Gram Bikash Kendra(GBK): Project, Types, Benefits and Images.

Gram Bikash Kendra(GBK) is a well-known Nonprofit Development Organization based in Northwest Region of Bangladesh(Asian Country). Controller are Young Student and Higher educated People. Commonly known as: GBK, Gram Bikash Kendra, GBK Loan, GBK Nutrition etc. The main goal of GBK is to make the economic and social development of Bangladesh. They are providing a proper treatment and support for every pregnant woman. Nutritional assistance and support for poor women. From 2022 to 2023, GBK gained considerable popularity through nutrition and money loan assistance. People are hopeful that their activities will write the name of Guinness World Records very soon.

Gram Bikash Kendra(GBK): Project, Types, Benefits and Images.

The Director of the GBK is Ashim Rauth and Chief Executive is Moazzem Hossain. GBK was introduced by Sir Moazzem Hossain in 1993. Md. Abul is the Deputy Director. From 2021 to 2023, this organization gained wide trust and popularity in people’s work. Their popular activities are Amritbari Project, Sanitation Project, Ramkrishna Sarada Missionary Vidyapith, Health Check-Up, Women Empowerment, Microfinance, Cattle fating method etc.

Most Basic information at a Glance:

FAQ Answer:
Real Name: Gram Bikash Kendra
Nickname: 1. Gram Bikash Kendra,

2. GBK.

3. GBK nutrition.

4. GBK loan.

Headquarters: Haldibari, Rangpur, 5250, Bangladesh(Asia).
SIC: 82,822.
 NAICS: 61,611.
Mission, Vision: 1. SFA-1,

2. SFA-2,

3. SFA-3,

4. SFA-4,

5. SFA-5,

6. SFA-6.

Present Area: 2200 villages/wards, 32 sub-districts, 8 districts.
Registration Number:  02-S-2361(204)/2000
 Deputy Director. Md. Abul
Chief Executive:  Moazzem Hossain
Director:  Ashim Rauth
Established: 1993
Author quality: Rich Educated, standard.
Donor Area: Global
Popularity: 67%

Headquarter of the GBK is located in Haldibari, Rangpur, 5250, Bangladesh(Asia). GBK SIC is 82,822. Gram Bikash Kendra NAICS is 61,611. Most of the donors are Foreign Organization and some are Bangladeshi Organization.

Thousands of Women and poor people have been employed in exchange for their support and activities. Many women and children are receiving adequate nutrition and support. In this day by day the popularity of GBK is increasing among people and they are moving towards their life goals.

Gram Bikash Kendra team discuss various Social problems and give solutions, provide warnings and help with various Seasonal Viruses and diseases. For example: Covid 99 or Corona virus or Measles etc.

Mission and Vision of Gram Bikash Kendra.

Livelihood Improvement (SFA-1):

GBK aims to make people’s lives healthy, literate, and financially empowered through improved living conditions and financial autonomy.

Providing quality education and support (SFA-2):

Encouraging people to become self-reliant and knowledgeable through education and support, GBK aims to benefit quality students.

Promoting Health Rights and Services (SFA-3):

GBK is committed to providing vital services to protect the right to healthy lives and good health.

Promotion of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (SFA-4):

Gram Bikash Kendra aims to reduce the impact of climate change and maintain harmony with nature in times of transition.

Acceleration of Human Potential Improvement (SFA-5):

GBK is working to empower people for self-improvement and better potential to open the door to possibilities.

Standard Process Introduction for Organizations (SFA-6):

GBK is committed to building progressive and progressive institutions towards the upliftment of villages through quality facilitated programming processes.

Registration and Formation:

GBK was formed in 1993 as a Government of Bangladesh program with the main objective of a poverty-free, exploitation-free, and educated society. Their objective is to uplift and improve the social conditions of the disenfranchised people in the western region. Since then Gram Bikash Kendra has been systematically carrying out projects and activities, to progress towards the betterment and prosperity of the people.

The registration details for Gram Bikash Kendra are as follows: Registration Number 01-693/93, dated 16/03/1993, issued by the NGO Bureau under the Government of Bangladesh. Additionally, the center is registered with the Joint Stock Company under Registration Number 02-S-2361(204)/2000, dated 04/05/2000. Furthermore, it is recognized by the Microcredit Regulatory Authority under Registration Number 03-01271-01016-00183, dated 16/03/2008. These registrations underscore GBK’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and adherence to regulatory standards, ensuring its credibility and legality in its endeavors to foster socio-economic development and empower marginalized communities in the region.

GBK service Areas: Present Area.

GBK has a widespread presence, currently operating in 2200 villages/wards, spanning across 32 sub-districts and 8 districts, including Dinajpur, Rangpur, Joypurhat, Nilphamari, Thakurgaon, Naogaon, Lalmonirhat, and Gaibandha. This extensive coverage reflects GBK’s dedication to reaching diverse communities in the northwest region of Bangladesh. Through its multifaceted initiatives and programs, GBK strives to make a positive impact on the lives of the people it serves, fostering development and progress in these areas.

Support Area of GBK.

RSF(Rural Services Foundation) working with GBK at Dinajpur. RSF provided 10 Packages of 50 WP Solar Home System in 2017. 34 packages of 20 WP Solar Home System in 2018. So, RSF is always doing support of GBK.

Job circular of GBK.

Every year GBK offers hundreds of jobs. You must be highly educated if you want to be an employee of GBK. Your secondary and higher secondary results should be good. Especially the marks of English subject and non-English subject should be sufficient.

Image Gallery of the Gram Bikash Kendra(GBK):

Gram Bikash Kendra(GBK)

Gram Bikash Kendra(GBK).

Gram Bikash Kendra's contract signing ceremony.

Gram Bikash Kendra’s contract signing ceremony.

GBK Anual metting

GBK Anual metting.

Gram Bikash Kendra provides social awareness programs and traditional musical instruments.

Gram Bikash Kendra provides social awareness programs and traditional musical instruments.

Gram Bikash Kendra's contract signing ceremony with MF-CIB

Gram Bikash Kendra’s contract signing ceremony with MF-CIB.

Chief Executive of Gram Bikash Kendra is Moazzem Hossain

Chief Executive of Gram Bikash Kendra is Moazzem Hossain.

Meeting photo of GBK

Meeting photo of GBK.

GBK's financial assistance donation program

GBK’s financial assistance donation program.

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