The Importance of water.

The importance of water is immense. Man cannot survive even a single moment without water. Other name of water is called ‘Life’.

What is Water?

Water is an odorless and colorless substance. Has only existence in the world. Water is one type of liquid substance formed by millions of molecules.

Formation of water.

Water is mainly formed by two substances-
Hydrogen: It is 11.11% of water.
Oxygen: It is 89.89% of water.


Functions of water in Human body.

Waters helps to create saliva in the mouth.

It is one of the main components for saliva. Saliva contains a small amount of electrolytes, mucus and enzymes.
It is very essential for breaking down solid foods and keeping the human mouth healthy. With regular intake of water, our body usually produces necessary saliva.

Water helps to maintain and regulate body temperature.

In hot weather, our body loses some amount of water through sweat. Sweating keeps the human body cool. If the body does not replenish the lost water, the body temperature will rise. When the body is dehydrated, it loses electrolyte and plasma.
Water also protects the tissues, spine and joints of the human body. It helps in lubricating the joint, backbone and tissues of human body. To maintain the normal activities and to reduce the effects of hazardous condition like Arthritis, water helps a lot.

Water helps to maximize physical performance.

It is essential to drink plenty of water during physical activity. Athletes sweat 6-10% of their body weight during physical activity. In this case, water helps to eliminate dehydration.

N. B.

Dehydration can lead to low blood pressure and hyperthermia and it can lead to extreme condition even death.

Water helps to break down food in the stomach.

As well as, dissolves vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from food.
Provides vitamin components for use in the rest of the body. It helps you losing weight. It also helps to improve the transportation of oxygen.

Water carries nutrients and oxygen throughout your body.

People should drink enough water every day. It is good for health. Water helps to prevent illness. In statistics, it was found that, drinking 500 ml of water increased the metabolic rate both in male and female by 30 percent. And these lasted for more than an hour.

Water helps in knowledge development.

Not drinking sufficient water, can negatively affect a person’s alertness and short-term memory. It helps to improve mood. Drinking enough water, reduces dehydration, fatigue, confusion and anxiety. It helps to keep the skin radiant. Drinking enough water helps to keep your skin hydrated, increases collagen production, protect skin from sun rays and increase skin radiance.

N. B.

Lack of water in the human body results in dehydration. Water is essential for many physical activities. So dehydration can be very dangerous. Severe dehydration can lead to a number of serious complexities.

Uses of water in daily life:

Our lives are directly or indirectly dependent on water in every sphere of our daily life.
The use of water is indispensable in some fields like-

  • Bathing.
  • Cleaning.
  • Washing clothes.
  • Washing cooking materials like vegetables, fruits etc.
  • Agricultural activities.
  • Mills and factories and many more beyond these.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Why Water is called ‘life’?
Answer: The importance of water in human day to day life is immense. Man cannot survive even a single moment without water. So, the other name of water is called ‘Life’.

2. What are the constituents of water?
Answer: Water is mainly formed by two substances-
Oxygen and Hydrogen.
What is percentage of hydrogen and oxygen in water?
-Hydrogen- 11.11%
-Oxygen- 89.89%


The Importance of water.

The Importance of water.

Thus, the importance of water is immense in our daily life.

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