Maximizing Profits: Mastering Effective Cattle Fattening Techniques.

In a short time, cattle can be marketed at higher prices using fattening methods. Cattle fattening method. People need 120 grams of meat daily. But people eat 24 grams of meat per head daily. So there is a shortage of animal meat supply. So the supply of beef needs to be increased.

Notable aspects of the fattening method are:

Cow age selection and purchase:

Bullocks are good for fattening cows. It is better to buy 1.5 to 2 year old calves.

Housing construction:

1.5 m × 2 m space should be created for each cow.

Treatment of the disease:

Always consult a doctor. Infectious diseases must be vaccinated.


The animal should be given food containing meat, sugars, fats, minerals and vitamins.

The process of fattening food:

Ensuring the health of cows through moderate feeding. The animal gets nutrition from food and its physical growth occurs. Foods like khad, kura, maize or wheat kura, molasses etc. contain mineral salts and vitamins.

Food mixed with urea and molasses helps in fattening of animals.

It can be fed to cows in two ways:

  • With straw,
  • With granular food.

Preparation of cow feed by mixing urea with straw:

1. Take a large pot and mix it with mud and dry it.

2. Take 20 liters of water in a bucket. To make 1 kg urea solution in water.

3. The urea solution should be sprinkled on the gravel in small 20 kg gravel buckets. Thus the whole pot should be filled with straw. The mouth of the pot should be covered with polythene.

4. After 20 days, take out the straw from the pot and dry it in the sun. This dry hay should be fed to cows.

5. Every day 3 kg of straw should be fed to the cows.

Straw should be mixed with 300-400 grams of molasses.

If it is abnormal, consult a doctor immediately.

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