A home without windows looks incomplete. Every house have a window. Today, in this post, we will know details about window. Let’s know.



What is window?

Window is a things in the house that help people to get enough light, air and temperature. Importance of window is immense.

It’s one of the part of the house. You can on-off easily. If you off it, air or sunlight cannot come into your room. Window make house beautiful. Importance of window is immense.



How many kinds of window?


There are many kinds of windows. Circle, square, rectangular etc. But the popularity of the rectangular is top.



How much size used on windows?


Window size depends on your room size. If your room look small, then maker make windows little. If big then make maker big. But maker give most priority to the owner choice.


Which things elements are used on windows?


Many things are used on it. Such as: wood, Glass, aluminum etc. In 2022, the number of the Glass windows is high and top used. Aluminum have lot of cost. But poor people use wood to make it. In high-rise buildings, people use aluminum and glass windows. It’s have some extra good quality and look attractive.



Which side of the house windows are placed?


Windows are placed in various side. But most of the people placed on the north side. Because air and sunlight can get easily on the winter season. Not only that north side it protect from over hot on Summer season.


In the Rural environment, people placed it on the East and North side. Some body use it to look after guest or unknown people on the Gate. It’s one kind of security for house. In rural environment all the place are look blank. Air can pass everywhere. So that’s why, people use it little number.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ).


1. What is windows?

Answer: Windows is a things that can help to pass air and sunlight into the room.


2. Which windows are popular?

Answer: Rectangular with Glass.


3. How much important a windows in a house?

Answer: Importance of windows is immense.


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