Yamaha R125: Speed and Style Unleashed.

Engine,technology, benefits of the Yamaha r125 bike. This will make it much easier for us to get an idea about it..

Yamaha r125

Yamaha r125
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Why Yamaha r125 best to the customer?

A. The bike has a stylish supersport design.

B. The bike is given a very light and very strong frame which helps to make the bike extremely stable and extremely strong.

C. The bike is given a 125 cc engine and it is a fuel injection engine.

D. The engine is provided with a liquid cooling system.

E. Slipper class is used in the bike.

F. Aluminum swingarm has been used as the swing arm of the bike. And which is much better in terms of both bike looks and build quality.

G. Upside-down suspension has been used as the suspension of the bike.

H. The hydraulic discs of the bike have been used a lot. As if the braking system of the bike can be improved a lot.

I. The bike has an anti-lock braking system or dual-channel ABS.

J. Tubeless tires have been used in the bike.

K. Twin LED headlamp has been used as the headlight of Yamaha r125 bike.

L. A full digital meter has been used in this bike.

M. Six-speed gearbox has been used as the gearbox.

N. The looks of the bike are made of extremely premium quality.

O. The bike has an engine kill switch.

P. The bike uses VVA technology.

Q. The Yamaha r125 is a premium quality bike of much better quality in this segment.

These were the key features of the bike. We will get a detailed idea about these below. Here are some of the best quality technology in the bike.

Yamaha r125

Yamaha r125
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The engine of the yamaha r125.

Now let’s talk about this Yamaha r125 bike engine. We know that the engine of a bike is the lifeblood of the bike. Just as a person cannot move or survive without his heart, it is never possible to ride a bike without a good engine. The engine of the bike uses an engine of liquid gold technology. Must know that, this liquid cool technology is used to keep the engine of the bike cool. When the engine of the bike gets overheated, there is a high risk of damage to the engine of the bike. Bike engines can cause us a lot of problems. This is why, a liquid or any cooling system must be used in the bike system or in the engine of the bike. A bike must have a cooling system. Moreover, we don’t ride a bike around all the time. With bikes, we often travel long distances. Many love to travel by bike. They travel long distances with their bikes and in this case, the bikes continue for hundreds of kilometers without stopping. So, this bike engine if helpful for us.

Some extra information about engine…

This allows the bike’s engine to overheat or overheat, so the Yamaha r125 bike uses a liquid cooling system that will not cause a bike to overheat for hundreds of kilometers. That’s why the Yamaha r125 bike uses a liquid cooling system that keeps the bike much better. Moreover, an engine of 124.7 or 125 ccs has been used as the engine of the bike. Which we only see in some entry-level sports-type bikes. The Yamaha r125 bike is a 125cc bike but the bike is a sports bike or we can say an entry-level sports bike. Although it has a little less power, we can still feel like a sports-type sports category bike by running it. The bike uses a four-stroke, 4 valve single cylinder liquid cool fuel injection engine. 

Horse-power of the bike….

The maximum power used in the bike is 15hp or we can say 15 horsepower at 9 thousand rpm. The bike then uses 11.5 Newton meters of torque at 8,000 rpm. The fuel injection system used in the bike is an electronic fuel injection system. Moreover, a radiator fan has been used in the bike. Which helps a bit in the cooling system of the bike. The bike can accelerate from zero to 60 kmph in 4.5 seconds and the top speed of the bike we get is 126 kmph. The bike can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 15.2 seconds. The engine of the bike is of course a bs6 model engine. Which is definitely the latest and most updated engine.

Chassis and suspension of yamaha r125.

Very good quality technology or advanced accessories have been used for the bike and the suspension. The frame of the bike is made of steel which is very light as well as very strong. An aluminum swingarm has been used as the swing arm of the bike. Usually used in sports level or sports category bikes. This is something we don’t see on a normal 125cc bike. It is only used in premium quality bikes. As beautiful as the aluminum swingarm looks, it is extremely effective in the case of a sports-type bike. This makes the build quality of the bike much heavier and stronger. The 41mm upside-down suspension used in the bike is remarkable. It is commonly used on sports quality bikes. This is why it has been used in Yamaha r125 bikes. Which is a very convenient thing for us. And the back of the bike uses a mono sock suspension that helps us navigate many ups and downs. The front wheel is 130mm and the rear wheel is 114mm.

Brand of yamaha r125.

The Yamaha r125 bike is a two-wheeler type sports bike and the most updated model of this bike is the BS Six model. A few days ago another bike of this company came which was of bs4 model. And in 2021, the Yamaha r125 bike is a BS Six model bike. It is a bike with much more advanced and advanced technology than the previous one. Let us know in detail some more information about this bike below.

Brand value and history of the yamaha r125.

Let’s take a look at the brand value of the Yamaha r125cc bike and some of its histories that we need to know because it is a very important issue. We see the brand name of the Yamaha r125cc bike that brand name is Yamaha and this is a huge brand of Yamaha brand. This brand must have some history. Before we buy anything, we must first consider the item or the company’s product through various tests. It doesn’t matter if it is a bike or something else. The big thing is that, we need to know what the company from and which we are buying the thing is like and where it came from. Because, we are not buying anything cheap or sad, here we are thinking of buying a bike, so before buying a bike, we must have an idea about the brand of the bike, what the brand of the bike is, the quality of their bikes and the after service of their bike. We need to know these easily.

Yamaha R125: A Symphony of Speed and Style

Important note:-

Many of us have a huge idea about the Yamaha brand and many of us who are bike lovers have heard of my company or brand name. Yamaha is a bike manufacturing company that has bikes in almost every country in the world. And they sell their bikes all over the world. So, we understand what a big brand it is. The big companies in our world remove their products all over the world and therefore it is not at all possible for them to deliver their products to the whole world in a single country. That’s why they set up their manufacturing factories in different countries of the world, where they manufacture and assemble the bikes and deliver them to the common people. In the same way, we will be targeting the same thing in the case of Yamaha company. The Yamaha company is of course a Japanese company or a Japanese brand. And we must know how advanced and good quality Japanese brands are. Like the Yamaha brand, their brand is Japanese, but their manufacturing plants are in different countries of the world and they sell their goods or bikes in many countries of the world through these manufacturing plants. This reduced the price of their bikes a little and came within the reach of the common man. This benefits both the company and the buyer.

Why price low?

This is why the price of a bike is said to be lower here. When we take a variety of things from one country and manufacture or assemble them in another country, the price of that thing will go up or go up a lot. Then it will be out of the reach of the common people of that country. That is why most companies try to make their company’s factory or manufacturing factory in the country where the products will be sold. In this way, the products or bikes of the companies can be brought within the reach of the common people and the price can be brought within the reach of the people by reducing the price a lot. This allows the company to sell their product and the buyer gets the item at an affordable price.

More added that,

We can see several brands in the world that we can also consider as giants in the world of motorcycle manufacturing companies. Because these companies are so many big label companies that are beyond our imagination. Some of these companies are Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati, Kawasaki, etc. These brands are some of the giant motorcycle manufacturer companies in the world. They are so big that they have bikes in almost every country in the world. In the same way, we see that Yamaha is one of the best motorcycle manufacturing companies in the world. It is a well-known brand to the whole world. Who was born in 1955. In 1955, they started their journey as a motorcycle manufacturing company. And so far they have been selling their products or bikes to bike lovers all over the world. And they have gained a huge reputation all over the world. They are the second-largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. 

Brand rank level.

The Yamaha brand ranks second among all the major motorcycle manufacturing companies or brands in the world. By doing this we understand how big this guarantee can be. Because there are thousands of motorcycle brands in the world, it is no less to come in second place. Some of us may know and some of us may not know. Although Yamaha is the second-largest bike manufacturer in the world, they make and sell more different vehicles that run on water. They make different kinds of votes or make the engine of the boot. Most of the engines that run on the water in our worldwide or the various types of speedboats are owned by the Yamaha company. From this, we understand that Yamaha is in the second position in terms of motorcycle manufacturers, but they are in the first position in terms of selling water vehicles.

Others bike of the Yamaha.

Things from the Yamaha company such as the Yamaha 125 and this 125cc bike we know is very small bike. This is an entry-level sports bike. Even if it is a small or low cc bike, we will always get the feeling of sports type by riding it. That’s why, we must buy this entry-level bike. Moreover, Yamaha company has several big bikes. They have some big bikes like Yamaha r15 like there are several high cc bikes. With which the Yamaha company participates in the Moto GP race. We all probably know that the Moto GP Race is a place where races are held with the biggest and highest level bikes in the world. And there are races between different companies. Different types of companies do this race with their high-level bikes.

Yamaha R125: A Symphony of Speed and Style

They have already win many championship.

We now see the number of bike that is in the Moto GP race of this Yamaha company is 46. And the name of the person who is currently riding this bike is Rashmi Mobin. Many of us know about him. Because he is a very famous person. And there are several reasons why he is so famous. Because he is a very experienced biker. This is why people give him so much respect or love. This Yamaha company with their highest bikes they have been able to win the championship in about 39 Moto GP races. And that is a huge issue for a company.

Yamaha headquarters. 

The Yamaha company is headquartered in Shizuka, Japan. Although headquartered in Japan, it has large branches in almost every country, and they have set up their own manufacturing plants in many countries, assembling and manufacturing their bikes through these manufacturing plants and delivering them to the people of those countries. This saves them a lot of money and time. And the ability of ordinary people in that country to buy bikes increases. The reason is that the price of the bike goes down a bit since the bike is manufactured or made in that country. This is a certain positive aspect. Yamaha Company We have known from the very beginning that it is the second-largest bike manufacturing company in the world. In that case, we can say that all the products of this company are very premium quality and very high-quality products. 

And like ten good quality,

companies or good companies, they also try to make sure that their customer always finds a good product because a company can reach the peak of improvement only when the customers like their product very much. And because Yamaha’s products are very good quality and high-quality products, they have survived so long in this competitive market in the world. And again, it is the second-largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. And there are many more reasons behind this possession that they sell their bikes so they don’t forget him. There are many companies or brands in our world that survived only if they could sell their bike. After buying a bike we have a variety of services and requirements that are never possible without a company. Many other brands are looking for someone else after selling the bike.

Buyer review,

This upsets their buyers and they lose a lot of buyers. This is a huge factor in their failure. But even after giving us our bikes from this Yamaha company, they still give us very well after service. That is why we call their service the best service. This Yamaha company is all over the world. They have their headquarters in a place in Japan. Although headquartered in Japan, they have many more manufacturing plants all over the world. And through these factories, they sell bikes in different countries of the world. This is why we understand that they are doing their business in our whole worldwide area and they are selling their bikes all over the world. Although the Yamaha Company was founded in 1955, they brought their first four-stroke engine in 1968. Usually, the engines of our bikes are one-stroke or 2-stroke engines. However, these four-stroke engines are very powerful engines. The Yamaha company is commonly known as the automobile industry because of the companies that sell or manufacture bikes, cars, and engines. We usually know those companies like manufacturing companies. Every company has its own website just like this company has its website. If you want, we can come back to this company’s website. Before that, we can take a lot more important information from here.

This Yamaha company,

Has a total of 52,664 employees and they are constantly working tirelessly. Some of their famous products include motorbikes and scooters, bicycle fishing boats, and many more types of off-road vehicles. And this Yamaha company has always been known in the world market because of the high-quality superbikes they have. It is because of these superbikes that their company has become so established and known all over the world.

Dimensions and weight of the Yamaha r125.

Now let’s talk a little about the dimensions and weight of the bike. The length used in the bike is 1955 mm, the width of the bike has been used as 680mm. The ground clearance of the bike is given as 155mm and the seat height of the bike is given as 825mm. The overall height of the bike is given as 1065mm and the wheelbase of the bike is given as 1355mm. The ground clearance of the bike we have seen above has been given to 155mm. This is usually the ground clearance of a sports bike. This is because the sports bike can stick to the road at high speeds. That is why their ground clearance is reduced.

These bikes,

like the Yamaha r125 bikes, have some difficulties in reducing the ground clearance and we also have some difficulties. The advantage of giving low ground clearance to all these is that when the bike is at high speed, the bike will run in a very stable way on the road and the bike will not make much movement. And we will be able to ride the bike confidently. Then we saw above that the height of the bike was given as 1065 mm. And anyone can ride the bike. However, those who are 5 feet 5 inches can ride the bike well, but those who are 5 feet 5 inches to 6 feet will be able to ride the bike very well. And those who are below 5 feet 5 inches may have some difficulty riding the bike. 

Battery and lights of the Yamaha r125.

The bike uses 5 lights and the bike’s headlights use dual LED headlights, which we can call projection headlights. Indicators including the tail light of the bike and all the lights installed on the bike have been used with LED quality. The bike is provided with a twelve-volt battery which is completely free to maintain and we don’t have to spend any extra money to charge or consume energy through it. We have learned above that the bike uses a pass light and this passing light has several advantages. When we are driving on the highway or overtaking a car, various accidents happen. During this overtaking, we can use a pass light to signal to the car in front of us, no matter what. And we can be saved from many accidents. This is why it is very important to have lights on a sports-type bike or a bike that has high speed.

Comfort of the Yamaha r125.

When it comes to buying a bike we are always with test rights and in this ride, we are always looking for comfort. We find comfort in everything, not just bikes. If we talk about comfort in the bike, then the bike has an electric starter for comfort and if anyone wants to sit on the back of the bike, there is a footrest for him. Through which he can easily keep his feet. The bike uses a split seat or what we usually know as a cut seat. Sports-type bikes are usually used or made for single riding. However, we can not ride a single bike all the time. That is why a small seat is given behind it or a split seat is given. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. And this is usually called the split seat. Moreover, the bike riding position is definitely very sporty. This is a sports level bike or a sports bike so the sitting style of the bike will be the same as a sports type bike.

Compare about the Yamaha r125.

Now, we will compare or compare some bikes with this Yamaha r125 bike. We know that the Yamaha r125 bike is a sports type or a sports quality bike. Even though it is a 125cc bike, everything is given in sports quality. In that case, if we compare it then we can compare it with KTM RC 125, gsx-r 125, KTM 125-duke, Kawasaki Ninja 125, and Honda CBR 125 we can compare this Yamaha r125 bike. Despite the number of bikes we have mentioned above, whether each brother is a sports quality bike or not, the Yamaha r125 bike is definitely one of the best quality bikes among them. We can buy anyone we want.

Brake and Tire of the Yamaha r125.

 292mm single disc in front and 220mm single disc has been given on the back of this person. This Yamaha r125 bike uses disc brakes on the front and rear as well as it uses dual-channel ABS or what we call an antilock braking system. It is a very high-quality braking system that is only offered on premium quality bikes. The front wheel of the Yamaha R125 bike is 17 inches and the rear wheel is also given 17 inches. 100/80 has been used as the front tire of the bike and 140/80 has been used as the rear tire of the bike. And it must have used tubeless tires and very high-quality tires. Aluminum wheels have been used as the bike.

Fuel tank of the bike.

Used as the oil tank of the bike, an 11.5-liter oil tank is capable of holding about 11.5 liters of oil at the jetty. The mileage of the bike we get is 40 to 50 kilometers per liter and the bike must be able to run on petrol or octane. If we fill the Yamaha r125 bike sesame oil tank, we will be able to cover about 400 to 500 kilometers effortlessly which is a very convenient thing for us to travel to any place far away. And the oil tank of the bike is given a very muscular tank which has very nice looks and finishes. It has a muscular oil tank to make it a standard type bike of sports quality. Due to which the looks of the bike have become more beautiful.

Price of the bike.

The price of the bike is one point 25 lakh in India and if we look at the price of the bike in America, we will see that it is priced at 1.25 thousand dollars. We can see some change in the price. In our neighboring countries like India, Nepal, Bhutan, etc., we will see almost the same price. Some money may be more or less.

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