KTM 125 Duke: Unleashing Performance and Style in Detail.

Introduction of KTM 125-duke.

KTM 125 duke is in Two company. Austrian or Italian bike. This Austrian and Italian bike company is certainly a much bigger company. The name of this brand is KTM. And this brand is very famous all over our world. This band makes many types of motorcycles. When buying anything or a bike we must know the brand of the bike or the company from which the bike is made or manufactured. Because when we buy a bike, if we don’t test it very well, we have to work hard for it. That’s why we must see and buy everything, be it bikes or anything else.

KTM 125-duke Unknown information

KTM 125-duke Unknown information

We see different types of bikes from KTM brand or KTM company, among them this KTM 125-duke bike is very popular among the younger generation. In this world, we see different types of bike companies or bike brands. Which has existed on our earth for a long time. Such as Honda, Suzuki, KTM, Kawasaki have been in our world for a long time. But today’s KTM brand is not so old. The band left in 1992. I mean, we understand that this band was formed in 1992, but there is more history behind it. Although it was formed in 1992, it was established in 1934. What many of us know, many of us don’t know, but it’s a good thing that we have an idea about something or we know about it.The bike we can see in the picture below is the KTM 125-duke.

Eligible for racing.

The KTM brand certainly makes racing bikes. Again, they make more racing bikes or sports quality bikes. And their bikes are as popular in the racing world as they are in the off-road world. They make or make different types of off-road motorcycles all over the world and they have these off-road bikes in different countries of the world and they feel very comfortable using them. They make some more types of bikes. Although they were born in 1992, they have been able to capture many markets around the world in just a few days. Because of course, they deliver very good quality things to their buyers. This is a very important issue once the buyer gets a good item he will definitely buy many more items from the brand later on. That’s why KTM companies think a lot and deliver their products to buyers. There are several brands or companies in the world market that always love to create things that buyers like. And he likes to make sure that buyers don’t face any inconvenience. Similarly, several brands are Kawasaki Suzuki Yamaha and KTM is an Italian brand like these brands. Like all other brands, this KTM brand makes very good quality bikes and the look of the bikes they make is very deadly. They take care of everything from the color design of the bike. And by choosing these properly, they bring the bikes to the market to get the love of the buyers. We will recognize this KTM brand as an Austrian motor company. It has gained a lot of recognition in our world as a motorcycle manufacturing company in general.


it is a motorcycle and sports car manufacturer. In addition to motorcycles, the company also makes a variety of sports cars. Another important thing about KTM company that many of us do not know is that it is owned by two countries such as an Italian or an Austrian company. And it has about a 48 percent stake in Bajaj Company of India. It may be something unknown to many of us. We may see that KTM bikes are very popular in India and KTM bikes are sold in large quantities in India. There are several reasons for this. One reason for this is that KTM has entered into an agreement with Bajaj Company of India. And Bajaj has about a 48 percent stake in KTM. The KTM company not only manufactures a variety of things besides bikes and sports cars which may not be so famous in our country or in our neighboring countries but it is very famous all over the world. We know that KTM brand bikes are sold in large quantities in the world market. And with that, we learned further above that the KTM company must make more off-road bikes as well as sports-type bikes. They make many different variants of off-road bikes. There are many variations of their off-road bikes. And according to that, they sell bikes of different qualifications in different countries. Their off-road bikes sold so much in 2015 that it goes without saying that they sold their off-road bikes 2015 in huge quantities. This is why they have come to the attention of people all over the world The KTM brand resells in the off-road motorcycle manufacturing industry. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. They sold two lakh 3430 motorcycles in 2015. We see a headline in their company. And that is the racing title. This title was first applied to their company in 1954 or we can say that they got this title in 1954. And as always they always make a lot of advanced technology bikes and this KTM 125cc duke bike is definitely a bike of high quality and advanced technology. . It offers a variety of technologies that we don’t see on any ordinary bike. The KTM brand is headquartered in Austria and has 2931 employees. We also know this industry as the motor vehicle industry.

Unknown points.

This KTM brand is spread all over the world. The field of this brand we can say the whole world. Which is a very good thing for a brand. An area of ​​a brand or company can only be global when it wins the hearts of people all over the world and creates a very good product. And when a company offers very good quality service to their customers, buyers will surely be forced to lean towards that company or brand. The KTM brand builds their bikes as well as the services they need to provide their aftermarket customers. That is why the band has been able to gain so much fame all over the world. And we already know that this KTM brand has two shares. The company is made up of two shares. 46 percent of which is in the hands of Bajaj Company of India. Then the public float 0.3%. The rest is in the hands of Italian companies. Which many of us know, again maybe many do not know. But we need to know these things. The big companies or brands that we see in the world now have a lot of websites and there are some advantages to having a website. Each brand has its own website for this. This KTM brand has its own website. We can also visit that website if we want. But before that, after knowing some important things from here, then let’s go there. Now let’s know some important information about this KTM RC 125cc duke bike.

About engine of KTM 125-duke

About engine of KTM 125-duke

About engine of KTM 125-duke.

Let us now come up with some ideas about the engine of the KTM 125 Duke bike. KTM’s engines are always high quality and advanced technology engine configuration this time we will know. The KTM 125 Duke bike uses a single-cylinder liquid engine. Moreover, the bike is used in the engine AI technology, it is a very high-quality technology and it is only offered in premium quality bikes. We don’t see this FI technology or FI engine on any ordinary bike. The bike has an engine of 124.7 ccs or we can call it an engine of 125 cc, it has been used. Max Power of the KTM 125 Duke bike is given at 14.5 psi at 9250 rpm. The maximum torque of the bike is given as 12 Newton meters at 8 thousand rpm. The bike is definitely the latest bike in that case the bs6 used in the bike is an engine. The stroke of the bike is 47.2 mm. In the engine of the bike, we can use petrol and octane as oil. The bike uses a six-speed gearbox. Which is one below and the other five above. The KTM 125 Duke bike uses fuel injection technology which we will see only in premium quality bikes and we will not see this fuel injection technology in any ordinary bike. We first learned that the bike uses an FI technology engine and comes with a liquid cooling system which is a very important factor in the case of a bike. We don’t ride around the house all the time. There are many of us who love to travel far and wide with our bikes and in that case, we have to travel hundreds of kilometers with our bikes which puts a lot of pressure on the engine of the bike and it hits the engine. And then this liquid cooling system on the bike comes in handy. Due to the presence of this liquid cooling system, even if the bike is hot, it can cool down immediately. This does not cause any problem to the engine of our bike. And the engine of a bike is the core of the bike. The heart of the human body is the human heart. Similarly, the heart of the bike is the engine of the bike. That’s why we always try to keep the engine of our bike cool and the liquid cooling system helps a lot to keep this cool.

Fuel tank of KTM 125-duke.

The fuel tank of a bike is a very important issue. Because a lot of bikes depend on this oil tank. How many liters of oil a bike will hold or more different things in a bike depends on this oil tank. There are many bikes that we can see the muscular looks of the bike for the oil tank. In the same way, many more things depend on the oil tank of the bike. The more muscular the oil tank of the bike, the more interesting it will be to see our bike. We can see many bikes that have had their oil tank crushed or their tank ruptured due to an accident. We can see many difficulties with those bikes. The bikes will be oiled or the tank will no longer have the look it used to have. This is why oil tank bikes are a very important issue. ln this KTM 125 Duke bike, we can pick up either petrol or octane. The oil capacity of this bike is given as 13.5 liters. This means that we understand that this bike will fill the tank of the bike with 13.5 liters of oil. On the bike, we will get a mileage of 35 to 40 kilometers per liter. Again if we ride the bike on the highway we will get a little more mileage. Overall, if we calculate that once the tank of the bike is full, the bike will be able to cover a distance of about 540 kilometers, or we can say that the riding range of the bike is 540 kilometers. Therefore, we understand that we do not have to face any difficulty if we go on a trip or travel somewhere by bike. Once we fill the tank of the bike, we will be able to travel a long way with the bike.

Braking system of KTM 125-duke.

Now let’s come to another important aspect of the bike is the brakes of the bike. Controlling the handling and riding confidence of a bike depends on the braking system of the bike. We enjoy riding a bike that has a good braking system, and we can never feel at peace with a bike that does not have a good braking system. The braking system of a bike is the main thing of the bike because the braking system of the bike is more important than the speed of our bike. Because we should never ride a bike that will only speed up but has no solution or system to stop the speed. Because it is a very risky thing for our lives. When we go to buy a bike, we must pay more attention to the braking system of the bike. And of course, we should look at that. Because a lot of us depend on the braking system of the bike. We must not buy a bike that has only speed and no good braking system.


when we go to buy a bike, we will pay more attention to the braking system of the bike. By doing this we will avoid facing many difficulties or problems. And when we buy a bike, we will always try to buy the bike that has the Antilock braking system. Because it is one of the best braking systems in the world. It is considered to be one of the best braking systems in the world. And now most of the bikes or premium quality bikes are being given this antilock braking system. And this is a matter of great benefit to us. If we have our bike, we can ride the bike very safely. That’s why we should always buy bikes that have an Antilock braking system. The front brakes of the KTM 125 Duke bike use a disc brake and one is 300mm. Disc brakes are used on the back of the bike which is 230mm. KTM 125 Duke Bike T uses single-channel ABS. Which is the Antilock Braking System and the bikes that have this Antilock Braking System, like the KTM 125 Duke bikes we should always buy. The front caliper of the bike has 4 pistons fixed and the rear caliber of the bike has a single-piston floating caliper. Basically, all this was some important information about the braking system of the KTM 125 Duke bike. And of course, it is very important for us to know this information and whenever we go to buy a bike, we must buy the bike knowing about its braking system. In this, we will survive to face various problems.

Tires and wheels of KTM 125-duke.

Let’s talk about the tires and wheels of the KTM 125 Duke bike. The bike uses full alloy wheels. It is extremely light and very strong. And it has to be strong because we know that anything made of aluminum must be very strong. And as it gets stronger, it gets lighter. For this, it is given in sports-type bikes. This reduces the weight of the bike and increases the speed a lot. The front of the bike has 17 inches LED wheels and the back of the bike also has 17-inch alloy wheels. 110/70 verses have been used as the wire of the bike and 150/60 tires have been used on the back of the bike. We usually know that this KTM 125 Duke bike is a 125cc bike. What is the reason for giving such thick tires despite being a 125cc bike? There are several reasons for this. Let’s find out now. Despite being a 125cc bike, it has been given very good power which can easily beat any ordinary 150cc bike. For this reason, many thick tires have been used on both the back and the front. So that things like controlling, handling, and cornering the bike can be done very well. And of course, thick tires are always used in bikes of any sports type or sports category.


thick tires are definitely a very good thing for a bike. If the bike has thick tires then we get a lot of peace by riding the bike anywhere and if the bike has a thin tower then we can’t go or reach everywhere with the brother so we have to face a lot of problems so we always have a little fat as the bike tires. The tires should be selected. The front tire pressure of the KTM 125 Duke bike is 29 PSI and the rear tire is 29 PSI. And of course, these towers use tubeless tires on the bike. Now we can see all the bikes that have Price Premium Quality and this system is definitely a very good system. Which means we don’t have to suffer from whatever bike tires we have. Because if we gel a tubeless tire, that gel will serve us for about a year. If any big iron gets inside this tire, it will not do any harm to it. That’s why we have to have bike tires, tubeless tires, and tubeless tires. In addition to these tubeless tires, we must put two bottles of gel in each of them. The gel should be kept inside the tire. We will benefit a lot from this.

Suspension of KTM 125-duke.

The suspension of a bike is very important because our comfort depends on the suspension of the bike. We must buy another bike for fun and if it becomes painful for us, it will definitely not be good for anyone. After the need for suspension of our bikes. Think about the amount of shaking a bike can do if it doesn’t have suspension. If the suspension of a bike is bad then it becomes very difficult for us to ride that bike. That’s why we should look at the suspension of the bike and buy it. And the suspension of these premium quality bikes is always full of high quality and advanced technology. So we have no worries about these suspensions. Because these are very high-level suspensions. Many people buy bikes to travel far. Hundreds of kilometers to cross. Many people buy bikes to do stunts. Many people re-purchase it for normal use in daily life. Many people buy bikes for many reasons. And for whatever reason, why not buy a bike?

Important note…

Everyone needs good quality suspension. Which will give them a good low vote. The front suspension of this KTM 125 Duke bike is a triple-rated spring inverted telescopic fork with a diameter of 43mm. And double rate mono sock adjustable suspension has been used as the rear suspension of this bike. Which of course is a very advanced level suspension. If we have those bikes, of course, the bike will have a very good performance. And with the bike, we can easily ride on any high-low mud-sand road. Because the suspension of the bike is good then we don’t have to worry about the road anymore. We can ride the bike very comfortably on any road. That is why the suspension of our bikes should always be bought with very high quality and advanced technology.

Dimensions and chassis of KTM 125-duke.

Now we will get some idea about the dimensions and chassis of the bike. The weight of the bike is given as 159 kg. Which is the normal weight in the case of a naked sports bike. We don’t see the weight of ordinary bikes but sports bikes are given more weight because they can be stable on the road. The length of the bike is given as 1993 mm. The wheel of the bike has been given quite thirteen 66mm. Moreover, the seat height is given as 818 mm and the total height of the bike is 1083 mm. And the dimensions and HSC of the bike are given a warranty of 2 years which will be borne by the entire company.

Color of KTM 125-duke.

Color of KTM 125-duke

Color of KTM 125-duke

If we talk a little bit about the color combination of KTM 125 Duke bikes, we can see that every year KTM company changes the graphics of their bikes. But even if they change the graphics, they always give their bike a color that is orange. If we notice, we can see the logo of their company in this orange color logo. They promote this orange color the most. They add a variety of graphics to their orange color but they mix white and black with orange on their bikes. We can see more of these two variants. One is white mixed with orange and the other is black color mixed with orange. In addition to the amazing graphics of their bikes, they also have orange color in the match that their bikes have, so the bike looks much more attractive and beautiful. However, the bikes of the Austrian-Italian version have better performance than the bikes of the Indian version of the KTM company, starting from the color combination. The KTM 125 Naked Bike is one of the colors we talked about. You can find each color in most countries. So if you like, you can definitely choose a color and buy the bike.

Battery and lights of KTM 125-duke.

If we talk about KTM 125 Duke Naked Bike battery then it has an electric system of 12 volt DC. And it comes with a 12-volt battery that is completely maintenance-free with no separate cost. It will charge itself and provide you with electric services. We know there are two versions of the bike, one is the Italian or Austrian version and the other is the Indian version. Because we know that KTM company is in Italy. But Bajaj company of India has about 48% shares with KTM company. That’s why they have two variants of the bike. One is the Indian version and the other is the Italian version. That Italian version of the Indian version is always ahead in all respects and the price of the Italian version of the bike is also a bit higher than the Indian version.

Some advice.

This KTM talian version bike has LED headlights and LED taillights, LED indicators. In addition, it has LED lights as an added benefit which is very important for a high-speed bike. Because when we are riding the bike at high speed, if a car or bus comes from the other side, we can signal it through the passing light. And we can signal a car coming from the other side with a pass light when overtaking any car. In this way, we are saved from accidents in various ways.

Comfort of KTM 125-duke.

Let’s talk a little bit about how comfortable the KTM 125 Duke bike is. Wherever we go or buy anything we always want more of the comfort thing. That’s why when we buy a bike, we must pay attention to how comfortable the bike is. In general, most of us know that sports-type bikes are a little less comfortable because sports bikes have to be driven down a bit for more dynamic chefs. That’s why the bike is a little less comfortable. However, this KTM 125 Duke bike is not at all, it is a sports-type bike, but it is reasonably comfortable.

This is because,

it is not a fully equipped sports bike, it is a naked type sports bike. That’s why we will feel much more comfortable carrying it. It will give us the same service or performance as a normal sports bike. However, we will never feel tired or in pain while riding in it. There are many bike lovers who have bought this KTM 125 Duke bike just to travel far. Because this KTM 125 Duke bike is a perfect bike to travel far. Because by riding it the rider does not feel any annoyance or any pain. This is why those who buy bikes for long-distance travel prefer this KTM 125 Duke bike. Because it can be easily taken on any muddy or good road or jungle path for adventure.


the bike has a better controlling system and better handling system. Moreover, for those who will sit in the back, there are pillion grabrail, pillion footrest, and pillion seats. Sports bikes usually do not pay much attention to the seat behind it. Because sports bikes are always single-seat bikes. But we can’t always ride a single bike. We have to put another one in the back for different needs. In that case, a pillion seat is given. KTM 125 Duke This bike is a million sheets fairly well comfortable which helps us a lot to travel far and wide with Pillion. And this bike is pretty much the overall controlling and compact of all the bikes in this segment.

Compare of KTM 125-duke.

If we compare this KTM 125 Duke bike then we must compare it with the naked sports-type bikes. And if we compare this person, then first comes Yamaha MT15, Bajaj Pulsar 150, and another bike that is also a bike of this KTM company KTM RC 125. The difference between this KTM RC 125 bike and the KTM 125 Duke bike is that it is a full fair sports bike and the other is a naked type sports bike. However, if we consider all the KTM 125 Duke bike is quite good in all respects and very comfortable so we can easily buy the bike if we want. It will be very beneficial for us.

Features / high-level technology of KTM 125-duke.

KTM 125 Duke Bike has a variety of high-quality technology or facilities. Let’s talk about some of the benefits or features of this person. First, we come to this bike with headlights. This bike has an LED headlight. Which is extremely nice and has an aggressive headlight. Anyone can like it as soon as they see it. The headlights of this bike are automatic. If you give the key to the bike, the headlight will turn on automatically. Then the bike has a digital speed meter, digital tachometer. Which are very useful for us in daily life.

In addition,

the bike has a stand-alarm, the function of which is that if the stand of the bike is lowered, the bike will never start, but will also let you know that the stand of the bike has to be raised. This is a very good technology because many people unknowingly forget to lift the stand of the bike and because of not lifting the stand of the bike, they get involved in various accidents of the bike by rubbing somewhere in the road. That’s why it’s a very useful technology that has been used in the bike. Then this bike has a step-up seat.There are two trip meters. Which we can use when we travel to a place far away. These trip meters are of course digital meters. This bike has a low fuel indicator that tells us how much oil is left in our tank.


there is the low oil indicator which helps us to know how much oil or mobile remains in the bike. Then there is the low battery indicator which helps us to know how much charge the battery has. Then there are several comfort features for the Pelion or the one sitting in the back. The bike has things like a pillion grabrail, pillion seats, pillion footrest, etc. This KTM 125 Duke bike has added so many technologies and features that it is impossible to say. Then this bike has an electric start. We will not get a kick start on this bike. Because it is a sports quality bike. And sports quality bikes are given only self-start. Because the KTM 125 Duke bike is definitely a premium quality sports category bike. Moreover, the bike has more different types of technology like a watch and kill switch. Which helps us a lot in our daily life.

Price of KTM 125-duke.

Let’s talk about the price of the bike. Since the bike is an Italian bike, the bike has a partnership with India. Bridge We will get the bike in the Indian market for one lakh 70 thousand rupees. Besides, we can get the bike in the neighboring countries of India like Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan-Afghanistan, etc. at the same price. There may be some changes depending on the place. However, there will not be much change in prices among the countries in Asia. Then if we go to buy the bike in European countries like America, Canada, it will cost us around 2 thousand to 3 thousand dollars. Overall, if we say that the KTM 125 Duke bike is a good bike in all respects and a very standard and advanced technology. So we can easily buy the bike if we wish.

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