Marigold flower.

Marigold flower is middle size flower. It’s a popular flower to the photographer. Most of the people like to cultivate it in their garden. Bees like to collect honey from this flower. Production rate of the flower is high. It help to increase Oxygen in environment. Popularity of the the flower is high in market.

Description of the marigold.

Color: Red, Black, Yellow, gold, copper or brass.
Scientific name: Tagetes.
General Name: marigold flower
Season: The spring season.
Wide: 3 inches. Long: 1 inches.


Ways to recognize marigold flower.

  1. Leaf are little.
  2. flowers are little and circle.
  3. Good smells.
  4. look attractive and eye catching.
  5. Bloom two or three flower at a time.
  6. Lot of flower bud.
  7. scientific the ideal flower.
  8. Flowers have 5 stanzas.
  9. When the flower is cut off, the seeds can be seen inside. Seed are black color.

Description of the marigold leaves.

Leaves are Green color and small.
The leaves contain chlorophyll.
The leaves have plastids.
Wide: 0.25 inches.
Long: 1.5 inches.


Description of the marigold plants.

Plant Size: 12 inches to 2 feet.
Plants have strong body.
The size of the tree is small and thin so it is not wood. After dry, It can be used as cooking fuel.


Kinds of marigold flower.

Approximately fifty species in the world. Common three are:

1. Tagetes patula (French marigold).

2. Tagetes erecta (African marigold).

3. Tagetes tenuifolia (Signet marigold).


Importance of marigold flower.

Helpful for environment.

These flowers absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and produce oxygen. This flowering plant can make its own food. He doesn’t need others to make his food. This flowering plant is eco-friendly. Many poor farmers now benefit by cultivating this flower. Bee can get enough honey from this flower.


Meets the demand for flowers in the market.

Production rate of the flower is high. Price of the flower is little. As a result, All the ages of the people like it very much. Not only that, people can buy it easily. Every years, the number of the buy-sell percentage is high in the world. Its a really good side for this flower.


Frequency Asked Question about marigold flowe(FAQ).

1. How many seeds are produced in a mature marigold flower?
Answer: 250 to 300 seeds can produced a  marigold mature flower.

2. How many flowers can bloom a marigold plant ?
Answer: 10 to 20 flower can bloom a marigold plant.

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