Enchanting Coral Jasmine Flowers: Beauty in Every Petal.


Coral jasmine, The Night Queen, Shiuli flower. Shiuli flower is one of the most used flowers in terms of beauty, use, charm. Whose features, virtues, benefits captivate people.

Coral jasmine has both advantages and disadvantages. Some use it to create medicine, some use it to express love, some use it for entertainment.


The identity of Coral jasmine, The Night Queen or Shiuli flower.

Coral jasmine is also called Shefali flower, Coral jasmine, The Night Queen, Shiuli flower. This Jasmine is medicinal plant. 35% popularity.

This flower has different names in different languages. For example in Tamil it is called pavala malli. In Manipuri it is called singarei. It is called Ganga Shiuli in Guriya language. In Assamese language it is called Harshringar. This flower appears in different forms in different languages and regions. In the America, called it Coral jasmine. In Asia, most of the people called it Shiuli flower.


Scientific name and details About Coral jasmine.


Every plant in the world has a scientific name. Scientific names identify and describe each plant individually. Similarly, Shiuli flower also has a scientific name. What separates this flower from all other flowers. Its scientific name is Nyctanthes arbor-tristis. It is a flower of Nyctanhes species. ‘Nyctanhes’ means ‘evening dew’ and arbor-tristis means ‘tree of sorrow’. This flower is named ‘nyctanthes arbor-tristis’ because it blooms mainly in the evening and stands depressed like a stormy flower in the morning. Coral jasmine is sometimes called ‘sorrow tree’. Because this flower blooms at night but loses its brightness in daylight.


Availability of Coral jasmine flowers and where to find them.

One of the most famous flowers is Shiuli flower. It is found in various regions including Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand. Somewhere this flower is produced commercially. Somewhere this flower is produced as a hobby. This flower is known as the state flower in West Bengal, India. This flower is called as the provincial flower of Kanchanaburi province in Thailand. People have received this flower’s care and love since birth.

Coral jasmine flower color.

Shiuli flowers have 5-7 white whorls and a reddish-orange tube-like stalk in the middle. The leaves enhance the beauty of the flower. As a result the flower became popular.

Coral jasmine leaves.

The leaves are usually 6-12 cm long and 2-6.5 cm wide. The leaves are green. There are many leaves on the same plant. The leaves are crispy. The edges are notched. The leaves taste bitter.

Description about of the Coral jasmine tree.

Coral jasmine flowering plants grow up to 10 meters tall. These trees are shrubs, bushes, shrubs and perennials. The bark is yellow and gray. This flower is found in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand. In Bangladesh, this flower is usually found in the month of October. This tree is born with many benefits.

Flowers usually grow well in sand, clay, silt soil. The best soil for growing shiuli flowers is a mixture of these three soils. A mixture of these three soils is called loam soil. This soil ensures the best growing conditions for shiuli flowers.

Method of production of Coral jasmine.

Coral jasmine flowers can be produced in different ways. However, maximum precautions should be taken when producing commercially.

First put water in a small bowl. Then soak the seeds in water. The seeds should be pressed. Soak for 12 hours. The seeds should then be covered with 11/16″ (26.9 mm) of soil. This will complete the seeding. After a few days the plant will begin to sprout. The plant will need to be nurtured to grow.

Benefits of Coral jasmine, The Night Queen, Shiuli flower.

Due to the quality of Shiuli flowers, it has a wide demand for practical and essential purposes. It is used in the preparation of various health medicines.

Coral jasmine’s benefits are discussed below.

1. Consuming the juice of leaves of Coral jasmine plant on an empty stomach relieves the problem of phlegm.

2. Coral jasmine leaves are effective in reducing the pain of sciatica. A few shiuli leaves and a few tulsi leaves should be boiled together in water. Then strain it and eat 1 spoon every day in the morning and evening regularly. As a result of which the pain will decrease, after regular consumption for a few weeks, this pain will go away.

3. If you take water in a tea cup and soak two or three leaves in it every morning, the pain of arthritis will go away.

4. Coral jasmine helps reduce fever.

5. During malaria, the symptoms of this disease begin to decrease by eating a paste of shiuli leaves.

6. Helps prevent facial acne.

7. If the voice of the throat subsides, the problem will be solved if the wheezing leaves.

8. Eating every morning will solve stomach problems.

9. Trees can be used as fuel when dry.

10. Coral jasmine increases the beauty of the mind.

11. House enhances the beauty of the house.

12. Used to make yellow dye.

13. This flower is used during the puja of the subcontinent.

14. This flower creates a beautiful scene on dewy mornings in autumn and winter.

15. Worm problem is solved.

16. Eating Shiuli flower leaf juice reduces fat.

Etc. There are different requirements of this Shiuli flower.

Disadvantages of Coral jasmine.

Disadvantages are negligible compared to the benefits of Coral jasmine, The Night Queen, Shiuli flower. Because the need to use this flower is very high. Some people do not have the ability to tolerate the fragrance of this flower. As a result, many people do not like the flower. Because the fragrance of the flower spreads in the air, many people will not like it. But such people are rarely seen. That is, people who dislike this flower are rarely seen.


The popularity of Coral jasmine, The Night Queen, Shiuli flower.


A popular autumn flower is the Coral jasmine. Its beauty, fragrance enhances the beauty of autumn. It forgets the mind of people. This autumn flower increases the fascination all around. Many poets of many countries have described the infinite description of this flower in their writings in their poems. The history and tradition of this flower is written in many languages. This flower is called the heavenly flower. Many of these are known as poba flowers to the Hindu community. This mind-blowing flower is widely known, widely used, widely popular and in demand in the Indian subcontinent.

Nickname of the Coral jasmine, The Night Queen, Shiuli flower.

1. Coral jasmine,

2. The Night Queen,

3. Shiuli flower,

4. Harshringar,

5. Ganga Shiuli,

6. Singarei,

7. Pavala malli etc.


Photo gallery of the Coral jasmine, The Night Queen or Shiuli flower.


The Night Queen

The Night Queen

Shiuli flower

Shiuli flower


Coral jasmine

Coral jasmine



Coral jasmine, The Night Queen or Shiuli flower.

Coral jasmine, The Night Queen or Shiuli flower.


From the above discussion, I came to know and understand the benefits, harms, uses, properties and qualities of flowers in Seoul. We can produce these flowers commercially if we want. Can increase the beauty of the house. Can solve physical problems. I can satisfy the joy of the mind. Can express love. A flower known as one of the most popular flowers is this Shiuli flower.


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