Importance of trees in our daily life.

Strong bridge between man and trees.

Importance of trees. From the dawn of civilization man has a close relation with nature. Man has deep relation with nature. Trees help us in many ways. Trees are the most generous gifts of the almighty for human beings. Trees provide us with food, shadow, fruits, wood, oxygen without which we cannot think of life in the world. There is a strong bridge between man and nature. Only trees have built up this invisible bridge, so tree plantation is a must.

Strong bridge between man and trees.

Strong bridge between man and trees.

Every day we get different necessities from different trees.

There are too many kinds if trees in the world to be indicated. But in consideration of size trees may be easily known. Some trees are big and some are small. Again some of them give us fruits, some wood and flowers. Those which give fruits are known as fruits trees. The trees from which we get wood are called wood-trees and flowers giving trees are flower-plants. A man may plant trees in any reason. Yet water is essential for a tree to servive. For this jun and July when it rains, are preferable to planting trees. So the tree plantation campaign is usually arranged in this time. The purpose of this campaign is to make general people conscious of the necessity of planting trees more and more.

Different places for planting trees.

Bangladesh is a land of moderate temperature. The climate of this country is suitable for almost all kinds of trees. Besides, all the parts of the land are fit for plating trees. We have a lot of unused place such as sea-beach, road-side, highways, low-lying areas, fields of the school, collage, madrasha and university campus. These place can be used for tree plantation.

The tree helps in making medicine and make economy backbone strong.

Trees have strong influence on over our national economy. By exporting fruits and wood to foreign countries, we can earn a lot of foreign currency. The medical trees are used to produce medicine. Nowadays we export medicine. Thus if we want to make our economic backbone strong, we should plant trees a lot. It cannot be denied that trees maintain an ecological balance.

The only tree that can save this world from the hands of the desert.

Now the whole world is under the threat of Green House Effect. Only trees are able to save the world from this terrible threat. Trees save a load from being desert causing rainfall. Besides trees leaves oxygen which we inhale and take carbon di-oxide. Thus tree keep the environment healthy for us.

The importance of planting trees is immense.

In short, it us not possible to explain the necessity and important of tree plantation. It can be more clear in Rabindranath’s, ” Give back my forest, take your town.” Keeping this in mind our government holds tree plantation campaign every years. Everyone should extend helping hands towards the government in this regards..

Before tree plantation

Before tree plantation.

After tree plantation

After tree plantation.

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