Lungi Unveiled: Comfort and Style in Every Wrap.

Lungi is a traditional dress of Bengali people. Look awesome. Most of the people in our world, like to wear lungi. It’s make mind fresh. Air can pass easily inside this clothes.

What is Lungi ?

Lungi is a clothes that is used people against of pants. Lot of demand on market per years. Lungi woven from cotton. Various design and color.

Bangali people like to wear lungi at the Holy day. People of all ages like to wear lungi on the time of sleep. Help to do good and comfort sleep. Price of the lungi is less from a pants. Normal avarage price of a pant is 40 USD. And average price of a lungi is 23 USD. Sometimes this price go less or more. But comfort of a lungi is high.

What are the ingredients of lungi and who makes it?

Cylindrical shape. Lungi are maded with cotton. Main material of the Lungi is cotton. Besides, they use color for design and style. Silk lungi are used for ceremonial purposes such as weddings or various festivals. Weavers weave lungi.
But after 2000, there are lot of Company make Factory and weave lungi by machine. By using machine need little time. But on the hand of Weaver need 8 to 9 hours to make it. Now days, There are lot of company in the world, who weave lungi and sell it into the international market.

How is lungi made?

The weaver first makes a rectangular cloth by weaving with yarn. Then put the two ends of the cloth together. After then make wonderful color and design for eye catching or high rate on market. Need enough time to weav this cotton for it. But Weaver’s lungi is always hard, best, high price, look attractive.

What is the size of the lungi and how to look like?

Lungi look like a ring clothes. Standard Lungi is 200 cm (79 in) in length, 115 centimetres (45 in) in height. Some lungi are short or little in market, this are for children. Many children like to wear lungi. Farmer like to wear it for fast work.

History of the lungi.

There is a confused about the History of the lungi. Inventory of the lungi is Bengali. Some History researcher told that first lungi maded in Bangladesh Bengali. Some History researchers told that Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu on 6th and 10th century AD.

Popularity of lungi.

In Bangladesh, Odisha and West Bengal, all the ages of people now wear it.

Day by day, Wearing the lungi has declined in the Punjab region. but uponce a time, all the ages of people in punjab weared it.

In Bihar and Haryana, people wear it just on night or bedtime.

In Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh people always like to wear it.

In Bangladesh, Bangladeshi women do not wear lungi traditionally, although non-Bengali tribal women always(Day and Night) wear similar garments in the khulna or Chittagong Hill Tracts.

In Myanmar, People know it in longyi word. For men, men wear longyi and the longyi is known as a paso. For woman, women wear htamein. they call htamein against of lungi.

Pa kao mah for men, a pa toong for women in Thailand.

Maldives people known us mundu. This Mundu wear it only old ages of people.


How many kinds of lungi in the world?

According to the size, There are 2 kinds of lungi in the world.

1. Adult lungi.
2. Short lungi.

1. Adult lungi.

Adult lungi is always standard size. Standard Lungi is 200 cm (79 in) in length, 115 centimetres (45 in) in height. Make various type of design and style are in this adult lungi. The demand of the adult lungi is high in market. This lungi for 20 to 80 years old people.

2. Short lungi.

Short lungi are maded for children. Some children have height are little size. They cannot use adult lungi because they cannot control it. That’s why Weaver make little or short lungi. Short lungi haven’t any fixed size. 2 to 18 years old children wear short lungi.

How to wear a lungi?

Need average 20 second to wear a lungi. Easily and Shortcut way.

Simple rules for wearing lungi in traditional style.

1. Enter the lungi and check your lungi by jumping and turning.
2. Then fold the middle part of the fabric neatly to make a roll.
3. Carefully remove the hand, keeping the lungi in place.
4. Slowly pull the right side towards the left waist and the left side towards the right waist.
5. Insert the tubular lungi and place it just above your waist and tie it a little tighter.

In down, How much need it’s depend on your height. Use according to your height. If you tall then use long or if you short fold your lungi.

Much much money need to buy a lungi ?

Average price of lungi in American Doller 23 USD, In Bangladesh 1000 Taka, in India 2500 Rupee. In south India or Bangladesh the price of the lungi is low but in distance place by place price go to high for carrying cost. That’s why some place price different. Do you know, some lungi in marketplace that price is 1000+ USD. So, style and color on your Money.

Lungi is produced more from which countries?

Bangladesh and India county is top to produce lungi. Many country make it. But Bangladeshi lungi is popular from all country. There are many factory in Bangladesh, those make it and sell it various country. India and Bangladesh populer for lungi. Now days, many country make it little or more. Generally Bangladeshi price is some low from Indian rupees. After 2024, all country have lungi factory. Because going high demand. Popularity going high level.

Importance and benefits of lungi.

Lungi have lot if importance. Lungi help to pass air inside of the clothes. Make mind fresh. In the Summer season, lungi control the standard temperature in body. If people wear plants, air cannot pass and make over heat. Lungi protect and help to get light in to the leg or body that’s why body can get enough vitamin D. Make body free from many disease. It’s a great benefits for us. You can easily make your lungi short or long. Sometimes Doctor advice to the physical problem patient to wear lungi. Because, make body cool fresh. If old people use lungi they can easily use washroom.

Many people like to pray prayer using lungi. Number of the high is Muslim.

Those child-patient sex over size little, Doctor advice to wear lungi by the side of treatment. Lungi help to pass air and help to make sex perfect of a man. Lungi help to protect from sexual infection.

Many photographer collect lungi photo and sell it with high rated. They collect photo and spread this information in various place of the world.

Demand of Lungi on Market place.

Average 50 crores people wear lungi in the world. It’s a big number. Demand on market place is high. Many style of lungi was found on market. Style depends on the buyer budget. If the budget is high then you get high style and color. If the budget is low you get general style. Day by day, the number of lungi’s demand on market going to high. In 2022, many new lungi factory was growing for better result and high level style. Many shopkeeper professionally sell it and survive life. Many people are adjust and added with this things. Dew drops of winter season.

The difference between lungi and pants.

Lungi maded with cotton cloth. Air can pass easily and make body and mind fresh. The palnts clothes are a little thick. Air cannot pass easily. The temperature rises. Lungi comfortable from a plants. People can easily out lungi from body but pants need some extra time. Price of pants is high from a lungi. People can easily fold it but pants need some extra time. In Summer time, Uncomfortable to wear closed, tight clothes such as trousers. That’s why all ages of people like to wear lungi. RSF Model School & College, Bogra.

Frequency Asked Question About Lungi.

1. People can pray by wear lungi ?

Answer: Yes. People can pray her prayer by wear lungi.

2. Is lungi helpful for body ?

Answer: Yes. It’s helpful for body and mind.

3. How much time need to wear a lungi ?

Answer: Average 20 second.