Mizanur Rahman Azhari.

Mizanur Rahman Azhari is a Bangladeshi Islamic scholar, educationist, international Islamic speaker, and social reformer. He is a Bangladeshi Islamic speaker. He was born in Demra of Dhaka district. He is popular as an Islamic negotiator. He is a youth idol, a well-educated young speaker, and an Islamic scholar.

Mizanur Rahman Azhari.

Mizanur Rahman Azhari. Currently, there are many Islamic thinkers but a special among them is Mizanur Rahman. His science-based presentation, fluency in English, and tactful use of social media have caught the attention of fans from ordinary Islamic speakers.


The birth, growing up of Mizanur Rahman Azhari.

Sir, Mizanur Rahman Azhari was born on January 26, 1990, in Demra, Dhaka(Bangladesh). His ancestral home is Paramatla village in Muradnagar, Comilla. Though he was born in Dhaka, his ancestral home is in Cumilla. Mizanur Rahman’s father is a Honest madrasa teacher(Islamic teacher).


Surname of Mizanur Rahman Azhari.

Mizanur Rahman is his name. However, due to his studies at Al Azhar University in Egypt, the title ‘Azhari’ has been attached to his name.


Married Life:

Maulana Mizanur Rahman Azhari got married on 29 January 2014. He has two daughters.

Educational and Educational Life.

He passed the Dakhil exam in 2004 with a GPA of 5.00. In 2006, he got a golden GPA of 5.00 on the Alim exam and was placed on the top list of the Madrasa Education Board of Bangladesh. In 2007, Mizanur Rahman Azhari stood first among thousands of students in the Egypt Government Scholarship Examination organized by the Islamic Foundation, and then he went to Al Azhar University in Egypt for his undergraduate studies. He went to Egypt. From there, he passed with honors from the Department of Tafsir and Qur’anic Science in 2012 with an 80% CGPA. After spending five years of education in Egypt, he decided to do post-graduation, MPhil, and Ph.D. at the International Islamic University of Malaysia, known as the Garden of Knowledge. In 2013, he went to Malaysia for education. He completed his post-graduation and MPhil in 2016 from the Department of Quran Studies at the said university. Mizanur Rahman Azhari had a CGPA of 3.82 out of 4 in his Master’s, after which he was nominated as a Ph.D. candidate at the same university. Mizanur Rahman Azhari is currently researching Ph.D.

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Mizanur Rahman Azhari’s MPhil and Ph.D. research medium was English. One thing that is clear in all this is that he was a very hardworking and brilliant student, due to which he got such good results in different countries of the world.

Mizanur Rahman Azhari participated in the IELTS exam and scored 7/5 band out of nine (9) and also managed to score 7.5 bands in the speaking section. Being highly educated, he started the work of spreading Islam in Bangladesh. Day by day, this Maulana Mizanur Rahman Azhari is presenting Islam to the young generation in a beautiful way.


If we look at his educational life, we can guess that he is a well-educated man. Mizanur Rahman Azhari is a humble, gentle, and generous man. There is not even a drop of envy, hatred, and pride in him. He never speaks hurtfully. He believes in the unity of the Muslim Ummah. He believes that if the Muslim Ummah works together, the enemies of Islam will never be able to harm Islam.


You can understand the smart way you can present yourself even within Islam if you see Mizanur Rahman Azhari. He is very much liked by the youth of today. His Tafseer mahfils are crowded with youths. He is also very fond of the youth and in the mahfil of Tafseer, he exhorts the youth to follow the good path. He believes that if the youth follows a good path and stays with Islam, a country will progress and the society will be beautiful. By the grace of Allah, he is beautiful as well as Allah has given him a melodious voice.


Also, he is well educated, so it will not be wrong to call him a complete person. In one word you can call him an all-rounder. People of all classes and professions are impressed by listening to his elegant and enlightening discussions.

Sir Mizanur Rahman Azhari

Sir Mizanur Rahman Azhari

Books of Mizanur Rahman Azhari.

Young thinker and popular Islamic debater, Graduated from the Department of Tafsir and Quranic Science of the world-famous Al Azhar University. After graduating from the Department of Quran and Sunnah Studies at the International Islamic University Malaysia, he is doing Ph.D. research there. He dreams of a better social structure based on justice, and kindness. He strives and believes in inspiring the younger generation. He tried to convey the words of the Quran and Sunnah with the maximum of his understanding and ability from town to town, on the keyboard or in front of the camera. To spread his knowledge and wisdom among people, he wrote several books and gifted them to Muslims. Among them some notable books are-


  • Message (The Touch of Religion in the Modern Mind). It was published in the Amar Ekushe Book Fair of 2021
  • Ahoban (The Touch of Light in Modern Mind) Published in 2022.



After completing Mizanur Rahman Azhari post-graduation, he decided to do MPhil and Ph.D. from International Islamic University, Malaysia. Also completed his MPhil in 2016. His research topic(selected topic) was ‘Human Embryology in the Holy Quran’. Then he was nominated as a Ph.D. candidate at the same university. Doing Ph.D. Mizanur Rahman Azhari research on ‘Human Behavioral Characteristics in the Holy Quran and Analytical Study. The medium of his MPhil and Ph.D. was English. Besides participating in the IELTS test, he obtained an overall 7.5 out of 9 band score and a 7.5 band score in the speaking section.


Propagation of Islam.

He is personally a very good person. He spends most of his income on conveying Islam. He is constantly trying to save the country’s youth from destruction and bring them back to the light of Islam. He always raised a strong voice against all injustice and false. Many anti-Islamic people followed behind such a scholar. Mizanur Rahman Azhari faced such obstacles while promoting Islam. From the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to all the people who preached Islam in the world, everyone has faced many problems and obstacles. And this great person is doing his best to preach the peace and happiness of Islam.



Mizanur Rahman Ahazari is a popular orator and preacher of Islam in Bangladesh. Mizanur Rahman Azhari is loved by most people of Bangladesh and has won the hearts of the people of Bangladesh day after day. That is why the people of Bangladesh and many people of the world want to know about the biography of Mizanur Rahman Azari.

Mizanur Rahman Azhari has captured the hearts of youth in different parts of the world including Bangladesh. Through realistic examples and science-based discussions, he removed superstitions from society, focused on Islam, and discussed the expectation of peace in this life and liberation in the hereafter.

Many people all over the world are satisfied with Mizanur Rahman Azhari’s speech. He has received honors from various dignitaries of the country and abroad. People of all ages in Bangladesh follow this person and lessens his speech, and discussions.



Just as there are followers of the good people in the world, there are also critics. He has made a place in the hearts of many people through his actions and words. Similarly, some anti-Islamic people are making false criticism of him. But, this great person is steadfast toward Islam. He doesn’t care about anyone. Because he talks in reference to Islam and Quran-Hadith. He knows that if you want to do good work, you have to accept people’s criticism.

In January 2020, he was criticized in the media when 12 Indian Hindus came to Bangladesh and converted to Islam at his hands. His mahfils have been banned several times in different places on the charge of anti-national speech.

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