, Mathematics, Bangla, English, Political Science, History, Economics, History of Islam, Philosophy, Accounting Science, Management.

Degree (Pass) courses have 4 categories. The essential subject of this branch is: the history of the emergence of independent Bangladesh, the national language of Bengali, English.

1. BA (Pass) Course:

History, History and Culture of Islam, Philosophy, Geography and Environment, Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Statistics.

2. BSS (Pass) Course:

Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Geography and Environment, History, History and Culture of Islam, Philosophy.

3. BSC (Pass) Course:

Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Animal Science, Plant Science.

4. BBS (Pass) Course:

Accounting Science, Management, Economics and Physics.

There are 7 subject in the Masters.

The topics are: Bangla, English, Accounting Science, Management, Plant Science and Animal Science.

Activities of Kurigram Government College.

The college, which was established in 1961, launched the Honors and Master’s Course. The college began its journey in 1997 with the introduction of honors courses in 5 subjects. The next year, the National University approved the introduction of honors courses in 7 more subjects. Masters courses were introduced in 6 subjects in 2011. Masters courses were launched in 2 more subjects in 2012. Honors courses in Chemistry and Physics were introduced in the 2006-2007 academic year.

Apart from these, there are different facilities at Kurigram Government College for the overall benefit of the students.

Special facilities of the Kurigram Government College.

To acquire knowledge, we need to develop a habit of reading books. And the only place to read this book is the library. Kurigram Government College also has a well -equipped silent library.

Developed countries have reached the root of improvement in a very short time by utilizing information and communication technology through computers. Likewise, Kurigram Government College has also provided computer education for students.

The role of science research for the spread and improvement of science education is very important as it is very important in the laboratory, directly by learning the science of science. And so there are Kurigram Government College and a standard laboratory.

Apart from these, there are many more benefits. Residential facilities, classification facilities, scholarship/scholarship facilities, education tour system, BNCC, Rover Scout or Girls Guides etc. are various activities.

Kurigram Govt College

Kurigram Govt College.

Kurigram Government College logo

Kurigram Government College logo

Achievement of Kurigram Government College.

Kurigram Government College is a developed college among the colleges of Bangladesh. The college is free from political unrest so the college has been recognized as one of the college at the upazila level. In the sixties, the college had a reputation and reputation in sports.

Since the establishment of various constraints, Kurigram Government College has been responsible for enlightening the poverty-stricken people in the light of knowledge by continuously spreading education at the grassroots level, in exchange for many sacrifices and pursuits. Kurigram Government College is considered as an exemplary best educational institution in the light of the enlightenment of the people of these towns in the light of the river erosion by spreading education at the grassroots level by continuing the light of knowledge.

Nickname of the Kurigram Government College.

1. Kurigram Govt. college.

2. Kurigram sorkari college.

3. Kurigram Top college.

4. Kurigram Government College.

5. Popular collage in Kurigram.

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