Bolster pillow.


Bolster pillow is a daily necessity. Sleeping with the Bolster pillow under the head while sleeping makes the headache better. Doctors encourage newborns to use the bolster pillow.


What is called Bolster pillow?


Bolster pillow. A pillow that is normally neither too soft nor too hard, but long and round in appearance is called a bolster pillow.


This pillow is so beautiful to look at. It is now available to buy in the market. However, it can be made at home, if you have the necessary things at home.


There are many types and colors of pillows available in the market. But not all Bolster pillows.

This pillow has some different qualities. It looks straight tall and round head. The body of this pillow has designs of different colors. Not a collar. There are various pictures and designs on the body of the pillow like nakshi kantha.


The bolster pillow has cotton inside. There is no artificial cotton.




What are the elements used to make bolster pillow?



Ingredients you will need include one yard garnish fabric, a ballast pillow form, scissors or rotary cutter, mats, ruler or measuring tape, upholstery needle, thread, a fabric marker or chalk, drips half ball, cover button, typing velcro Iron pins or clips, a board and a sewing machine. You will need your circumference to calculate the body size of the pillow.



How is a bolster pillow made?


Cut two circles, both of which will be six inches in diameter. To do this, cut a square and fold it in a few places above twenty and fold it again by three inches. Now cut it with scissors. Fold each side twice at the raw edge of a length of velcro shorter than the length of your pillow. Iron it now. Be sure to place the velcro on the opposite side of a fabric at the end, so that it is closed with a flat seam clip. Be sure to piping to the rounded ends using a zipper foot. Align the raw edges.

(The end of the fabric folded a few inches at the back can fold it).



Main Piece: Pillow Length × Pillow Circumference.
Side Pieces: Pillow Circumference × (Radius+ .5″)


How is a bolster pillow made?

How is a bolster pillow made?

Sew the piping of the fabric over the other side of the piping finish and attach it to both ends. On the right is sideways. Do it on the other side. Flip the pillow case to the right side as well and pour the pillow inside.



How many kinds of Bolster pillow?


Depending on the size, there are many types of bolster pillow. These pillows start from 11 inches and go up to 50 inches. The tailor makes pillows depending on the needs and tastes of the consumer.


The importance of the bolster pillow.



Physical improvement:


Using this pillow is the perfect sleep. Headaches are better when using bolster pillow. There is no headache after sleeping. The body and mind remain fresh. Using this pillow while sleeping helps maintain proper blood circulation in the body.



Improving mood:


Body and mind complement each other. Scientist research show that, If the body is good, the mind is also good. Using this pillow increases the interest in working. Working for a long time does not cause headaches.


Increases the beauty of the bed:


Bolster pillow is very beautiful to look at. It is very beautiful to see in bed. The bed is incomplete without pillows. This pillow enhances the beauty of the house and bed.



This pillow is used for newborns:


The doctor recommends using this pillow for the newborn. When the newborn sleeps with this pillow on the head, the skin of the head is strengthened and it helps the hair to grow faster.


Bolster pillow is kept for sleeping in the patient’s bed.


This pillow is kept in the patient’s bed in the hospital. This pillow helps in proper blood circulation to the head. Patients with head injuries or fainting are advised to use Bolster pillow. There are many benefits.




Demand for Bolster pillow in the market.


There is a huge demand for these pillows in the market. In addition to the market, rural women make and sell these pillows. Rural women sell at much lower prices than in the market.


There are many shops in the market whose basic job is to make and sell pillows. The demand for pillows has multiplied in the years 2020-2022.




Price of Bolster pillow in the market.





Bolster pillows in the US range in price from ২০ 20 to ২৫ 250. However, the price of small pillows in this country is much lower. Larger pillows cost more because they cost more. However, advanced Bolster pillows are available in the United States at much lower prices than in other countries.





Pillow prices are much lower in Canada and the United States than in other countries.

The quality of Canadian fabrics is much improved and the right size.

An average of 20 to 250 Canadian Dollar.



International Price:


The international price of Bolster pillow is 20 to 300 dollars. The price of this product may be a little lower or higher due to the distance between different countries.



Bolster pillow

Bolster pillow


Nicknames of bolster pillow in different countries.


America: Bolster pillow.
Canada: Bolster pillow.
India: Bolster pillow, Hard Pillow, long bed pillow.
Bangladesh: Sokto Balish.
International name: Bolster Pillow.




Which countries are famous for making this Bolster pillow?


1. America

2. Canada.

3. Egypt

4. India.

5. Bangladesh.

6. Russia.



How long can a Bolster pillow be used?


Bolster pillow can be used for many days. People can be used for up to 3 years. However, after 15 days, it is necessary to dry in the sun for 4 hours (at least 32 degrees Celsius). This kills germs on the pillow.

However, the doctor is advising to dry in the sun every 7 days. The cotton and cloth inside is germ free.


Bolster pillow gets dirty quickly when used excessively. The top cover needs to be cleaned after 7 days. Wash with Dettol or Savlon.


Frequency asked Question (FAQ) about Bolster pillow.


1. Which color clothe is the best for Bolster pillow?

Answer: White color or mixed color is the best for Bolster pillow.


2. Which country is the famous for Bolster pillow?

Answer: America and Egypt is the famous country for Bolster pillow.


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