Hedychium Coronarium: Unveiling the Beauty of White Ginger Lilies.


Hedychium coronarium is a white and soft flower. Nickname of this flower is white ginger lily, Garland flower or Dolonchapa. In Spanish people use it for hair makeup. Let’s learn clearly.

Hedychium coronarium | White ginger lily | Garland flower.

Hedychium coronarium | White ginger lily | Garland flower

Hedychium coronarium | White ginger lily | Garland flower

Hedychium coronarium, White ginger lily, Garland flower, Dolonchapa flower. China cultivate it for Home-Medicine. It’s also look attractive. Flower color white and have petal.

Hedychium coronarium plant is now going extinct. But still this flower is found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Taiwan etc.

This flower can live long years with general temperature. In general temperature, this Hedychium coronarium can be able to reach 1 to 3 meter or 3.3 to 9.8 feet. Hedychium coronarium Flower blooming time August to December. This flower have 70-80 known species.

Scientific information of the Hedychium coronarium | White ginger lily | Garland flower.

Kingdom: Plantae

Clade: Tracheophytes

Clade: Angiosperms

Clade: Monocots

Clade: Commelinids

Order: Zingiberales

Family: Zingiberaceae

Genus: Hedychium

Species: H. coronarium

Hedychium coronarium

Hedychium coronarium

Binomial name of the Hedychium coronarium | White ginger lily | Garland flower.

Hedychium coronarium (J.Koenig)


Hedychium coronarium or white ginger lily flower’s are white. Have 4 to 5 petals. In the center of the flower is a stamen. Stamen are white but head is little yellow. Average size of the Hedychium coronarium is 3 to 4 inches around. Petals are soft. If you make paste of this flower, flower smile bad. Flowers bloomed in bunches. More than one flower blooms on a plant.

Synonyms, Nickname or Common name of the Hedychium coronarium.

1. Butterfly lily,

2. White ginger flower,

3. Fragrant garland flower,

4. White butterfly ginger lily,

5. Indian garland flower,

6. Dolonchapa flower,

7. White ginger lily etc.

White ginger lily or Garland flower with leaves

White ginger lily or Garland flower with leaves

Benefits of the Hedychium coronarium | White ginger lily | Garland flower.

China people cultivate it for medicine, perfume. Flower increase and make nature beautiful. Flower are soft and white, Spanish girls are used it for hair makeup. This flower also used for love proposal.

Invited guests are welcomed with these flowers in various events and meetings.

This flower is slightly bitter, so all cattle eat the leaves of this flower, but do not eat the flower. But few cattle eat this flower.

Hedychium coronarium used as a febrifuge, tonic, anti-rheumatic and excitant. Help to removed lancinating pain, headache, considered anti-inflammatory and contusion.

leaves of the white ginger lily

leaves of the white ginger lily

About the leaves of the Hedychium coronarium.

White ginger flower’s leaves are deep green. Leaves are about long 10 inches and wide 3 inches long. An adult plant has 10 to 14 leaves. When the leaves are torn, there is a kind of stench. Which some people find unbearable. When the leaves are 2 or 3 months old, the leaves die and turn yellow and then rot in the soil.

The leaves and plants of this flower are cut and dried in the sun and can be used as fuel. Earlier rural people used to cut this plant and dry it in the sun and use it as cooking fuel. In winter, the children set fire to these leaves and make a fire.

These plants absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and release oxygen. The leaves of this flower tree used to cover the house in primitive times. The leaves of this flower were used to transport salt or dried fish. In primitive times mats were made from the leaves of this tree for people to sit or rest.

The root of the Hedychium coronarium.

Hedychium coronarium plant reproduces by ribosomes in the soil. So trees are seen in clusters. The roots are white and somewhat strong. The roots are numerous. However, this tree has no main roots. Roots absorb salt and water from the soil and deliver it to the leaves of the plant.

When the plant dies, after 12 to 13 days, the roots rot in the soil. Then it is turned into organic fertilizer. These roots do not cause any further problems later on. This flower’s are Eco-friendly.

The roots of this flowering plant are somewhat white and soft. Domestic animals eat these roots. Roots are grouped and clustered. It prevents soil erosion in the environment. These roots can properly absorb water and mineral salts in sandy or loamy soil.

 Garland flower

Garland flower

Cultivation system of the Hedychium coronarium | White ginger lily | Garland flower.

Currently, people cultivate this flower in tubs or on land. However, a small number of people plant in the yard. To cultivate this flower, nitrogen, potassium phosphorus, organic fertilizers, insect-pesticides are needed.

Hedychium coronarium cultivation in tubs.

Cultivation in tubs requires more organic fertilizers, extra care and pesticides than normal. A tub of 5 to 20 kg capacity is enough.

To seed with ribosomes. Seedlings germinate in 1 month and the plant matures in 3 or 4 months. Weeds should be cleaned every 1 month. Pesticides should be given if attacked by insects.

Hedychium coronarium flower open cultivation or field cultivation system.

After plowing the soil well, its ribosomes should be planted 2 feet apart. Fertilizers and pesticides should be given after 2 months. 2-2-3 (Nitrogen-potassium-organic fertilizers) should be given per 1000 trees.

How to take care of Hedychium coronarium | White ginger lily | Garland flower.

1. Always try to use tubs or container are 10 to 12 kg.

2. Plant will be green and eligible for cultivation.

3. You should safe the plant from domestic animals.

4. Try to use fertilizer every after 20 to 25 days those who are in tubs or container.

5. If your plant in the field, try to use fertilizer every after 1.5 to 2 months.

6. Pesticides spray are depends on the behavior of the insects. If attack insects, spray pesticides carefully.

7. To protect insect, you can use home made trap. As a result, you can save some money and good for environment.

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