RSF Model School & College, Bogra.

RSF Model School & College, Bogra. (English Version). Institution for Building Ideal People. Cadet collage.

Introduction of the RSF Model School & College, Bogra.

RSF Model School & College, Bogra. The most popular, famous cadet collage in Bogra. Many poor student get chance to read and write. RSF MSC.


People are living in an age of information and technology. To match with this rapid globalization, the knowledge of English (both verbal and written) is inevitable. Again, English is an international language used for almost all the countries of the world. Considering the issue, the establishment of such an institution i.e. RSF Model School & College; is timely and aged appropriate. RAHIMAFROOZ firmly believe that, all the students enrolled in RSFMSC, shall indeed be in the pioneer group in future in facing the challenge of the country with competence and courage. And till now they are giving their best efforts for making well-being for the future world.


Location of the RSF Model School & College.


RSFMSC is situated in a calm, quiet and ever-green environment at Kaludam village of Shajahanpur Upazilla of Bogra district.


Area of the RSF Model School & College.


It has a vast campus on 24 Bighas of land and it is completely a residential institution.


Education and Quality of the RSF Model School & College.


Following the rules and regulations of Ministry of Education (MOE) and National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB), RSF Model School & College started its functional activities from 2008 with forty students of class one from the different parts of the country specially the under privileged students. And gradually it increased up to class ten following the rules and regulations of MOE. Though, initially it was supposed to increase gradually up to class twelve.

If we talk about the quality of education of this institute, we can consider this institution as one of the quality-full education provider. Because, just after the discipline of the students, this institution focuses on the quality of education for each and every student. And that’s the reason for the satisfactory result in all the public examinations by the students.



Prospectus of RSF model school and collage.

RSF stands for Rural Services Foundation and it’s an initiative of RAHIMAFROOZ group. With a view to provide quality education for under privileged children, Rural Services Foundation under section 28 of the company’s act-1994, has set up a residential school and college and named it; ‘RSF Model School & College.

RSF is a ‘not for profit’ social development company initiated by RAHIMAFROOZ, started its journey on 31 January 2006 with a view to provide essential services to the rural people of Bangladesh.


Owner of this collage RAHIMAFROOZ.

In 2008, the Rural Services Foundation (RSF) set up a free-of-cost, residential education center in Shajahanpur, Bogra for children from severely impoverished families living in the Monga-affected areas. In three years, RSF Model School & College has become the home of about 500 such students.

Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) Ltd. was founded in 1954 by A.C. Abdur Rahim as a trading company in Chittagong and presently, it is one of the largest business group in bangladesh.

A.C. Abdur Rahim, a man of kind hearted and generous personality, is the founder of RahimAfrooz. It’s Headquarter is in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

You may be wondering why I am talking about A.C Abdur Rahim. In fact, he is a great personality. His generosity compels me to praise him, so I wrote a little bit about him. I could not avoid the virtues of A.C.Abdur Rahim.



Objective of RSF Model School & College.

The objective is to create long-term impacts in the lives of these students through structured quality education. The students receive education under the National Curriculum in English. They also regularly participate in sports activities, moral studies, and recreational activities. The school, under the guidance of its Principal, teachers & support staff has created a disciplined and nurturing environment for the development of these children. Through the inclusion of 40 children every year from families under the program, “Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation” (PKSF), RSF Model School & College strives to expand in many areas of Bangladesh in near future.


Some Special Features of the RSF Model School & College, Bogra.


  1. Suitable accommodation for all students.
  2. Non-political and non-smoking environment.
  3. Monitoring the overall progress of students through continuous evaluation.
  4. Audiovisual equipment in the classroom and computer lab facilities.
  5. Availability of teaching aid materials.
  6. Well stocked library with books and journals for the different age groups.
  7. Arrangement of teaching Arabic.
  8. Arrangement of literary and cultural competition.
  9. Regular health check-up facilities for the students.
  10. Availability of first aid facilities for the students.



Student’s eligibility of RSF Model School & College, Bogra.


  • Every institution has some rules and regulations of their own. Every year, RSF MSC admits forty students by filtering some criteria. Some of the criterions are-
  • The monthly income of the family is less than 4,500 takas.
  • Have cultivable land less than 50 decimals.
  • Have no ability to bear the education expenses and are interested in their child’s education.
  • One child from one family.
  • Age should be between 6-7 years.
  • Height is up to 3’-10”.
  • Sound physical health.
  • Capable to enroll in class one.
  • Meritorious.
  • Family noninvolvement with unlawful activities.
  • Final selection is subject to the approval of the viva & medical board.


Uniform of RSF Model School & College for student.


Students would wear navy blue half pants, a sky blue shirt, black shoes, a navy blue neck tie, and white socks. There is also the institutional monogram in school dress.



Co-curricular activities on this RSF Model School & College.


Along with academic importance, RSFMSC gives importance to co-curricular activities like debate, recitation, storytelling, extempore, and observance of different national events. The inter-class competition is arranged regularly and students are encouraged to take part in the competition.


RSF Model School & College logo

RSF Model School & College logo


Monthly expenditure on the RSF Model School & College.


As the students are underprivileged so their educational expenses, food, medicine, lodging, and clothing are provided by the organization. And this is a huge budget for RAHIMAFROOZ. It is known that, the monthly expenses for only a student including, food, accommodation, educational expenses, medicine, and clothing is about 9 thousand takas per month. And of-course, it is a great humanitarian activity by RAHIMAFROOZ group.




Parents-teachers meeting on the RSF MSC.


A parent-teacher meeting is arranged at the end of each term. This enables the parents to meet the teachers in an academic year. In addition to this, parents may meet the principal in case of emergency, only with prior appointments.


Punishment for the offenses on the RSF Model School & College.


There should be the provision of punishment for the students who will commit serious offenses but physical punishment is strictly prohibited. This would help the students to rectify themselves which in turn assists them to lead a disciplined and respectful life. Detentions will be given to students for breaking the institutional rules and regulations and for being careful in their studies in the future.



Rules and regulations of the RSF Model School & College.


Parents are not allowed to enter the institution without a prior appointment.

Students must wear the school uniform during school hours. At the beginning of each term, students should be accompanied by their legal guardian and would be handed over to their guardians after each term.

Students are not allowed to use mobile/telephone on the college campus. Students can communicate with their parents only through letters and letters would be scrutinized by the concerned teachers. In case of complaints, grievances, or any sort of suggestions, parents may consult with the concerned class teacher or Principal of the college.



Daily Activities of the Students on RSF Model School & College.


  1. There are some rules and regulations of the institution. The students must have to follow all the rules and regulations. Here is a short description of the daily activities of the students-
  2. Every student has to wake up early in the morning. And the day begins performing Fazr Salat.
  3. After performing Fazr Salat, students attend to a one-hour preparation class. After finishing the class, students have to attend for physical activities. There is a physical trainer for the students. These practices for physical exercise, make the students cheerful for the day.
  4. As students perform physical exercise, it’s time to have bathing. When finished bathing, every student goes to the dining for having their breakfast. Generally, for breakfast, they usually have bread and vegetables.
  5. Now time for academic activities. After finishing breakfast, they attend for assembly.
  6. Academic classes continue till 1 pm or like that. After finishing academic classes, students go to dining for their lunch and then everyone perform Zohr Salat.
  7. In the afternoon, every student plays for an hour. Students take part Football. Cricket, volleyball and other indoor games.
  8. In the evening, students sit for a preparation class for tomorrow’s homework.
  9. After having dinner, it’s time for recreation. Students watch television for about an hour.
  10. Thus the day ends and students goes to sleep with a new hope and aspiration for the next day.



Education results of RSF Model School & College.

As this institution highly focuses on quality education just after discipline, so, both the institutional and public examinations results are satisfactory. Every year in the public examinations like, PSC, JSC, and SSC, all the students secure G.P.A-5. And it brings a great reputation for the institution.




Infrastructure of RSF Model School & College.


At the beginning, the institution had a 3-storied building which is presently the Academic Building.

At present, there is two 5-storied decorated building with a big playground and a big pond. One 5-storied is used for Academic purposes and another 5-storied is used for Residential purposes. Also there is a 3-storied building beside the hostel building which is used as dinning purposes. The premise of the institution is surrounded by a boundary wall of nine feet in height.



Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About RSF Model School & College.


1. Where is RSF MSC situated?

Answer: RSF MSC is situated in a calm, quiet and ever-green environment at Kaludam village of Shajahanpur Upazilla of Bogra district.


2. When RSF MSC started its journey?

Answer: RSF Model School & College started its functional activities from 2008.


3. With how many students RSF MSC started its journey?

Answer: RSF MSC started its journey with 40 students from different parts of the country.


4. Is RSF MSC Bangla or English version?

RSF MSC is an English version school following the rules and regulations of Ministry of Education (MOE) and National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB).


5. Is RSF model school and collage residential?

Answer: From the beginning, it was totally a residential school. But recently from 2021, it has started for the non-residential students too.


6. Who is the founder of RSF model school and collage?

Answer: The chairmen of RAHIMAFROOZ group, A.C. Abdur Rahim is the founder of RSF MSC.


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