Poppers cultivation in pot.

Peppers cultivation in pot. There is a lot of demand for peppers in the market. Pepper is needed to cook curry. Bengalis use pepper in every curry. They prefer pepper in food. Many beautiful and fun dishes can be made using pepper. Therefore, the importance of pepper is immense. Peppers cultivation in pot. Due to the high price of pepper in the market, many poor people are not able to afford to buy pepper. So today we will learn, how to cultivate peppers in pots.

Peppers cultivation in pot

Peppers cultivation in pot

Seed planting techniques and proper germination.

Care must be taken when collecting seeds. If the seed quality is bad, the pepper yield will not be good. Seed-packets cannot be purchased in the open market. Must be purchased from a government laboratory. Seeds should be taken out from the seed-packet and dried in the sun for 8 hours. If there is immature seed in the dried seed, it should be sorted. Sun-dried mature seeds should be soaked in water for 8 hours. Then the soaked seeds should be sown in the soil with organic manure.

Soil preparation with organic manure:

Soil preparation with organic manure

Soil preparation with organic manure.

Soil mixed with dung manure and animal dung is called organic manure. Organic fertilizers are very useful for seedlings. The place of sowing the seeds should first be soaked with water. This water helps to increase the germination rate. Water every 4 days. If there is organic manure in the soil, artificial manure should not be given. If the trees are 6 or 7 inches in 12 to 15 days, they should be planted in pots.

Selection of pots and preparation of pots for peppers cultivation.

Peppers cultivation on a plastic pot

Peppers cultivation on a plastic pot.


peppers cultivation in the Earthenware pot

peppers cultivation in the Earthenware pot

When selecting the pot, it is important to keep at least 4 kg of soil in the pot. It is better if the pot is made of clay. It will maintain the normal temperature inside the pot even if the sun is harsh. If there is not enough pottery then plastic pot should be selected. The container should be given 6% organic manure and 2% loamy soil. The bigger the pot, the better for the pepper plant.

Selection of seedlings for peppers cultivation and planting it in pots.

Selection of seedlings for peppers cultivation and planting it in pots.

Selection of seedlings for peppers cultivation and planting it in pots.

In the afternoon, pick the pepper seedlings and put them in the tub. When picking seedlings, the roots of the seedlings should not be torn. The pot cannot be kept in sunlight for the first 2 days after planting. After two days, it should be kept in a sunny place. The pot cannot be moved too much. Domesticated seedlings damage plants, so be careful.

Plant pepper-plant in the pot, as shown in the picture

Plant pepper-plant in the pot, as shown in the picture


Put a bamboo pole in the container. Pepper seedlings should be tied to the poles. The seedlings will grow slowly and replace the old ones with new ones. The roots of the tree will be strong and the tree will yield quickly.

Select the place to keep the pepper-pot.

Two days after planting the seedlings should be kept in the sun. Choose a place where plant can get at least six hours of sunshine every day.

Identification and solution of diseased plants in pepper-pots.

pepper plants infected with the virus

pepper plants infected with the virus.

The leaves of virus free plants are very small and numerous. Flowers and fruits are less. Such a tree can be seen a few days after planting the seedlings in pots. If you see such seedlings, you should immediately pick them up and burn them in the fire. This virus is contagious.

Strategies to protect peppers pot seedlings from harmful animals.

The net should be surrounded around the pot. Bulbuli birds like to eat ripe pepper, if it is covered with net, the waste of pepper will be less.

Rules for proper use of fertilizers and pesticides in pepper-pot.

If there is organic manure or compost manure in the right head of the pot, the disease of pepper plant will be less. However, due to the change of seasons can cause various problems. Such as:

Pepper leaves turn red: –

If the leaves turn red, mix nitrogen, potash fertilizer and soil (1-1-6) at intervals.

Pepper flowers are coming less: –

Excessive cold or heat may reduce flower production. If the season is normal, the problem will be solved by mixing sulfur, zinc, soil (1-1-20) at intervals.

Pepper-tree flowers but does not bear fruit: –

Problems can occur for a variety of reasons, such as:

↪Insects destroy flowers,

↪Trees not getting proper fertilizer,

↪Additional pesticides,

If insects attack the tree, poison pesticides should be given. Organic fertilizer should be applied under the tree before and one month after planting. Never give extra pesticides, it damages the plants.


Small size of peppers: –

The fruit may be small for a variety of reasons. Such as:

↪Not getting proper water and fertilizer,

↪In extra cold environments,

↪Extra warm environment.

↪Fertilize the seedlings for 20 consecutive days.

Excess water cannot be given. If the environment is too cold, consult a doctor. Or if the environment is too hot, consult a doctor.

Duration of collection of peppers from the pot.

Peppers are at least 3 inches in size and suitable for collection at 20 days of age. By following this rule, it is possible to collect at least 3 to 5 kg of pepper from one tree per year. This post will meet the demand of poor people for pepper.

When re-planting new peppers seedlings in pots.

Pepper plants usually produce good pepper for 1 year. After that the yield decreases and gradually the tree dies. When the pepper plant is more than 9 months old and yields less, then the pepper plant should be cut down and new seedlings should be prepared. Before planting new seedlings, the pot should be well dried in the sun for a week.

Frequency Asked Question about peppers cultivation in pot.

A. Can peppers plant tolerate waterlogging?

Answer: Excess water cannot be given to the pepper plant. Pepper can not tolerate waterlogging. So when water collects at the base of the tree, the water must be removed.

B. Can dung be used as organic fertilizer in peppers plant …?

Answer: Dung manure can be given. But raw dung cannot be given. Dung dung should be used.

C. How do I recognize the peppers virus plant?

Answer: The leaves are wilted, small and innumerable leaves.

D. Possible to cultivate peppers in the pot?

Answer: Good question. Yes! Possible. Just need a good sunshine place and right cultivation system.

A healthy peppers plant in pot

A healthy peppers plant in pot.

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