The important of Computer in Education.

The importance of computer in education is immense. People live in the age of Technology.

Computer education.

The invention of the computer is really a miracle of science. It has brought about a revolutionary change in life. Life fully depends on computer hence and technology.

Some use of computer.

The computer is used in,

  • office bank,
  • agriculture,
  • business
  • educational industries.

It is required today to run a plane or train. Young generation is expected with a fair knowledge of it.  People can perform office work smoothly. Without the knowledge of it, people cannot move a moment in job or business. As communication, it is a matter of clicking the mouse now. People can communicate everywhere by using it. Just need to connect a modem or a router with the computer to browse the internet. The basic literacy of it is a bare necessity.

Learning time of computer.

Computer courses are now part of the academic curriculum. Computer studies has been introduced as an optional subject both in SSC and HSC examinations. Now days, the lack of adequate facilities, qualified teachers at the reason. Very few students and have little options for these courses. Experience of other countries shows that, teaching of Computer-programming by in complemented teacher may do more hard than good . Therefore, teachers training on the computer is necessary. There are very few quality institutions that are proving high quality in education. But their cost is much higher. These are beyond the reach of the average person. Therefore, we should work hard for computer-education and serve the country efficiently.

Use of computer education.

Some of the people can not even think of a day without using it. By using, people can do many important works within seconds and because of, it is very popular among people. In the business job, medical, media, and every shape of life it help us.

Our study helps to operate the computer.

In the modern world, the education system is very much dependent on computers. The every educational institute has a computer lab. Students can get access to the internet by using it. They are also get facilities various computer-courses in university, school,college to teach the student.

How computers help our lives.

Internet help people in everywhere. trusted-google help them to search for information. About almost all subjects. They can find hundreds of information. It is interesting. Helpful for student. Save time. learn many things at a time. In university, student are encouraged to give PowerPoint. It help them in job sectors. Using computers also save students time. Many students give an online exam. In many foreign countries, student get their education through the internet.