What is Computer?

Computer. The central tool of modern information and communication technology is the computer. Today’s world is unimaginable without computers.


Computer is a sophisticated electronic device.


According to American History, The word Computer comes from the Greek word. Not only that, The word Computer is derived(comes) from the word Compute.

The literal meaning of the word computer is calculating machine or calculating machine.

Earlier only accounting work was done with computers. But nowadays modern computers can do a lot of work besides doing complex calculations very quickly.

Computers can do billions of calculations in seconds. Computer operating speed is measured in nanoseconds. A nanosecond is one hundred millionth of a second.

Definition of Computer.

A computer is an electronic device operated under the control of instructions stored in its memory, which receives data, processes the data in a specified manner, produces results and stores these results for future use.


From the above discussion we can say that computer is a device that receives information and analyzes and presents it through various processes.


1. Analog Computer,


2. Digital Computer and,


3. Hybrid Computer.




What is analog computer called?


Analog Computer (Analog Computer):

The word Analog comes from the English word Analogy, which means similarity. Analog computers work using analog signals. For example:


Thermometers measure temperature by the rise and fall of mercury in a narrow glass tube. In other words, the thermometer uses the similarity of mercury rise and fall with temperature rise.


In the same way, analog computers also measure such physical quantities and observe the changes in those quantities.


Characteristics of Analog Computers:


1. Analog computers work using analog signals.


2. Both input and output are analog in nature.


3. A computer designed for one task cannot be used for another task.


4. The accuracy of work is very low.


5. Usually used for special or specific tasks.


Examples of such computers are:


Motor vehicle speedometer.


Digital Computer (Digital Computer):


Computer means digital computer. In the computer, The word digital is derived or comes from the word Digit.


Digital computers use letters, numbers, signals, symbols etc. as input.


Digital computers process all types of work with symbols 0 and 1.


Characteristics of digital computers:


1. The symbols 0 (zero) and 1 (1) carry out all kinds of operations with two symbols.


2. The accuracy of the work is very high and can be said to be 100%.


3. This computer can be used for various purposes.


4. The results of this computer are displayed directly on the monitor.


What is a hybrid computer?


Hybrid Computer (Hybrid Computer): A computer made of mixed technology by combining two types of computer technology, analog and digital, is called a hybrid computer.


Characteristics of hybrid computers:


1. A hybrid computer is a combination of analog and digital computers.


2. In this type of computer, the input is analog in nature and the output is digital in nature.


3. The structure of this computer is complex.


4. This type of computer is used for special work. Eg: space research, missile launch etc.


Computers can be divided into 4 categories on the basis of size, shape and capacity namely:


1. Super computer,


2. Main frame computer,


3. Mini computer and,


4. Microcomputer or Personal Computer.




Supercomputer is the most powerful, fastest and most expensive computer. Largest in terms of shape.


This computer can work very fast. Yes, it’s universal truth that, This computer can do billions of calculations per second or Nero second. This type of computer is usually used in complex tasks and scientific research.


What is a mainframe computer?


Mainframe Computer:

Mainframe computers are usually smaller than supercomputers.


A mainframe computer is a large computer with which many people can work simultaneously by connecting many computers or dumb terminals.


A computer has multiple processing units.


What is mini computer called?


Mini Computers: Mini computers are called miniframe computers. This computer is smaller than the mainframe computer but larger than the personal computer, that’s why this type of computer is also called a mid-range computer.


The working capacity of this type of computer is less.


What is microcomputer called?


Microcomputer: Microcomputer is the most widely used computer made of microprocessor. According to scientific research, A microcomputer is also called a personal Computer. That’s because such a computer can usually be used by one person.


These types of computers are comparatively cheap and easily portable.


Microcomputers or personal computers can be divided into several categories.


1. Desktop computer,


2. Laptop or notebook,


3. Notebook computer,


4. Tablet PC or Tab and,


5. Palmtop.


What is a desktop computer?


Desktop computer: The word desk means table, i.e. a microcomputer can be used by placing it on a table, it is called a desktop computer.


The use of this type of computer can be observed in the office court.


What is a laptop computer?


Laptop (Laptop) Computer:

The word Lap means a computer that can be placed on the lap is called a laptop computer.


Advantages of laptop computers:


1. It is also much more power efficient than desktop computers.


2. Laptop computers are much smaller in size than desktop computers.


3. It uses a touchpad instead of a mouse.


4. Laptops are easily portable.


Notebook: A notebook computer is a type of small personal computer that is smaller and more portable than a laptop computer. These types of computers are generally less expensive than laptops.

The importance of computer in education

Characteristics of modern computers:


1. Fast speed,


2. Precision,


3. Credibility,


4. Memory,


5. Versatility,


6. Infinite life limit,


7. Subtlety,


8. Tiredness,


9. Rational decision and,


10. Automation.


Computer whose English is Computer . According to USA history, The word computer comes from the Greek word “compute”. The word compute means to calculate. And the word computer means calculating machine.

A computer is an electronic device or device that gives very fast and accurate mathematical and compound solutions. Computers also have the ability to process, store and retrieve data or information. The computer receives data through input devices and analyzes it through various software and presents its results to the user.

Desktop Computer


There are three types of computers according to structure and characteristics.

For example:


1. Analog Computer,

2. Digital computer and,

3. Hybrid computer.



What is analog computer called in Bengali?


An analog computer is a computer in which a computing problem is modeled in physical and on-going measurements of physical properties such as electrical , mechanical, or hydraulic . In a word, the computer which operates based on measurement and quantity is called analog computer in Bengali .


What is digital computer called in Bengali ?


Digital computers are basically based on mathematical principles capable of providing very precise and accurate results. Basically digital computers work on the basis of number processing. In a word, a computer which processes in binary system i.e. processing based on presence of 0 and 1 is called digital computer .


What is hybrid computer called in Bengali ?


In scientific department, scientist use Hybrid Computer.  A hybrid computer(research used computers) is a computer that combines the best features of analog, digital computers. It is also used in scientific research. So it can be said that hybrid computer is a partial combination of analog and digital computer in terms of technology and fundamental aspects.



There are 4 types of digital computers based on size and usage.



1. Super computer,

2. Mainframe computer,

3. Mini computer and,

4. Micro computer.


What is a supercomputer?


The most powerful and fastest computer is a supercomputer. This supercomputer has the ability to perform many complex and delicate tasks at any time. A supercomputer is the largest computer in terms of size and power. Computers are used in space and scientific research, spacecraft, fighter aircraft and missile control. Some examples of supercomputers are: CRAY 1, supers xll, JAGUAR, NEBULAE, ROADRUNNER, KRAKEN, JUGENE, PLEIADES, TIANHE-1, Sunway Taihulight.

What is a mainframe computer?


Mainframe computers are relatively less powerful than supercomputers. But mainframe computers are bigger and more powerful than normal computers. Generally, this computer is used more for commercial purposes. Mainframe computers are used for data exchange, storage and research in banks, insurance and large industrial establishments. These computers used in Bangladesh are IBM 370, IBM 9100 and IBM 4341 etc.



Mini computers are larger in size than regular computers. About 50 people can be used simultaneously by connecting terminals to this computer. Generally these computers are used in industrial, commercial and research work. Names of some mini computers like:ibms/36, pdp-11, ncrs/9290etc.


What is microcomputer called?


The computers that we common users use on a daily basis are basically microcomputers. Micro means tiny or small. Another name for microcomputer is personal computer or PC. A microcomputer has a mother board which contains a microprocessor , RAM, ROM, etc. Also hard disk, CD drive and many more.


What are the types of microcomputers?


Microcomputers are again divided into two categories-


1. Desktop computer,

2. Laptop computer.


What is a desktop computer?


Desktop Computer:

Desk means table. A computer that can be used on a table is called a desktop computer. A desktop computer usually consists of CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. These computers are popular and cheap for personal use. Some examples of desktop computers are IBM PC, Apple Macintosh, Commodore Amiga etc.


What is a laptop computer?


Laptop Computer :

Laptop means on the lap. Because this computer is used on the lap, it is called a laptop computer. Moreover, this computer is very popular because it is easy to carry. Another advantage is that it can be used for a long time even if there is no electricity because it has a battery.


Modern Computers,



Game Consoles,

TVs and,





All the smart phones we use nowadays can be used like computers. Internet Browsing, Games, Documents, Calculation, media playing etc. can be done with mobile phone .


A smart phone, like a computer, receives input from the user and then processes and computes the data associated with that input and provides the output to the user.


Therefore, smart phones and tablets are considered as a computer.





Wearables are small technological devices that are worn on a particular part of the body. These types of devices usually collect data, store and process it and provide output to the user as a result. Smartwatches, Fitness Trackers etc. are considered as such wearable computers .


What or what is called a computer?


The Greek word Compute means to calculate. The word computer comes from this word compute. The word computer means calculating device. British mathematician Charles Babbage designed this device between 1833 and 1871. Specifically, computers have 3 main functions.


The first task is to receive data. Also called input.


The second task is to process the received data.


The third task is to show us the processed data. Which we also call “Output”. C = Commonly


O = Operated


M = Machine


P = Particularly


U = Used for


T = Technical


E = Education


R = Research


That is, Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technical Education and Research.


A computer is a device that can process a lot of data. It is also an electronic device. It can be used to provide data, process it, display output and store data. Through this, various tasks can be done, starting from complex calculations, viewing still or moving images and listening to sounds, exchanging information. In simple words, an electronic device that processes data is called a computer.


According to the Oxford Dictionary, “A computer is an electronic device for calculating or controlling any other device that stores, analyzes and produces information.


What are the types of computers?


Types of Computer : –


The computers that are used today are digital computers. But computers did not start with digital computers. Computers are divided into a number of categories based on the way they work. Structurally computers are divided into three parts.




Analog Computer,

Digital computer and,

Hybrid computer.


Analog Computer :-


Analog computer stage displays the required output of continuously varying electrical signal. Analog computers are used to measure fluctuations or fluctuations in pressure, temperature, resistance, etc. of a common object. Analog computers work in measurement systems. For example, the working method of the analog computer is related to the fluctuation of the voltage of the electric wire, the pressure of the air or liquid inside the pipe, the flow of air and the change of pressure etc.


Digital Computer :-


Digital computer works on the basis of instructions received through symbolic numbers. The working process of digital computer is progressive and periodic. So the rate of presence, absence, repetition etc. of the instruction or signal plays an important role. Most of the computers we see are digital computers. Multipurpose work can be done with digital computer.


What are the types of digital computers?


A digital computer can do many things simultaneously. Digital computers are divided into four categories based on size, shape, price, data storage capacity and functionality, and various features of the computer.




Super computer,

Mainframe computer,

Mini computer and,

PC or microcomputer.


Super computer :-

This computer is very big in size. At the same time many people can do many things by connecting the terminal. This computer is bigger in terms of shape than the mainframe computer as well as a full power computer. These types of computers are currently used in scientific research and large institutions. These are examples:- CRAY-1, CRAY X-MP, CYBER-205 etc.

Mainframe Computer :-

A computer that is smaller than a supercomputer but larger and capable of doing more than a minicomputer is called a mainframe computer. This type of computer allows many people to do the same work at the same time. For example:- such computers are being used in bank accounting, large organizations and government universities. Many people work at the same time by installing several terminals on this type of computer. Mainframe IBM-1620 computer opened the path of Bangladesh computer. Dependent on vacuum tubes. Example:-IBM-1620, IBM-4341, NCR N 8370.


Mini computer :-

This computer is smaller than mainframe computer but bigger than PC or micro computer, it is called mini computer. It is actually a miniature version of a mainframe computer. A few people can work together by connecting a number of computers and or hub terminals with the mini computer. Mainframe computers and mini computers can do the same. This are small in size and less powerful. It can be used in commercial establishments.

For example:

clinics, banks, industrial establishments, hospitals, large garment factories, multinational companies, etc. Depends on transistor and IC.


Microcomputer :-

In November 1971, a company called Intel produced the first microprocessor. This was known as the Intel 4004. Earlier, numerous diodes, registers, transistors etc. were used to make computers. As a result, computers were huge in size and very expensive, generally beyond the purchasing power of people. Moreover, all those computers could only be used by experts.

After 1971, microprocessor-based computers became smaller and cheaper. Micro means small. A miniature computer made up of a miniature microprocessor is called a microcomputer. Microcomputers Preceded by mini and even earlier mainframe computers were large in size and used by multiple users at once.

Many times smaller in size than a mainframe or mini computer. Microcomputers are generally like personal items that can be moved from one place to another if desired or needed. A simple desktop can be used and a single user uses a computer. For this microcomputer is called personal computer or PC for short.

We are at home, school, college, office-court, The small computers we see in printing houses and newspaper offices with monitors like 10/15 inch televisions are a type of microcomputer. They are known as desktop computers because they can be placed on the desktop.

There are several types of microcomputers.



1. Super Micro.

2. Laptop.

3. PDA.



What are the types of computers and what are they :-


Computers used in today’s world can be classified in different ways. namely

Classification of computers according to type of work and application area of ​​use.

Classification of computers according to structure and nature of work and

Classification of computers according to size, shape, volume and functionality.


Classification of computers according to type of work and application area:-


Computers can be divided into two categories according to the type of work and the application area of ​​use. For example-

General purpose computer and

Special Purpose Computer


General Purpose Computer :-


Computers that can be used to perform multi-purpose tasks are generally called multi-purpose computers.


Today, all computers, from microcomputers to supercomputers, can delete old programs for multipurpose use or perform multitasking tasks with the help of multiple programs at once.


With the help of this type of computer, many other types of work can be done at the same time, apart from writing work, drawing and accounting work.


That is, in such a computer, the user can do the necessary work using various types of software. Common computers are widely used in various daily life tasks such as offices, courts, publications, business establishments, various companies, banks, insurance etc.


Special Purpose Computer :-


A computer which is used for solving specific tasks or problems is called special purpose computer.


Computers designed for one type of work generally cannot be used for another type of work. For this reason, such computers are called special purpose computers.


One of the wonderful inventions of scientists is the computer. It is a program controlled electronic device, which sequentially and automatically performs a series of arithmetic and logical operations. All the features for which the computer has played an important role as the magic wand of modern human civilization are speed, reliability, accuracy, fatiguelessness, information storage system, rational decision making, versatility, automation etc.

Because of all these special features, computers are used in almost all tasks of daily life. Now the question is what is the computer called? Discuss it. But before that, what is the meaning of computer needs to be discussed.


Meaning of Computer:-


The English word computer is derived from the Latin word Computare. Compute means to calculate. So the literal meaning of computer is calculating or calculating machine.


What is computer called:-


Computer is a program controlled sophisticated electronic device composed of electronic circuits and mechanical equipment, which receives data, processes it, stores the results and returns the results when required.


That is, a computer is a type of electronic device, which processes the data received through the input hardware with the help of the central processing unit and provides results through the output hardware.




In fact, a computer is an electronic device, which can perform various tasks with the help of stored programs.


For example, the computer can add, subtract, multiply, and divide mathematical calculations; Even reasoning and decision-making can be done. Besides, we can watch and listen to music and play different types of games with the help of computer. From research work to office-court and even personal work, computers are used.


Computers used in today’s world can be classified in different ways. namely

Classification of computers according to type of work and application area of ​​use.

Classification of computers according to structure and nature of work

Classification of computers according to size, shape, volume and functionality.


Classification of computers according to type of work and application area:-


Computers can be divided into two categories according to the type of work and the application area of ​​use. For example-

General purpose computer and

Special Purpose Computer


General Purpose Computer :-


Computers that can be used to perform multi-purpose tasks are generally called multi-purpose computers.


Today, all computers, from microcomputers to supercomputers, can delete old programs for multipurpose use or perform multitasking tasks with the help of multiple programs at once.


With the help of this type of computer, many other types of work can be done at the same time, apart from writing work, drawing and accounting work.


That is, in such a computer, the user can do the necessary work using various types of software. Common computers are widely used in various daily life tasks such as offices, courts, publications, business establishments, various companies, banks, insurance etc.


Special Purpose Computer :-


A computer which is used for solving specific tasks or problems is called special purpose computer.


Computers designed for one type of work generally cannot be used for another type of work. For this reason, such computers are called special purpose computers.


Such as weather, earthquake control, missile control, ultrasonography, video games, rocket speed control, eye examination, stool-urine and blood test etc. computers are special types of computers. However, such computers are pre-installed with specific programs for specific tasks.


Classification of computers according to structure and nature of work:-


Computers can generally be divided into three categories according to their structure and nature of work. namely

Analog Computer

Digital Computer (Digital Computer) and

Hybrid Computer


Analog Computer :-


Computers which accept input and perform processing based on electrical signals are called analog computers.


Analog computers use continuously variable or analog electrical signals instead of letters or numbers for data processing and calculations. The results obtained after data processing and calculation are usually displayed on meters, oscilloscopes etc. Examples of analog computers are automotive speedometers, plaid rules, operational amplifiers etc.

Analog computers are generally used to measure pressure, heat, fluid flow, etc. Besides, analog computers are used to measure the speed of cars, airplanes, space vehicles, pressure of air, liquids and solids and temperature of a particular place or room. The accuracy of analog computer results is relatively low.


Digital Computer :-


Computers which perform operations in binary mode i.e. digital mode, those computers are called digital computers.


Digital computers use digits (0/1) instead of electrical signals for data processing and calculations. After data processing and calculation in digital computer, the result obtained is usually displayed on the monitor. The speed and performance of digital computer is much higher and better than analog computer.


Again the accuracy of digital computer results is much higher than analog computer. Almost all computers available in the current market are digital computers. Microcomputer, minicomputer, mainframe computer, supercomputer are examples of digital computers.



Digital computers are widely used in various areas of our daily life. From research work to office-courts, banks, insurance, business establishments, industrial establishments, writing, entertainment- and even personal work, digital computers are being used.


Hybrid Computer :-


The computer which is made up of the principle of both analog and digital computer is called hybrid computer.


It is also called a hybrid computer. In hybrid computers, data is usually collected in analog process and the collected data is converted into numbers and sent to the digital part. The digital part gives the result after processing the received data.


Hybrid computers are very expensive. Hence it is used only in very special cases; For example, it is used in missiles, weapons, scientific research, spaceships, determining the quality of chemical products, determining the structure of atoms, determining the quality of medicine in the laboratory, etc. Besides, this type of computer is widely used in hospital intensive care, body temperature, blood pressure of patient, heart function etc.



Classification of computers according to size, volume and functionality:-


By computer in modern era we mean digital computer. Nowadays digital computers are used in almost every field. Computers or digital computers can be divided into four categories based on size, volume, working capacity, memory and functionality.


Mainframe Computer,

Mini computer (Minicomputer) and,



Supercomputer :-


Supercomputer is the most powerful, expensive and fastest computer. Supercomputers can be used by multiple users simultaneously. Such computers have enough memory to store large amounts of data and large amounts of processing power.


Again, in such computers several processors work simultaneously and perform billions of scientific, mathematical and processing tasks every second.


Supercomputers are used for precise scientific research, large amount of data analysis, aeronautics, missile control, space research, various types of weapons design, simulation, nuclear reactor control, management, etc.


Mainframe Computer :-


Mainframe computers are larger in size than micro and mini computers but smaller than supercomputers. A mainframe computer is a computer that can be connected to many smaller computers and many users can work at the same time. These types of computers have one or more central processors, so they are very fast and have a high data storage capacity.


Such computers have the capacity to perform large and complex and delicate tasks. Big companies use such computers. Export development, bureaus, banks, insurance, business organizations and research institutes require mainframe computers to exchange, store and analyze complex and fine-grained data and manage, control and analyze and evaluate scientific activities.


Examples of mainframe computers are UNIVAC 1100, NCR 8000, IBM 4300 etc. The 213, manufactured by IBM, is the most powerful mainframe computer available today. It can exchange 250 pieces of data per day.


Mini Computer :-


Mini Computer A computer generally smaller than mainframe computer but slightly larger than microcomputer is called mini computer.


These types of computers have much higher speed, memory and working capacity than microcomputers. Although some mini computers are suitable for single user use, most mini computers can work on multiple terminals simultaneously.


Mini computers are used in educational institutions, clinics, hospitals, large factories, multinational companies, technical research and analysis.


PDP-II, IBM S/34, IBM S/36, NCR S/9290 NOVA3 etc. are examples of mini computers.


Microcomputer :-

Microcomputer is the smallest and most powerful computer among digital computers. The general meaning of micro is small. So the computers that are made up of miniature microprocessor chips are called microcomputers.


Such computers usually consist of a microprocessor main memory, auxiliary memory and input output devices.


Since a single user can use a microcomputer alone, such a computer is also called a personal computer.


These types of computers are very popular among computer users because they are cheap in price, small in size, easily portable and easy to maintain.


Apart from office work and commercial needs, microcomputers are being popularly used nowadays in industries for controlling automatic machinery, in automatic office management, in educational institutions, in household work, in sports, in entertainment, and even in personal work.


IBM PC, Apple Macintosh, TRS80 HP 85 IBM Pentium, Power PC. etc. Examples of microcomputers.


Classification of Microcomputers :-


With the continuous improvement of technology, there have been various changes in the shape of microcomputers. Keeping in view the practical benefits of people, various shapes of microcomputers have come into the market.

For example;


1. Palmtop Computer (Palmtop Computer) or PDA (PDA)

2. Laptop Computer (Laptop Computer)

3. Notebook Computer (Notebook Computer)

4. Desktop Computer (Desktop Computer); etc


Besides, Tablet PC (Tablet PC), Phablet (Phablet), Smartphone (Smartphone) etc. are also included in microcomputer.


Advantages of Computers:


Be it education or medical field, entertainment or workplace, computers are essential in everything.


Computers are inextricably linked with everyday life.


All over the world computer is a device, the demand and use of which is increasing day by day.


However, a computer is a device that performs mathematical calculations quickly and accurately following specific instructions.


The word computer is derived from the Greek word “compute”. The meaning of this word is “to count or calculate”.


And the word computer means calculating machine.


What is a computer? Its history and types:


The earliest computers were calculators, but modern computers can do a variety of different tasks.


In today’s era, therefore, computers are considered as an important part of education as well.


Moreover, workplaces too are all computer-based these days.


Earlier people took a lot of time to calculate, many times those calculations were wrong.


But, all calculations are done very quickly and accurately through computers.


From online form filling to paying any bill, everything becomes very easy through computer.


Connect with people from different countries at home with just one click.


However, computers have advantages as well as some disadvantages, such as various cybercrimes, which take place through computers.


Therefore, keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages of computers, we should avoid them and devote ourselves to the good aspects of computers.



What are the benefits of computer.



Various uses of computer in the present age (uses of computer)


Nowadays computers have various uses,


Its main uses are –


1. Use of computers in education


2. Use through media


3. Medical use


4. Use of computer in banking


5. In research work


6. The use of computers in publishing is significant


7. It is also used in entertainment


8. Online business to business


9. In the weather forecast


10. Use in travel transport companies



What is the operating system?


Let’s know these uses of computer in detail below.


The history of computer invention starts from ancient times, when people used pebbles, stones, sticks etc. for calculations. Later came ABACUS as an alternative. The first abacus device was invented in China around 450/500 AD to perform various mathematical calculations, including calculating by moving puti arranged in a frame. It is considered to be the first calculating machine in history.

Then in 1616 Scottish mathematician John Napier used the dot method for calculations. which was known as Napier’s bone.

In 1642, a 19-year-old French scientist named Blaise Pascal invented the first mechanical calculator. Only addition and subtraction could be done on it.

Then the German mathematician Gottfried von Leibniz in 1671 developed a mechanical calculator with more advanced capabilities of multiplication and division based on Pascal’s device. The name of which was Reckoning machine (Reckoning machine).

Thomas de Comer developed Leibniz’s machine in 1820 by refining various problems of the reconning machine.


Then came the English scientist Charles Babbage, at the beginning of the 19th century i.e. in 1823, he invented the difference engine which could solve mathematical problems mechanically, i.e. without any intelligence. He continued to improve this system and invented the Analytical Engine in 1833.


With which the current computer input, output and processing are similar. That is why Charles Babbage is considered as the father of computer. But he could not finish this work due to various problems.


Then in 1944, a huge computer called Mark-1 or Mark-1 computer was built based on a completely electromechanical reel without any vacuum valve. Which was discovered by Howard Aiken. It shows the completion of Charles Babbage’s unfinished work. Through this, the journey of the computer as the first automatic calculating machine began.


Later, the Hungarian mathematician John von Neumann proposed the idea of ​​stored programs. On the basis of which Edvac (EDVAC) computer is made. His proposed binary number system and programming concepts for storing data signals are used in modern computers. That is why von Neumann is called the father of modern computers.


The development of modern computers began in the middle of the 20th century. In 1971, the microcomputer came into the market as a result of the invention of the microprocessor. As a result, it is possible to easily transform the previous large computer into a small computer.

Marvelous inventions like computers have brought great changes in our lives. You will understand better if you know about the benefits of computer.


Versatility of use:


From the use of computer in our daily life we ​​can easily understand about its benefits. Currently, its use is increasing day by day. Now it is helping us with various tasks including mathematical problems.




By computer you can get exact solution of any mathematical problem very easily. It gives you 100% solution of any calculation. As a result, the accuracy of the computer helps us a lot to get the correct solution.




Computers can deal with huge amounts of data very quickly and instantly. Computers are now doing math problems that take months for humans to solve in an instant. As a result our life becomes easier and more beautiful.




Computers never express fatigue or boredom. It doesn’t lack speed or accuracy to give you accurate solutions. As a result, if the information you give is correctly given to the computer, it will never show you an error.

Data storage:


A computer’s capacity to hold data is thousands of times greater than a human’s. One of the characteristics of a computer is to store memory. Which is helping us to store various types of information.




The computer has the ability to do any of its tasks automatically according to our instructions. Given the information, the computer can easily solve the problem on its own. Because of this we can easily control any difficult task with computer.


The use of computers has created some problems in the society.

Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of computers, the disadvantages of computers are as follows-


Damage to health:


Using the computer for a long time has a negative effect on the eyes. Eye damage is caused by straining the eye muscles. Also, prolonged computer use can cause neck and brain damage. So those who use the computer for a long time need to take a break every 30 minutes.


Negative impact on the environment:


Computer manufacturing process and computer waste are polluting the environment. Damaged computer parts can release toxic substances into the environment.Waste of energy and time


Many people use computers to play games and chat for long hours. It wastes time and energy. The young generation now spends most of the day on social media (eg Facebook, Twitter etc.). It is bad for health. Besides, there is an adverse effect on social life.




There are many people who use computers for negative activities. They hack people’s credit card numbers. Again, many times steal information from large organizations.




Computer is an expensive device. Therefore, it is often not possible to use it in small organizations.




Computers were not used in past generations. So they have to face big problem for lack of computer knowledge in employment. As a result, unemployment increases.


Computer is a tool by which today we can solve many problems in an instant. Whether it is large scale addition or subtraction or job tests we can take everything with the help of computer. Computers save our time tremendously and simplify our life.The benefits of computers in our lives are undeniable. Again, due to this computer, sitting in one place all day and looking at the computer all day can cause various problems in our body and mind. So today let’s look at some of the harm that sitting in front of the computer all day does to us.


Lack of physical activity.


Sitting in front of the computer all day reduces our physical activity. We play computer games instead of sports which makes us gain weight . But obesity can cause various problems in our body like high blood pressure, diabetes etc. So you should not sit in front of the computer for a long time.


Blood circulation in the body decreases.


Sitting in one place for a long time reduces blood circulation in our body. Diminished blood circulation can lead to various problems. Like blood clots or cramp in our muscles etc. We should get up from the computer and take a walk after some time for proper circulation of blood.Pressure on the eyes

Looking at the computer screen for a long time puts a lot of pressure on our eyes. As a result of which various problems can appear in our eyes. Such as red eyes, swelling etc. So if it is very important to sit in front of our computer screen then at least after some time we have to leave the computer and look at some other distant object. In this way the pressure on our eyes will also be reduced. Sometimes it is good to splash cold water on the eyes.


Headaches and body aches.


As a result of sitting in front of the computer all day, our body hurts in various places. Our necks also hurt from looking at one side for too long. Due to the pressure on the eyes, our head also hurts. And if we sit in front of the computer for a long time, the rest time of our body and mind decreases. So it starts to hurt the head.


If we sit in front of the computer all day, we keep thinking about it at night as a result of which we can not sleep . Our mind becomes restless. Our normal sleeping habits also change. Some studies have found that sitting in front of the computer for more than 5 hours a day is enough to cause our insomnia.




Sitting in front of the computer for a long time means giving more information about ourselves to the computer world. Many hackers are out to harm us. So care should be taken that we only provide our personal information on the website when it is absolutely necessary or not at all.addiction

If we open the computer to need or know something, that matter is important for us to know. From there we move on to other related topics. By hyperlink. From the second place I moved on to another related topic. In this way we wander and this nature of ours becomes addictive.


Then we can understand that computer has brought many benefits in our life but computer has also brought many problems in our life. It is not possible to abandon the computer but we should try to spend as little time as possible in front of the computer. Talking and making friends with people outside the computer is very important. And if we sit in front of the computer all day we can have various diseases and problems which I have already written about. If such problem occurs we must consult a doctor.


Working on the computer for hours puts a lot of strain on the eyes. This pressure can lead to computer vision syndrome. 50-90 percent of people who use computers for a long time may suffer from this problem. Common symptoms of computer vision syndrome are eye fatigue, dry eyes, eye pain and headaches.


One of the causes of eye problems when using a computer is the decrease in the rate of blinking. An average person blinks 15 to 20 times per minute. According to that 900 to 1 thousand 200 times per hour. But data from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics says that we blink up to 66 percent less while using the computer. Not only that, the eye blinks during this time may be incomplete. Blink rate can vary from person to person depending on the brightness of the screen and what the user is doing.

The more thoughtful work you do on the computer, the less likely you will blink. Our eyes refresh the tear layer to keep themselves moist. But it all depends on the blink of an eye. As the number of blinks decreases, so does the humidity. In this way, the symptoms of dry eye disease or dry eyes are revealed. Dry eyes can cause vision loss. Moreover, very bright monitors also cause eye damage.


Experts have suggested some things to follow in the case of computer use in eye care.


* 20-20-20 Rule:

A rule of thumb for eye protection is 20-20-20. That is, every 20 minutes, look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. As the eyes rest, the eyes have enough moisture and the pressure on the eyes is reduced.


Use of easily readable fonts:

Do not use small fonts for reading or writing on the screen. Choose fonts that are comfortable for the eyes. Because small writing causes more stress on the eyes.


* Blink frequently:

Blinking is reduced while working on the computer. As a result, the tears in the eyes decrease and the eyes may become dry or dry eye. In this condition, the eyes will seem dry. It will take a fork. There will be discomfort and fatigue in the eyes. Blink frequently while working on the computer.


* No continuous work:

Do not work in front of the computer for long periods of time. Take occasional breaks from work. And give yourself a little shake every break. Take a walk, rest the muscles of the arms and legs. You can also have some hot tea or coffee. It will also create new enthusiasm for work.


* Regular eye examination:

Everyone who works regularly on computers should have their eyes examined once a year. Regular eye exams can save you from eye problems. Find out from the doctor how far the computer and your eyes should be.


* Use of proper lighting:

Any bright indoor light or direct sunlight falling on the computer can cause eye strain. The computer should be placed in such a way that the computer is not located along the windows of the room. It is best to avoid direct fluorescent light on the head. Besides, the brightness of the screen should be kept at a tolerable level. High brightness puts more strain on the eyes and causes discomfort.


* Glare reduction:

Glare can be reduced by using anti-glare screens on computer monitors and anti-reflective plastic lenses in glasses. Also, if the computer monitor is an old model, then replace it with a new model.


* Change of work place:

Change your work place from time to time. Seating, tables and chairs need to be replaced. It is better if the chair is hydraulic, so that the height of the eyes during work is slightly higher than the computer monitor. The monitor should be at eye level.


* Eye massage after work:

After work, close your eyes and cover your eyes with the palms of both hands for one minute. Then slowly take a deep breath and relax the eye muscles. You can do this at your leisure. This is called eye yoga exercise. This is a good way to soothe the eyes of computer users.


* Avoid working in the dark:

Never work on a computer in a dark room. Reduce the brightness of the monitor if the lighting is poor.


* Computer glasses on eyes:

Computer glasses are the best way to avoid eye problems while using computer. You can use such glasses by showing them to an eye examiner.



Using smartphones, laptops or computers for long periods of time can cause problems for students. These problems include eye fatigue, eye pain, headache, blurred vision etc. For this reason, it should be kept away from the device as much as possible


Due to the epidemic, educational institutions have been closed for several months. But that does not stop the teaching program completely. Online education systems have become popular to continue teaching in this new environment.


Various educational institutions are continuing to teach through online classes using devices such as smartphones, laptops, computers, televisions etc. And long-term use of electronic devices has some health risks. Due to the closure of field sports during the corona virus, children are confined to their homes.

The use of digital devices is increasing among children to pass the time. Many children have been coming to us since June-July last year with eye problems. Many of them had no previous eye problems. Now have to give glasses. Many children’s glasses are growing very quickly. Many people have dry eyes, itchy eyes, watery eyes, allergies.

Eye problems caused by using computers, tablets, e-readers, mobile phones for a long time are collectively called computer vision syndrome or digital vision syndrome. Computers are now a daily companion in the digital age.

Computers are widely used in workplaces and schools. Apart from that, the use of smartphones on social media has increased at a massive rate. A smartphone is a mini computer.

Due to uncontrolled use and not knowing the rules of use, some symptoms are caused in the eyes, head and neck. Notable symptoms are-


– Tired eyes


– Eye pain, headache


– Blurred vision


– Dryness and burning of the eyes


– Neck and back pain


– Difficulty seeing in light


– Seeing one thing twice


Prolonged use of electronic devices poses various health risks. Especially the impact on children is very high. If children use mobile handsets for a long time, their memory is lost. A child’s mental development is stunted by the effects of radiation. Due to Corona, parents are not going out with their children much now. Do not come to the hospital unless absolutely necessary. As a result, we do not understand the damage to the eyes. This is a long-term problem, in a few more years, when children will have various eye problems, then we will understand the extent of damage caused to children by sitting in front of mobile-laptops for a long time during Corona.


Causes of these symptoms include-


– Working in low light,


– Flashes of light on the computer screen,


– Incorrect eye-to-screen distance,


– Not sitting on the chair properly,


– Defective eye power.


Computer usage rules:


It is possible to solve these problems by improving the surrounding conditions and proper vision management.


Eye problems:

Have your eyes checked by an eye doctor. If there is a problem with power, take appropriate power glasses. Both farsightedness and nearsightedness should be tested.



Normally the eye blinks 16 times per minute. Blinking causes tears to spread evenly across the face. Blinking is reduced due to concentrated gaze while using the computer. As a result, the eyes get dry easily. Eyes burn. So you have to be aware that the blink of the eye does not decrease.


20-20-20 Method:

After 20 minutes of work, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds.


Sitting on a chair:

Sit with your back on the back rest of the chair and keep your spine straight. Do not lean forward.



Monitor should be 20-24 inches away from eyes. The center of the monitor should be 4-6 inches below eye level. The monitor will be tilted straight ahead and back at a 15 degree angle. A monitor light with high contrast and relatively low brightness is best. A separate anti-glare screen can be used over the monitor to reduce glare.


Room lighting:

Room lighting should not be too bright or too dim. Keep the monitor away from the light source, so that the light is not scattered.


Font size:

Larger font size is easier to read. Dark colored letters on a light colored background puts less strain on the eyes.



The keyboard and mouse are located under the elbow. Keep the wrist straight. Handles can be used for this.


What to do to keep your eyes healthy:

The use of computers is increasing day by day due to the benefit of technology in modern life. We spend all our time on WhatsApp, Messenger and in front of the computer. As a result, eye problems are increasing.


It is not possible to live without the use of electronic things in this technology-dependent era. So pressure on the eyes is very normal. As a result, fatigue, fatigue, headache, poor eyesight have become a part of life. The electric rays of computers, tabs, phones put pressure on the retina, the optic nerve is damaged.


Now let’s know how to protect the eyes from the computer-


If you sit in front of the computer and work for long periods of time, make sure to use screen friendly glasses. Even if there is no power in the eyes, these glasses can be easily made. But for this, you must consult an ophthalmologist. Even, protect the eyes from very strong light. Even if you watch TV, set its light in harmony with your eyes.


According to doctors, change the location of the computer occasionally. Place the computer in a place with sufficient light. There should be no shortage of light even while using the laptop. Many people sit and watch movies on laptops in low light, which is not good for the eyes.


Apply eye drops every half hour. A splash of cold water relaxes the eye nerves. Do some eye exercises to keep your eyes healthy. Keep the eyes closed and rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise by placing the hand on the eyelid It also relaxes the eyes.


If you follow some simple rules, you can avoid the problems of watery eyes, headache, fatigue, etc. even after sitting in front of the computer or laptop all the time.


Computer is now most people’s work and leisure companion. There are also some disadvantages of using this device. Harmful blue light emitted from computers can cause serious eye problems. Continuous computer use can cause problems like digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome.

Headaches, eye pain, watery or dry eyes, loss of focus are associated with digital eye strain. But hopefully, US doctors have given several suggestions that can help avoid computer vision syndrome or similar situations.

Keep the computer screen clean:


Do not allow dust, dirt or fingerprints to fall on the computer. Clean the dust. Because they cause eye problems to read anything on the screen. If the cleaning habits are not followed, you will have to pay a penalty because of it. A habit of using dusty screens for long periods of time can lead to ‘chronic headaches’. Experts recommend cleaning the computer screen once a day.

Use of proper lighting:


Any bright indoor light or direct sunlight falling on the computer can cause eye strain. The computer should be placed in such a way that the computer is not located along the windows of the room. It is best to avoid direct fluorescent lamps on the head.


Do not use a font that is too small to read on a computer screen. Avoid fonts that strain the eyes and choose fonts that are comfortable for the eyes.

Constantly blinking:


computer screens make us forget to blink. Blinking the eyes at regular intervals while working on the computer creates moisture in the eyes which removes the dryness of the eyes. A laptop can be used instead of a desktop if the eyes are very itchy or dry. Because when the eyes go down, moisture is created in the eyes.


The 20-20-20 rule:


A rule of thumb for eye protection is 20-20-20. It involves looking at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. This rule should be followed if you have tired eyes staring at the computer screen or do not have the opportunity to divert your gaze while doing any work. According to the researchers, following the 20-20-20 rule for eye rest keeps the eyes moist and reduces stress on the eyes.


Eye exam:



Experts recommend that people who work on computers get an eye exam at least once a year. An eye exam is just as important as a full body exam. Problems like stroke, diabetes, tumors can be diagnosed through eye examination. During the eye exam, the doctor should be informed about the amount of time you use the computer.



Use computer-friendly glasses:


Although the cost is high, it is possible to invest in computer glasses for the eyes. Neck, back, eyes are protected by using computer glasses. Anti-glare coating protects against light emitted from the computer. However, computer glasses should not be used without a doctor’s advice.

Eat green vegetables:


to keep your eyes healthy, you must eat nutritious food. Eat fresh green vegetables, yellow fruits like carrot, papaya, sweet pumpkin etc. Ripe mangoes are good for eyes.

15 minutes break.

Take 15 minutes break for eyes in between work. At this time, keep your eyes on the house or any other direction. This will give the focusing muscle a break.

Eye exercises.

Cover your eyes between your palms for a while. Then slowly take a deep breath and relax the eye muscles. This is called eye yoga exercise. This is a good way to soothe the eyes of computer users. At this time, you can massage your neck and back with your hands.


Eye medicine:


Vitamins A, C, E, B complex and zinc can be taken to protect eye health. Homeopathy can also be taken as per the doctor’s advice.


Those who regularly work on the computer for a long time in the office. It is very harmful for them to focus on the computer for a long time. So I have to think a lot about the eyes of those who work for hours on the computer. Otherwise, various eye problems may occur at one time.


Let’s know some tips to keep eyes healthy:


1. Get up in the morning and spend 10-15 minutes enjoying the scenery like green trees and colorful flowers.


2. Enjoying the scenery in the afternoon or between work.


3. Maybe spend at least one day exploring places where you can enjoy the scenery.

4. There is no substitute for eye exercise or eye health.


5. Eat green vegetables. To keep your eyes healthy, you must eat nutritious food. Eat fresh green vegetables, yellow fruits like carrot, papaya, sweet pumpkin etc. Ripe mangoes are good for eyes.

6. 15 minutes break:

Take a 15 minute break for eyes in between work. At this time, keep your eyes on the house or any other direction. This will give the focusing muscle a break.

7. Eye exercise:

Cover your eyes between your palms for a while. Then slowly take a deep breath and relax the eye muscles. This is called eye yoga exercise. This is a good way to soothe the eyes of computer users. At this time, you can massage your neck and back with your hands.


We are all computer dependent now. All of us have to spend more or less time looking at the computer while working. Moreover, everyone is using mobile for a long time. As a result of which various problems are appearing in the eyes these days. For example, red and burning eyes, itchy eyes, blurred vision, pain around the eyes and forehead-neck-headache are all these problems.Reduce the brightness of the computer-


Reduce the brightness of the computer. It is better if you can work sitting 22 inches away from the monitor. If the computer screen is too bright, working in low light, if the screen is too close or too far away, eye problems occur.


What to do if your eyes water:


Cold-compress works very well for watery eyes. Take a few ice cubes in a cloth and use it gently around the eyes. It will reduce eye pain. And don’t touch your eyes repeatedly.


Dry eye care-


If you have such a problem in your eyes, wash your eyes well with cold water after a while. Also, you can use eye drops as per the doctor’s advice to remove the dryness of the eyes.

You have to keep an eye on the computer and mobile for various tasks throughout the day. And for this there is a lot of pressure on the eyes. So take care of the eyes. Let’s know how to take care of eyes-


Maintain a certain distance:

According to experts, the distance between the eyes and the computer screen should be at least 25 inches. Less than this puts extra strain on the eyes. Especially if you work for a long time, the problem increases a lot. Also, keep the computer screen slightly lower than the eyes.


20-20 Rule: Just as regular exercise is necessary to keep the body healthy, eye exercises should also be done to keep the eyes healthy. In this case you can follow the 20-20 rule. According to this rule, after 20 minutes of continuous staring at the screen, one must look at an object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. Also, it is important to blink frequently.


Adequate lighting: Computer lighting should be adjusted to keep the eyes healthy. Extra small screen and unusual light have harmful effects on the eyes. Besides, screen characters should also be large in size. The computer or laptop should be kept in a place with sufficient light.


Drink enough water: Staring at a computer screen for long periods of time can lead to ‘computer vision syndrome’. As the computer or laptop screen changes rapidly, the eye has to be refocused repeatedly. It puts pressure on the eye muscles and nerves. If you look at the screen in one way, the number of eye blinks will decrease. As a result, the eyes dry quickly. So it is very important to regularly splash water in the eyes and drink water regularly.


Green vegetables: You can eat a lot of green vegetables, nuts, oranges. These foods keep the cornea of ​​the eye healthy.


Eye examination: People who regularly work on computers or laptops should have their eyes examined regularly. 

Use glasses: Computer glasses should be used for eyes. Neck, back, eyes are protected by using computer glasses. Anti-glare coating protects against light emitted from the computer. However, computer glasses should not be used without a doctor’s advice.


Use of computers Computer use has increased through our social life. I am discussing below about the areas in which computers are used. It is convenient for you to understand, so I will discuss step-by-step. uses of computers An important place in the use of computers is in the field of education.


In opening any center, the need of computer is absolutely necessary, as if you say a computer center for computer learning, then at least ten to fifteen computers are available there and money can be earned from there. The use of computer is a significant aspect of the medical field. Currently, various improvements have been made in the medical system for the use of computers in the medical field . With the help of computer, human operation and prevention of different types of diseases and accurate diagnosis of human diseases and various types of scans etc. are used nowadays.



Use of computers for scientific research and informatics:


The use of computers in scientific research has led to incomparable advancements in the field of research.Current science and space research has led to computers controlling satellites.


For this reason, we can watch football world cup, cricket world cup, all MP etc. sports at home, moreover, we also have weather news, nuclear bombs are dropped in war.



Location to go from one place to another and many more things we are getting all the benefits through computer. In the business world there is a lot of use of computers for inventory accounting, expense accounting, profit and loss accounting, salary-bonus overtime accounting, staff salary accounting, bank account withdrawals, credit debits, etc., and for traders to understand share price fluctuations.



Use of computer for homework:


Nowadays, many computers are seen at home, some are doing small shops or some are using computers for typing some small cyber caps or chatting emails etc. or some are using computers for their own learning.


Nowadays every home has increased the prestige of computer along with TV. We can keep our security by running CCTV through computer.




At the same time, we can listen and watch movies of our choice by putting DVDs in the computer, besides, the popular cartoon games of the present time are watched by young children.


Computer use is much more than what I said about the use of computers through computers.



Computer applications.


I am constantly uploading motivational success stories about computers or technical information and online income culture on my blog. You can visit my website if you want and comment if you get any information.

Computer Requirements.

The current era is the era of information technology. In this era, the need of computer cannot be concluded by writing or saying. From office work to business, trading or education, the computer has become the only hope. The word computer is derived from the word compute which means the origin of the word computer from computer. Although computers were first invented for calculations, now the multidimensional uses of computers have improved our standard of living. Today we are inextricably linked with computers.


If we talk about inventions –

English scientist Charles Babbage first discovered the computer in 1942. According to some here, Howard Aikin is the inventor of the computer, but I know Sir Newman as the father of the computer in the modern era.



Computers in daily life: We constantly do many activities such as transactions, accounting and buying and selling that require computers.


★ Computers in office – Computers are now the only reliance for running the office. Everything from information to staff transactions and customer service are done through computers.


★ In the field of education -: In this era of information technology, students now depend a lot on computer studies. Now people don’t have to take care of anything by writing on the pages of books or notebooks.


★ Data collection – Once there was a cupboard allocated for data collection in the office or court or a lot of time was spent to find the data, but nowadays computers have made this way much easier.


★ Bank-: Bank means the use of computers. It is impossible to run a bank without computers.


★ Freelancing – You all may have heard about earning money online, yes it is by freelancing but it is impossible without a computer. The use of computer is helping us a lot in earning money.


★Graphics Design- Nowadays graphics design is very popular as an online income. Computer is definitely needed to design graphics.


★ Video editing -: Nowadays, the need of computer for editing is very high. Good editing requires a computer.


Computers make our many complex and simple tasks so the need for computers is very high. It is very important for everyone to learn computer in this age of information technology.

Importance of Computer Education and Need of Computer – The importance of computer in this era of information technology cannot be summed up in a few words. The development of the modern world is unthinkable without computers. Day by day the use of this device is increasing so much that without this device the world is standing still. Let’s know the brief description of how important computer education is in our life, what is the use of computer or how much computer has made our life easier.


The word computer means calculating machine. This word is derived from the Greek word ‘compute’. However, computers are not only limited to calculating machines. Because computers now do many important tasks in a very short time apart from the calculation. Which is not possible for humans to do in such a short time. Although humans control the computer starting from programming. However, computers have made our lives much easier.


How important is computer education in our daily life?


If you look today, you will find very few fields where computers are not used. All over the world, most of the work fields are done using computers. There are many tasks that cannot be done without the help of computers. There are some tasks that can be done without the help of a computer. But that requires a lot of time and manpower. If you review all these things, you can understand that the world today is helpless without computers. Must have knowledge of computer operation to use computer. In this case, the importance of computer education is immense.


What can be done using computer-


01) Preparation of official documents, reports

02) Data entry

03) Making power point presentation

04) Doing a outsourcing work in Microsoft Excel.

05) Graphics design

06) Web design

07) Video editing

08) Photo editing

09) Outsourcing

10) Educational services

11) Medical services

12) Travel services

13) Data collection

14) Online news

15) Bank management

16) Book publishing

17) Research


Importance of computer education to do Microsoft Excel or accounting work-


Microsoft Excel is such a program or its scope is so high, with the help of which many complex tasks related to accounting can be solved very easily. For example, preparation of pay sheet, attendant sheet; Microsoft Excel is of immense importance to accomplish various tasks including managing accounts, admin and HR sections. If these tasks were to be done manually, there would be a lot of error and it would also take a lot of time. The Microsoft Excel program has so many fun functions that you can (in some cases) complete a month’s worth of work in one day. Only those who are proficient in working with Microsoft Excel program will believe this.


Importance of computer education in graphic design career –


The term design is also heavily involved in our personal lives. It is very difficult to find something that does not use design. But all these designs can be made from different fields. For example-


01) Graphics Design

02) Architectural Design

03) Web design etc


Graphics design is one of them. Graphics design is a very big sector in the world of design. Its scope is wide. In fact, most of the designs are done through graphic design.

Some means of designing graphics are-


01) Adobe Photoshop

02) Adobe Illustrator

03) Adobe InDesign etc



What can be done through graphic design?


01) Visiting Card

02) Cash memo design

03) Pad/Letter Head Design

04) Flyer design

05) Brochure design

06) Leaflet design

07) Billboard Design

08) Banner design

09) Different types of poster designs

10) Logo design

11) Packaging design

12) Fashion design

13) Boutique

14) Calendar design

15) Chest

16) Book cover design

17) Garments accessories design etc


The use of photos is mandatory for various jobs, including national/international, from academic life to work life. This image needs a lot of editing before printing. It is also important to use images in graphic design, web design, various posters, banners, magazines, brochures, etc. Photo editing is mandatory to make these pictures attractive.


There are huge income opportunities locally and online by learning photo editing. Computer education is very important for doing these tasks.


Importance of computer education in improving the quality of education –


Computers have many roles to play in improving the quality of education. Students today are using computers to collect many important educational information online very easily. Moreover, students are collecting (online) admissions in various educational institutes, and many other information including exam schedule/routine, exam results, pass rate from educational websites. These tasks can be done very easily through the computer.

In advanced treatment, many sophisticated machines are used. Most of which are controlled by computers. Computers also have a role in diagnosis. Also, in standard quality clinics or hospitals, all the information related to the patient’s treatment is recorded, hospital bills, doctor’s fees, etc. are entered online through the computer. After entering the data into the computer, it is printed and given to each patient. The printing copy of which has to be shown at different places of the hospital for the patient to receive treatment. Computers are very helpful in all these medical tasks.


Importance of computer education and requirement of computer in outsourcing-

Outsourcing is defined by many people in many ways. In my language it simply means – to earn independently.


In terms, it can be said that earning income by providing services independently by collecting work from various sources without being under anyone is called outsourcing. There are two areas of outsourcing. namely-


01) Local/Offline Outsourcing

02) Online Outsourcing


Banking services have been introduced for the security of people’s financial assets since long ago. Currently, the influence of banking services has spread so much that most of the financial transactions have to accept these banking services. While transactions are done directly through banks, some banks have also introduced some methods to make transactions easier.

Through these, people are easily transacting from one end of the country to the other. Every customer has to open an account in the bank for financial transactions through the bank. Later, the customer can deposit money in the said account or withdraw money from the account or transfer the balance to another account at their convenience. Computers are definitely required to run all these activities. It is not possible to run the bank without computer.


Importance of computer education in book publishing-


There is no accurate count of how many billions of books there are in the world. Innumerable books have been written in the world in different languages ​​on different subjects. All books are first composed on a computer, then after some design work, published by a publisher. The problems faced in publishing books without the help of computers are as follows-


01) If the book was published by hand, it would have taken a lot of time

02) was full of mistakes

03) A lot of writing could not be understood

04) If the writing is wrong, we cut or rub. Which looks very bad.

05) It was not user friendly.

06) Books would not look good etc


The importance of computer education and the need for computers in book publishing is undeniable. Nowadays, books can be read very easily through various apps online.


Different types of books can be downloaded from online or read directly online. It has several advantages.



(a) The cost of purchase of books is saved


(b) There is no hassle of carrying books


(c) Books are not likely to be lost



Importance of computer education in research work-


Researchers study different topics at different times. By doing research they discover different things.


This research requires a lot of information. The information that a researcher can now easily collect online. Computer is very important for collecting all these data.


Importance of computer.

You can analyze the importance of computers by looking at offline and online business, online education, online business, online communication and digital banking revolution. We use hardware devices and software applications to store, access, manipulate, compute, data and analyze data.


Computers changed our lives two years ago and are still changing. Using computer is essential in daily life. Let us learn to understand the use of computer in the following points:


Top 10 uses of computer in our daily life.


1. Use of computers in education.


Schools and colleges around the world are using computer technology to teach students digitally and creatively through information visualization. Using a classroom computer will explore the creativity and imagination of the users.


You know that education is most important in our life. Computers reimagined the education system. Schools, colleges and almost all types of educational institutions are using computers in the classroom.


Computer is the most important educational tool for teachers and students. YouTube, blog, ebook, newsletter, e-newspaper etc. Such educational tools would not be possible without the computers we use today.


So, by being educated, skilled we can use computer and this is one of the most beneficial uses of computer in our daily life.

Computer use in business.

Computer with internet connection we can start business, run business and manage business and we can grow business using computer. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Alibaba etc. All are made using computer and internet.
We cannot imagine daily business activities around the world without the use of computer technology. Early days when the first mechanical computer invented by Charles Babbage was only used to check and accurately speed up the business process. But today everything is controlled and managed by computers.
Businesses and companies use a computer for marketing and business planning, record customer information, do they use a computer, use a computer to manage products and services, etc.
Computer with an internet connection is really important for business.

Like Microsoft Office professionals looking for creating documents, spreadsheets Excel, project presentations etc. PowerPoint to manage products and services. This day is common.
The use of computers in computers helps them to increase their customer base rapidly. Computer usage is also challenging for business companies and small business owners. Consumers have many options to choose the best products or services through the use of internet.
Any person can start their business from today. Freelancing is a great example. Freelancers are working remotely from computers using the Internet.
It is not very difficult to start making money using computers.

It is much easier today to build a career in the IT field through the use of computers.

Use of computers in hospitals.

The use of computers in hospitals offers many benefits to doctors and patients. Hospitals can create a database of a patient with their medical records, medication records. Doctors are using computers to quickly diagnose patients’ diseases. They are adopted to help various medical applications in computers and hardware devices. Computers and their applications are used in research such as diseases, blood tests, and urine tests, brain tests, and body scanning.

Use of computers in banking sector.

Banks are using computers to meet fast and accurate customer needs every day. Banks are using a computer to deposit customer money into their accounts. In this case the cashier enters the customer’s account number in their banking application, they first confirm the account number and customer details and then enter the deposited amount in their banking application by using the keyboard.


Whenever we deposit, withdraw money we get message on our mobile number. We can view and print our transaction records without visiting the bank. The entire process of banking is done by computer.


Also customer can get bank loan knowledge by using computer about various schemes: like business loan, home loan as car loan. Customers can also check the website on the bank loan eligibility and if they are eligible to apply for the loan bank.

These uses of banking in our daily life are stored, calculated and managed by computers with speed and accuracy. The use of computers in banking not only saves our productive time but also reduces the infrastructure costs of banks.


Use of computers in government offices.

It takes more time to complete government work or official work in the past. In the past, citizens needed a lot of staff to manage their work. But today citizens, consumers are getting a solution with high speed and accuracy. Due to use of computer for official work. There are many applications that speed up official work processes and standards. Such as Microsoft Office package, email, video conferencing tools etc. Few applications that speed up the work of government offices with accuracy.


Use of computer at home.

Computer usage at home depends on the user. There are many people using computers at home. Some people are using computers to take online classes. Some people use computers to do online business. Some people are using computers to listen to music and watch movies etc.

Otherwise the use of computer on computer offers great benefits. As such you can access banking and business services from home. You can communicate with people around the world using computers.

You can use a computer at home to learn new skills and hobbies. You can use a computer to calculate and manage monthly expenses using MS Excel. You can create gift cards, birthday messages using Microsoft Word. You can edit, restore and manipulate family photographs using Adobe Photoshop etc. Otherwise you can use computer with internet to do online shopping and you can also start an online business.


Using a computer in daily life at home saves our time. Computers save lives in our everyday homes. If you have a computer at home, you don’t need to buy a DVD player to watch movies and listen to music. You don’t need to go to cyber coffee to collect and print notes. The little things we do every day cost us money. But using computer applications at home gives us different ways to save money, time and pass the time.


Use of Computers in Marketing.

The use of computers along with the Internet is creating new ways of marketing products and services online. Digital marketing services, products, websites, and businesses are growing. Businesses can use a computer to type marketing materials to publish content marketing articles on websites and social media. They can sell and market their products on portals or Amazon. Businesses can use PPC to get faster ROI for their marketing budget.

Companies can chat, email, outsource applications and internet marketing by doing various tasks including: website design, search engine optimization, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. by using computers to market their products and services in the best possible way.


Computers are used by different people around the world for different reasons.


• Kids:-

Kids use computers in their daily life to play games, use drawing tools and watch funny (cartoon) videos.


• High school students:-

They can learn photo editing and graphic designing. Using a computer for students in school should explore creativity and imagination. Online research can help you gather and understand information and facts about a particular book and chapter. Students can use MS-Office to create assignments to do math calculations, presentations etc. I am sure many Indian students are doing these activities on school and home computers.



College students:-

Using computer with internet is really important for college students. Information technology education helps them in research, no matter what kind of degree they are pursuing. They don’t need to know about information technology but use technology for their career. College students use Microsoft Word to create an assignment, notes, letters, and books. They use excel spreadsheets for mathematical calculations, data visualization using charts, They solve and learn various logical formulas. Many students are learning online etiquette skills and safety. They are using computers and internet to create websites. But the biggest use of computers for college students is that they can enroll in online degree programs.


Using computers, students get information and knowledge quickly from multiple sources.

This use of computer is really important in daily life of computer.


• Job seekers: –

Job seekers use computers to learn computer skills that help them get jobs. They learn to use MS Office, English and Hindi typing, internet research, file management, printing, MS Office, business applications and social media skills in their daily life. Job seekers who are IT literate or gain productive computer skills quickly find jobs with only certain specific skills.


• Business Owners: –

Business owner uses computer on demand and urgent basis. Usually they use a computer daily to watch YouTube videos, upload family and travel photos to social media etc. They use computers for business planning and team management.


• Computer professional and IT people :-

The real truth is that IT people have no use other than computers in their daily life. IT people spend 12 hours more than I spend on computers.


But the benefits and results you see in computers and the Internet today are done by IT professionals around the world. Without the people in this world, nothing you see today on the internet and computers would be possible.



Using computer in new habits – Impact of computer in our life.


Our life is completely influenced by computers. Today the use of computer with internet connection has changed our habits. We are creating new habits. Like listening to music on computer, earning money online, internet banking, online communication with friends and family, running online business, taking online classes etc. New habits. This is a good living practice by a human because many people favor technology without data analysis.



The computer can affect our lives negatively, if too many inappropriate habits turn into bad habits. More use of computers for activities of daily living means less physical work and more mental work. In this case, the accessibility of the brain is enhanced by many features of computers and the Internet. But physical capacity is not declining or sitting too much in front of the computer. It is really important to maintain a balance between brain access and body capacity. This balanced use of computer in daily life will be great.


Use of computer to change life: Computer has changed our life in this way.


The use of a digital computer, analog computer and now hybrid computer is increasing in our daily life. The problem is that computers are doing our work quickly and accurately and saving our time. But then why people have any time for their family today. You can say computer is our life yes yes, computer has changed our life because today we want to use indoor air purifier instead of planting new plants indoors. Funny! Very funny!

So, my friends, you need to understand and analyze what you want to do today and what is important for you to do today using computer.


Office, hospital, mall or just stay at home, computers are everywhere! They help us calculate, store information, stay organized and inform us with entertainment.

Computers add speed and accuracy in various ways and hence, they help us save time and money too!

Computers have made important contributions in various fields including science, technology, education, society and more!


Meaning of computer:

Computers can be defined as electronic devices that receive, store and process input data to generate correct output. To get the correct and desired output, a correct data or computer data should be entered.

Computers process various types of data that are entered by users. These electronic devices run several programs to achieve accurate results.

Computers act as highly reliable scientific tools. They collect and store information and also carry out logical and mathematical calculations to provide quick and accurate results.

Let’s find out the importance of computer in our daily life:


1. Education –

Computers have contributed a lot in the field of education. Internet enabled computers not only provide important knowledge and information in every subject, but also connect students around the world. Moreover, the concepts of smart classes, ebooks, multimedia learning etc. have become possible only because of computers.

2. Internet –

With the help of internet on computer we stay connected with our friends and family. Computers provide us with information and entertain us. Today, we just need to type a word into a search engine and countless pages will open up to provide information on that particular word! Computers are very helpful in disseminating information and knowledge. Computers help us generate money as many jobs and businesses can be done online. Moreover, online banking systems, online shopping and similar internet supported concepts on computers help us save time and money.

3. Calculation:

Computers perform calculations and store and process information in the office, but they are also useful at home for many household tasks. For example, they help us calculate the household budget by storing daily or monthly essential information.

4. Help business grow –

Whether small or large, many businesses maintain their books of accounts on computers. Also, there are various online methods like online campaigns, social media marketing, which help businesses to promote and grow. Computers also provide fast and reliable electronic receipts in supermarkets and other locations. They are also used in hospitals to store and retrieve patient information.

5. Entertainment –

Computers are great sources for entertainment. It comes to entertainment when they give us the desired choice. We can listen to music, watch movies and videos and chat with our friends with the help of computers.

Computer Features.


An unforgettable invention of computer science.  Computer is a huge memory store of information.



(1) Making the educational process interesting:

With the help of computers, the educational process can be made interesting by using electronic media.



(2) Speed ​​and accuracy :

Computers can work at very fast speeds. Other than that works perfectly. Can execute more than 10 lakh instructions per second.



(3) Makes the teaching-learning process easier and faster:

With the help of computers, the teaching-learning process can be made easier and faster.



(4) Connectivity:

Many computers can be connected through a local area network (LAN) so that different types of calculations can be done on different computers based on the same data.



(5) Data storage:

The computer’s hard disk can store huge amounts of data. You can store any information and it can deliver it quickly as needed.



(6) Application of systems approach:

Systems approach is applied in computer education. Various components of the system help the learning process to proceed.



(7) Provision of various information:

With the help of computers, the knowledge needs of students can be fulfilled by providing various information of the country and abroad.



(8) Performance:

The computer can function continuously without mechanical failure.



(9) Retrieval:

Various data or graphs etc. can be stored in the memory through the computer and the data can be re-arranged as desired.


So computer is a device that plays a special role not only in education but also in business, information storage and entertainment.


Computer price.

We are going  to talk about today, you can do all the tasks that your computer needs, it does not require a huge budget to get a computer with a good configuration. But the budget will depend on the type of work you do. Commonly we use computer for all the tasks like graphic design, video editing, freelancing work, typing and official work. Official work does not require expensive computers.

Photoshop, video editing software Premier Pro, 3D animation can also be done with this computer. Also can do freelancing and official work.

Cost of computers, the current age is the age of computers. It is not possible for people to move without computers. Because computers are needed in daily life.


Computer care:

Step forward to take care of computer. Days have changed, our habits have changed. Changes have come in our every work, lifestyles are changing.In the same way, we are using the latest operating system and updated software to run the computer. To take care of the computer, leave the software that we usually use, this time, use a new one.

You will get driver manager, startup manager, process manager and file extension manager, which You can fix your computer by using the driver manager. You can download the updated version with the driver manager. This software will tell you which driver is not compatible with other drivers on your computer.

Many times, when the computer is started, Undoze takes a long time to load. Our unnecessary start menu is mainly responsible for this. You can easily disable the unnecessary startup menu with the startup manager. Many times the computer’s unnecessary programs are running without your knowledge.

Which slows down the running speed of the computer.Increases CPU usage and wastes some valuable power in this loadshedding market. You can disable such programs with Process Manager. You can download specific software that requires specific file extensions with File Extension Manager. Duplicate file finder is available in this software. (Video, Audio, Image, Text Document) which allows you to find the same file on your computer in different drives, delete duplicate files and save hard drive space.

As far as I know, you can get the benefit of finding duplicate files from conventional software. No. Many people can’t find the defragment option from the main program of Windows. In this software, you will get the defragment option right in front. After the scan, all the problems,This software performs the task of fixing automatically. You can delete junk files very easily. You can clear recent history. There is a re-store point in the disk name option. You can get all this in 6.44 MB of Pairtoollogic PC Health Advisor software.

Necessity of computer maintenance:

:- Everything needs to be maintained. The maintenance of computer equipment is also important. Due to lack of maintenance, the computer

loses its performance. As a result, we suffer financial loss. Not only that, the valuable data stored in the computer is lost.

So we need to take care of the computer.


All the reasons that damage the computer are:-

1. Not getting proper power flow

2. Increase and decrease the voltage of electricity

3. High temperature

4. More cooling flow

5. High humidity

6. Wash

7. Dust

8. Water or any other liquid substance

9. Virus attack

10. Natural/Useful Corrosion

11. Creation of magnetic field

12. Use of malicious software


Normal temperature for computer:


The normal temperature for the computer is 40 degrees centigrade. It should not be less than more. In this temperature, the computer remains operational for a long time. There will be no problem if you follow the etc.

Taking care of the computer is an important task. It is our daily companion. Computers are used everywhere including offices, courts, business establishments, homes. There are many people who have to do all their work with computers. There are others who work on the computer day and night most of the time. So computer needs to be taken care of.

Computer requirements cannot be overstated. If such a valuable instrument is not maintained, it cannot be expected to perform well and be used for a long time. Can easily go bad and result in financial loss. From this point of view it should be taken care of.


Care and maintenance of computers:


1) Ensuring fault free electrical connections;


2) Using multi socket with 3 pin plug;


3) placing the computer in a room that is light and airy or not damp;


4) Not placing computers near the kitchen;


5) placing the CPU box on the table instead of on the floor;


6) Placed 8-10 inches away from room walls;


7) Do not place anything heavy on the computer casing.


8) regularly cover the computer after work;


9) Not covering the computer while moving:


10) Do not touch the monitor screen unnecessarily, or touch the monitor screen with a pencil, pen or any hard object;


11) Wipe the monitor with a soft cloth or tissue if dirt accumulates:


12) Turn on and off the computer properly;


13) Clean the mouse pad or mouse area before using the mouse;


14) Not shutting down the computer for more than 1 month;


15) Abstaining from eating and drinking at the computer table;


16) Keep the keyboard upright or upside down (keyed side down) after work;


17) Do not spray any kind on the keyboard, if necessary, clean the key board with brass;

18) Turn off the mains power switch after the computer is completely shut down;


19) keep computer viruses (VIRUS) free;


20) Cleaning the computer parts after 3 to 6 months. If necessary take the help of a service center.



Laptop care:


1) Do not operate laptop computer in soft place of bed or couch;


2) Recharging the laptop while working with 20% – 25% charge.


3) Not charging even after being charged 100%.


4) Keep the monitor down after work.


Taking care of computers is often not bad. Keep in mind a few things in computer care. For example, proper power flow, proper temperature (maximum temperature 40 degrees centigrade), washing, dust, water or any liquid etc.




A book could not be completed to write in detail about computer requirements. Tried to tell about computer requirements in brief.


Apart from this, the number of other tasks that computers are used for cannot be summed up. Today the world is helpless without computers. We do many complex tasks very simply in a short time through computer. It is easy to understand from this discussion how much computers have made our standard of living easier. Currently, any developmental work cannot be imagined without the use of computers.


Considering the current environment and situation, it is easy to understand the immense importance of computer education. Computer education should be made compulsory in our country. Computer education plays an important role in making a nation self-reliant as well as leading a better life. The use of computers is increasing day by day. It will continue to grow slowly. That is why computer education is very important in computer management.

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