Common name of the Hill Glory Bower is Clerodendrum infortunatum.

Hill Glory Bower is a medicinal flower. The people of the Asian Village, they use this flower roots and leaves for medicine. It’s now native into the Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Andaman Islands, and Sri Lanka. You can also find it into the Russian Plant Research Garden. Let’s know briefly.

Captivating Beauty of the Hill Glory Bower and accurate information.

Hill Glory Bower is known as: Clerodendrum infortunatum, Clerodendrum viscosum, Vati Flower, Glorybower, Bagflower, Bleeding-heart, Bhat, Ghentu etc. Scientific name of this flower is Clerodendrum viscosum. Flower have strong shrub with white color, Long Hair, Size 2 cm, 5 white petal, unique perfume. When this flower bloomed, we found honey in the tip of this flower with a lovely smell. So, Because of this honey many insects including bees gather in this flower. This is how the pollination of these flowers occurs. There is no bitter juice in this flower. When you rub the flower with your hand, the flower turns black and emits some water with a mild fragrance.

Fruits of Hill Glory Bower:

Fruits of Hill Glory Bower

Fruits of Hill Glory Bower.

The fruits of Hill Glory Bower are deep red in color. Fruit juicy and bitter taste. Seeds exist inside the fruit. Fruits mature in 1 month. After 10 days of maturity, the fruit is dried in the sun and the seeds fall on the ground. Fruit weight is 1 gram to 1.2 grams. There are 1100 to 1300 seeds in one kg.

Leaves of the Hill Glory Bower:

The leaves of the Hill Glory Bower tree look like betel leaves. But the leaf is not as smooth as that betel leaf. The size of the leaves of this tree is 10 cm to 30 cm.

The leaves of this flowering plant in the fertile land are 10 to 15 centimeters.

The leaf size of this plant in hilly soil is 12 to 19 cm.

The leaf size of this plant is 15 to 20 cm in loamy soil and tall bushes. Many people say that the leaves of this flower are small but this is completely wrong and false. The shape and size of the leaves of this tree varies depending on the location and soil. Even in places where the soil and water are low, this flower plant flowers late.

A healthy 3 foot plant has 6 to 8 leaves. And a hilly healthy 5 foot tree has 12 to 14 leaves.

Hill Glory Bower Tree Branches:

80 percent of Hill Glory Bower trees have only one branch and that branch bears a single flower. But if the plant breaks with any reason, then 2 to 3 more branches start growing from the broken part. And every one of these stems blossoms. The stems of this tree are medium hard and unsuitable for making wood. Width of stems from 1 to 1.5 cm.

Roots of the Hill Glory Bower:

A healthy 3 feet tall plant has 4 to 5 roots. Another 5 feet tall tree has 6 to 8 roots. Roots are white and plastids exist in root cells. Roots are located 2 feet down. This flowering plant absorbs salt water by its roots. The roots are strong and non-woody.

We are highlighting Basic information at a glance.

Data Answer
Common name: Hill Glory Bower.
English name: Hill Glory Bower.
Scientific name: Clerodendrum viscosum
Soil: Loam, sandy loam, atel soil.
Temperature: Temperature from 28 to 30 Celsius.
Pollination method: 1. Self-pollination.
2. Cross-pollination.
Season: Short spring.
Seed to Seed Lifespan: 72 Days.
Flower Color: White Color.
Leaves color: Deep Green.
Seed cover color: Red, Green.
Fertilizer: Compost fertilizer, Chemical fertilizers.
Pesticides: Various insects killar and Fungicide.
Plant Input: Water, Mineral salts, Sun light, Carbon dioxide.
Plant Output: Oxygen, Shades, Perfumes, fruit, Medicines etc.
Cultivation system: 1. Tub cultivation.
2. Land cultivation.

Scientific name and Types of Hill Glory Bower.

Area Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Asterids
Order: Lamiales
Family: Lamiaceae
Genus: Clerodendrum
Species: C. infortunatum
Name Result
Binomial name: Clerodendrum infortunatum
Popularity: 40%

More than 150 species have been found of this flower (2023).

We are highlighting Hill Glory Bower lifespan at a Glance.

lifespan Time
Seeding and Germination time: 10 Days
Time for seedlings to grow and flower:  29 Days.
Flower pollination and Ovule formation time:  19 Days.
Seed maturation and Drying time:  14 Days.
Total= 72 Days.

Nickname of the Hill Glory Bower.

Hill Glory Bower has hundreds of aliases. Different name in different place. But trees and flowers are the same. We are highlighting some popular Nicknames:

American(USA) People called it: Hill Glory Bower,

Manipuri People called it: ꯀꯨꯊꯞ ꯃꯥꯟꯕꯤ Kuthap manbi etc.

Indian People called it: Bhat.

Bangladeshi People called it: Vatiya Full, Vati full, Vatiya flower, Ghentu, Bhant, ভাট ফুল, বনজুঁই ফুল, Ghetu Ful(ঘেঁটু ফুল) etc.

Malayalam people called it: Paragam, Peruku, Vatta-perivalam etc.

Marathi People called it : भंडीरा Bhandira etc.

Global Name: Hill Glory Bower, Perivelam, etc.

Tamil people called it: Parugilai, Vattakanni, Perukilai etc.

Telugu People called it: Gurrapu katilyaku etc.

Kannada People called it: ಇಬ್ಬನೆ Ibbane, ಇಟ್ಟೇವು Ittevu, ಎಸಗ Esaga, ಪರಲೆ Parale, ಯಿಸಗ Yisaga, Basavana pada etc.

Sanskrit People called it: Bhandirah etc.

Nepali People called it: राजबेली Raajbeli, चितु Chitu, भेण्टा Bhentaa etc.

Mizo People called it: Phuihnam-chhia etc.

Hindi People called it: Titabhamt, भांट Bhant etc.

Availability of Hill Glory Bower.

There are only 15% forext all over the world. But need 25% for your Oxygen Demand. Because the plant does not feed domestic animals and the fruit has a bitter taste, many people consider this flowering plant a weed. But this assumption is completely wrong. There are many needs of this plant including making home remedies from this plant.

This tree is found in abundance in several countries of the Asian continent. For example: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan. However, this plant is planted and researched in labs in Russia, America and China. Research has proven that it is a medicinal plant so with 2023 China has started domestic cultivation of this plant.

Popularity of the Hill Glory Bower.

The popularity of this flower is much less. 40 percent of people love this flower. The flower is not used as a love offering for adults but is used as a toy for children. Small children collect and play with these flowers.

Medicinal purpose:

The flowers, fruits, leaves, roots of this plant are medicinal for several diseases.

The treatment of some Gharwa or village doctors is being highlighted. Although we have not found this information related to modern science. However, we have found the use of this plant in several government pharmacies.

1. The roots of this plant are used to treat diabetes.

2. The leaves of this plant are effective enough to dry the sores.

3. Used for fever and headache.

4. The fuel or paste of this plant is used to repel mosquitoes for additional tita.

5. The bark and leaves of this plant are effective enough to cure chronic dysentery or diarrhea.

6. Several countries including Japan, America, Russia are researching this plant and producing various medicines.

Arrangements or Decoration purpose:

Hill Glory Bower we have seen at various festivals or receptions. We have seen the use of these flowers in various rural wedding ceremonies as well as in developed cities. This flower looks beautiful everywhere for its white color.

Market demand of the Hill Glory Bower.

For making medicines and for producing various capsules

Hill Glory Bower has enough demand in the international market. The raw material of this tree is exported to more than 200 countries including China, America and South Korea.

Price of the Hill Glory Bower.

The price of Hill Glory Bower varies from country to country. These prices differ for transportation costs. However, international prices are specific.

Fresh flowers: 1 kg of fresh flowers cost 10 dollars.

Dry flowers: 1 kg dry flowers cost 25 dollars.

Fresh green leaves: 1 kg fresh green leaves cost 20 dollars.

Dry leaves: 1 kg dry leaves cost 30 dollars.

Young seedlings: Young seedlings 10 days to 20 days old seedling price is 100 Dollars.

Seeds: 1 kg of seeds cost 200 Dollars.

Photo of the Hill Glory Bower.

Clerodendrum infortunatum

Clerodendrum infortunatum.

Clerodendrum viscosum

Clerodendrum viscosum.



Kuthap manbi

Kuthap manbi.

Ghetu Ful

Ghetu Ful.

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