Describing the charming beauty and Presenting Accurate information of Ipomoea carnea.

Ipomoea carnea is a flower plant. English name of the Ipomoea carnea is Pink morning glory. People also known as Bush Morning Glory, Besharam, Badoh Negro, Borrachero, Matacabra, 树牵牛,  Jol Kolmi Flower, Jol Kolmi Flower Plant, Jol Kolmi Gach, Pink Morning Glory, Morning-Glory Tree etc. This plant first spread from South America to many countries today. Although the flowers of this plant are quite beautiful and popular.

If the seeds of Ipomoea carnea are sown, seedlings grow from the seeds in 17 days. Seedlings are 24 inches tall in 10 days. After 2 months this plant flowers. Then after 1 month the seeds mature and the seeds are suitable for storage. The stem of this plant is quite hollow inside. Before 1990, the stem of this plant was collected and smoked with tobacco leaves. After 1990s people stopped using the stems of this plant after getting better smoking filters in the market.

Special Characteristics and Species of Ipomoea carnea.

Pink Morning Glory is a flowering, fruiting, seed bearing plant. This plant can tolerate 50 to 60 percent waterlogging. This flowering plant grows as a bush. This plant survives in clusters or groups in shallow water and reproduces year after year. So from a distance they look like a Bush or Jungle. Every healthy plant is characterized by a stem. The poor rural people use the young leaves of this plant as vegetables. Although the leaves of this plant have enough nutritional value. There are about 30+ Species have Ipomoea carnea all over the world.

A healthy disease-free Ipomoea carnea plant grows 60 to 70 inches tall. A healthy and disease-free plant can survive 90 to 100 days. The flowers of this plant are blooming all year round. It is not dependent on any season or weather.

Knowledge panel of the Ipomoea carnea.

Basic Information Result
English Name: Pink morning glory.
Scientific Name: Ipomoea carnea.
Species Number: 30+
Flower’s Color: White and Pink Color.
Flower Average size: 7.5 to 9 cm
Number of conjoined flower petals: 6  petals.
Average Leaves Size: 6-9 Inches.
Leaves color: Dark Green.
Seeds weight: 2 to 3 grams.
Plants Average Height:  60 to 70 Inches.
Lifespan : 90 to 100 Days.

Flower of Ipomoea carnea:

The flowers of Ipomoea carnea are colored (white and pink). Flowers bloom in clusters. The average Size of a healthy and disease-free flower is 7.5 to 9 cm. Average flower weight is 3 to 4.03 grams.

The peduncle of the flower is green in color and is 3 cm long. The sepal of this flower is light green in color and the height is 1 cm and the width is 0.5 cm. The ovule is white in color which is located in the middle of the flower. Ovule not visible from outside. Filaments are located along the stigma but as they are small and short in size, only pink colored stigma can be seen from outside. Petal of flower has 6 petals, color pink and light pink and size 2.5 Inches big. Because the flowers are colorful, bugs and butterflies flock. This completes the pollination. It takes about 5 days to form a flower bud and after 5 days the flower blooms from the bud. A healthy and disease-free flower lives for 6 to 7 days. Then it fell to the ground.

A total of 250 to 270 flowers are required in 1 kilogram. Although this flower is popular among small children in the rural environment, the people of the city do not know this flower.

Leaves of Ipomoea carnea:

Blooming flowers and leaves of Ipomoea carnea

Blooming flowers and leaves of Ipomoea carnea.

The leaves of Ipomoea carnea are dark green in color. 6-9 Inches leaf size. A healthy and disease free leaf weighs 3 to 4 grams. The leaves are poisonous and inedible. The juice of the leaves is bitter and foul-smelling. Petiole is green in color and 3 to 4 cm long. Leaves vein 10 to 12 in a healthy leaf. The midrib of the leaf and the tip of the leaf are thin and long. Although these leaves look beautiful, domestic animals or birds never eat them. When the leaves are torn from the body of this plant, a white sticky substance is released which is poisonous and harmful. Small children dry the leaves of this tree and use them as toys.

Roots of Ipomoea carnea:

Ipomoea carnea has dicot roots. The roots of this plant are located deep in the soil. Located at a depth of 12 inches from the ground. Although the roots are slightly bunched above the water, they remain firmly and firmly under the soil. The stem of the plant is of a light golden color. Secondary Root is 20 to 23. Tertiary Roots are 10 to 15. The inner part of the root is white and the outer part is light golden. As this plant likes to grow in water, this plant separates from the soil with little force.

Seeds of Ipomoea carnea:

The flowers of Ipomoea carnea start to produce seeds after pollination. At first the seed leaves of green color can be seen. Then after 20 days this seed coat dries up and the seeds are fertilized. A disease free seed leaf contains a total of 4 seeds. After 24 to 27 days the cotyledons burst and the seeds fall out. The seeds are light black in color and covered by cotton. A healthy and disease free seed is 2 to 3 grams. This plant is born from this seed. The inside of the seed is soft and white, but the outside is covered with a hard coat. The seeds retain their proper quality even in hot and rainy weather. These seeds can be stored for 2 to 3 years.

Seeds of Ipomoea carnea

Scientific Classification and Biological Name of Ipomoea carnea.

Name Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Asterids
Order: Solanales
Family: Convolvulaceae
Genus: Ipomoea
Species: I. carnea
Binomial name: Ipomoea carnea
Flower’s Weight: 3 to 4.03 grams.
Popularity: 29%

Propagation process of the Ipomoea carnea.

Basically this plant can be propagated in 3 ways.

1. Method of sowing seeds.

2. Method of sowing plant roots.

3. Using modern clone technology.

1. Sowing the seeds:

Save the seeds of Ipomoea carnea and sow it in a specific place, this plant will grow from that place. However, in sowing seeds, you must choose nutritious seeds.

2. Method of sowing plant roots and producing seedlings therefrom:

This plant has numerous roots. Which is known as the bush. Even if these are sown in the soil, it is possible to produce well-nourished seedlings. However, when choosing shrubs, select healthy and vigorous plants.

3. Using Modern Clone Technology:

Clone method of Ipomoea carnea is quite expensive and requires a lot of labs. It is possible to produce thousands of Ipomoea carnea seedlings in a very short time. Although it is quite expensive and requires permission from the central Government.

Price of the Ipomoea carnea.

Result Price
Ipomoea carnea plant: 25 Dollar
Blooming Flower: 40 to 50 Dollar
Seeds: 300 Dollar(Kg)

For Visitor’s Price of the Ipomoea carnea plant is 25 Dollar. Flower per kilogram 40 to 50 Dollar. Seeds price 300 Dollar per kilogram. In united kingdom this price is €28.60. In United Kingdom Ipomoea carnea price is standard and cheapest.

For the convenience of the visitor we have highlighted the international prices. However, due to transportation costs, weather variations or low production, this price may be a little higher.

Uses or Benefits of the Ipomoea carnea.

Over the last 200 years Ipomoea carnea has been used mainly for 2 purposes:

1. Decoration works.

2. Use of home remedies.

1. Use of Ipomoea carnea in decoration work.

As the flowers of Ipomoea carnea are colorful and attractive, this flower is used for decoration in various occasions. As the price is low and colorful, these flowers are used in various occasions to decorate the stage or welcome the guests. But this flower is also used in the play of small children. Rural lovers also offer love with these flowers.

2. Use of Ipomoea carnea in domestic medicinal work.

Ipomoea carnea is a poisonous plant. Although it cannot be eaten directly, the white sap or leaves of this plant are used to cure pain in various organs, cold fever, ulcers, various insects in the house. However, since the last 10 years there has been a considerable revolution in the medical sector, now people take medicine directly. But earlier in this domestic treatment, the leaves of this tree were used.

Making vegetables process and various curry of Ipomoea carnea.

In the past 30 years ago, the people of different continents, including the Asian continent, lived below the poverty line. So they ate the leaves of Ipomoea carnea as vegetables. Although these leaves had a mild bitter taste even after cooking, they ate them to relieve hunger. They used this plant to fry young shoots or leaves or as vegetables.

Availability of the Ipomoea carnea.

Ipomoea carnea is now available in sufficient quantities on 7 continents and the sale of seeds is legal in all countries. While this plant can survive in normal temperatures or very humid temperatures, it cannot survive in extreme heat or dry temperatures. So this plant is more common in countries with humid temperature like: United Kingdom, South America, Pakistan, Brazil, Sudan, India and Zambia, Bangladesh etc.

However, this plant is available in biological labs of different countries to study the toxicity of this plant.

Demand of the Ipomoea carnea all over the world.

The demand of Ipomoea carnea is much less than other flowers in the world. Its flowers or seeds are sold more in the market but nothing else is sold. There is enough demand for only its flowers to decorate the stage.

Popularity of the Ipomoea carnea.

Ipomoea carnea is less popular than other flowers. Because this plant contains toxic substances in the body. However, in the rural areas of the Asian continent, the flowers of this plant are quite popular with small children. They play by collecting these flowers and making garlands. The flowers of this plant are quite popular and liked by children aged 4 to 10 years. Many lovers give this gift as a token of love. So this flower is quite popular for them too.

Advance Seed storing process of the Ipomoea carnea.

The seeds of Ipomoea carnea can be stored in 2 ways.

1. Store in plastic or glass containers.

2. Improved seed storage in freezers.

1. Store Ipomoea carnea seeds in plastic or glass containers.

Fertilized seeds should be dried in the sun for 6 to 8 hours, wrapped in paper and placed in a plastic or glass container and tightly closed. After every 5 months, these seeds should be taken out and dried in the sun for 3 hours. The shed must be kept away from excessive sun and excessive cold. Be careful not to allow air to circulate inside the enclosure.

2. Improved seed storage in freezers.

The seeds should be wrapped in a white cloth or paper and stored in an air box in the refrigerator. Check this seed box after 5 months. If any seed is damaged, it should be separated from the seed box. It will protect other seeds from rotting.

Cultivation process of the Ipomoea carnea.

Ipomoea carnea can be cultivated in only two ways based on the region or temperature.

1. Cultivation of land.

2. Cultivation in tubs.

1. Cultivation of Ipomoea carnea in land.

Ipomoea carnea is cultivated in very few areas. However, many farmers cultivate this plant for flower or seed production. Moist land and organic fertilizers are enough to cultivate this plant. This plant can be cultivated only if there is 60 percent water in the land. No additional costs are required. After a period of 2 months the flowers start coming.

2. Cultivation of Ipomoea carnea in tubs.

For tub cultivation, soil should be mixed with organic matter and water in the ratio of 10:05:04. After sowing the seeds in this soil, the seedlings will grow and after 2 months the flowers will start coming. Tie the seedling with a strong stick in the tub. It will not disturb the growth of the plant.

Proper Care of the Ipomoea carnea.

Ipomoea carnea does not need to take extra care. This plant produces enough flowers and seeds in a short period of time if organic fertilizers are given properly. Here are some care tips:

1. Check the roots and leaves of the plant after 1 month. Sometimes spiders and various leaf-eating insects can attack.

2. Give organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers.

3. Spray poison after 3 months.

4. Take care that Ipomoea carnea does not move in the wind.

5. Do not pluck from immature flowers or seeds.

Most beautiful and Eye-catching Images of the Ipomoea carnea.

Ipomoea carnea

Ipomoea carnea.

flower of Ipomoea carnea

flower of Ipomoea carnea.

pink morning glory

pink morning glory.

Bush Morning Glory

Bush Morning Glory.



Badoh Negro

Badoh Negro.







Jol Kolmi Flower

Jol Kolmi Flower.

Morning-Glory Tree

Morning-Glory Tree.

Flower and Leaves of the Ipomoea carnea

Flower and Leaves of the Ipomoea carnea.

Blooming flowers and leaves of Ipomoea carnea

Blooming flowers and leaves of Ipomoea carnea.

Flower and Leaves of Ipomoea carnea in Harsh Environments.

Flower and Leaves of Ipomoea carnea in Harsh Environments.


Ipomoea carnea Photo in a cultivation Land

Ipomoea carnea Photo in a cultivation Land.

Attractive Look of Ipomoea carnea

Attractive Look of Ipomoea carnea.


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