Dew drops.

Dew drops is a kind of water-drop. It is deposited on the tops of grasses or leaves in winter. Lets know briefly.

Dew drops.

Dew drops look attractive. No smell. It accumulates on the tip of the leaf,grass. The doctor advised to walk barefoot, in the dew.


Size of dew drops.

Average size of dew point 1.5 mm diameter.
That is why, photographer use high quality lens to get beautiful photo.

Why are dew drops formed?

When the temperature is low, flammable vapor accumulates in the air. This creates dewdrops. Southern country dew point can see in the winter season.


Importance of dew drops.

Dewdrops have lot of good side. Doctor always advice wake up early in the morning. Many country those who have lack of water, they collect dewdrops. Drink and meets the water demand. The importance is immense.

Dewdrops help to make mind fresh.

When the dewdrops on the feet in the morning, the mind is refreshed. For people with disabilities or human stress, their doctor encourages them to walk barefoot through the dew. 30 walk after, make mind fresh.

Dewdrops help keep the body healthy.

Body and mind complement each other. If the mind is good, the body will be good. Dew drops help to make the mind better. The cold touch of dew is good for the body.


Dew point cures various skin diseases of the feet.

In 2022, many foot skin diseases have occurred. Dew drops are applied on the feet to get rid of skin diseases.

Remove the diseases of the lips.

Dew points help to recover Lips problem in the winter season. It’s really good to make lips good. Doctor advice to use dew points against of vaseline.


Dew point help to grow plants fast.

Dew is one kind of water. So, when water accumulates into the plants, plants get water. This water help to grow plants fast.
Dew point increase the Chlorophyll. Increase the number of the leaf.

Many photographer survive life by selling dewdrops photo. They collect dewdrops photo and sell it with high rated. Demand of dew point photo is high in market.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about Dew drops.

1. Dew points have any color?
Answer: No. Dew point have no color.

2. Are Dew drops helpful for plants?
Answer: Yes. Dew drops helpful for plants.

3. Dew point helpful for mind?
Answer: Yes. Dew helpful for mind.

4. Dew point water is pure ?
Answer: Yes. It’s pure.

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Information last update,

18 March,2022.