Tomato one kinds of fruits. Most of the people like to called it vegetables. Lot of vitamins and minerals. Let’s know about it.


What is tomato?


Tomato is a fruit, that most of the people use in curry to increase the taste of the curry. Some people use it to enhance the beauty of the house and the table. When we use tomato into the curry, look good. Delicious to eat. Baby to old people, all the ages of the people like to eat curry. Have lot of importance.


How much popularity?


Now days, the popularity of the tomato is high. All of the ages, like it. Some body use it into curry. Some are use Chutney. Some are use to make pickles. It’s have lot of good side.


How to look like tomato?


It’s a soft fruits. Skin are soft. Into the inside some jelly and seeds. Most top and favorite colors are,

  • Green,
  • Red,
  • Black etc.

Popularity of the red color is high. Price of the red is high from others tomato.



How many kinds?


There are many kinds of tomato. Both are different from color to size. Red color people can get all the country of the world.


Most popular kinds are,


1. Red tomato.


Size: Average 20 to 50 gram. Color deep red.

Contain 20 to 50 seeds per.


2. Green tomato.


Size: 10 to 30 gram. This kinds are small from the red tomato. Can contain 40 to 60 seeds..




How many color of tomato?


There are average 3 colors of tomato. Black green and red. Scientific made lot of kinds and colors of it. red color is eye catching and look attractive.



Which season people cultivate tomato?


Winter season is the best to cultivate it. Now days you can get hybrid tomato. Thats seed can grow any season of the years. But most of the farmer cultivate in the winter season. Winter temperature and sunlight eligible for best cultivation.



How much benefits if people eat it?


It have lot of vitamins and minerals. Its really helpful for human body. Make body strong. Help to get proper growth. It protect from many disease. we should eat curry every after 2 days. Its have lot of importance.


Do doctors recommend eating tomatoes?


Doctor always advice to eat tomato. Green tomato contain vitamin A. Ripe tomato contain vitamin C. You can eat directly using salt. those people suffering from diabetics, doctor advice to eat tomato. It help to control diabetics. Not only that, it can control blood pressure, hart attack, sugar etc.




How many types of food can be made with tomatoes?


There are lot of fruits can maded by it.

  • pickles,
  • Chutney,
  • Curry,
  • Fry
  • Dish etc.

This are fully depends on it. Without it you cannot make this items. Not only that there are lot average 20+ food items depends on it.



The demand for tomatoes in the market.


There are lot of demand in the market. Average 0.20$ to 0.40$ per kilogram. Many shopkeeper those who sell it regular and survive life.



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Tomato Benefits.

Tomatoes beneficial for our health.