Red Spinach.

Commonly known as in English it is called ‘Red Spinach’. People of all ages like it very much. Top favorite vegetable in the world. Let’s know.

What is Red Spinach?

Red Spinach is a type of leafy vegetable enriched with different vitamins and minerals. Its color is red. The scientific name of it is Amaranth Dubious.


Origin of it:

This vegetable are a staple diet in many parts of the world. It is said that, it had travelled from the African and Central American regions.


Is it seasonal or grow all over the year?


It is a seasonal vegetable. Generally, it is cultivated during the winter. But now a days, it can be found round the year.


Nutritional value of it.


It is well known for its high nutritional value including iron, vitamins and minerals.


Why it is called organic vegetable?


Organic food literally means that, it is avoid from the use of man-made fertilizers or pesticides. Organic Red Spinach is also free from man-made chemicals or pesticides.


What are the nutritional values of it?

According to doctors opinion, Red Spinach is full of iron, vitamin C and different minerals. It can strengthen human immune system and saves from different diseases. Different nutrition like vitamin-A, C, K, proteins, calcium, manganese and so on.


What are the benefits of Red Spinach?


There are so many benefits of Lal Shak. A few are described below-

• It helps for better digestion.

• As Red Spinach is enriched with iron, so it can reduce the possibility of Anemia disease.

• Regularly eating of Lal Shak, it helps to improve better kidney function.

• Due to the presence of protein, it helps in reducing the insulin level in the blood. Thus it helps for reducing over weight.

• As it contains pigment, it helps in moisturizing of body skin.

• It helps to maintain Blood pressure

• It helps to reduce dark pigments, eye bags or swollen eyes.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ).


1. How can we identify Red-Spinach?

Answer: It is a red colored leafy vegetable.

2. How it can be collected?

Answer: During winter, It is available anywhere of the country. Specially, in the village or village markets.

3. Is it healthy?

Answer: It has a high nutritional value. So, without any doubt, organic it is very much healthy.

4. Does it have any side effects?

Answer: Basically, over-eating is not good for health. As it contains high amount of oxalic acid, it may form calcium oxalate stones in the kidney.

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