Beli flower or Jasminum sambac

Beli flower or Jasminum sambac

Beli flower or Jasminum sambac. White color with green leaf. Flower size average 2.1 inches. Eco friendly. Make air clean. Let's know.

Beli flower.

Beli flower. Spread deep perfume in the environment. Environment friendly. Make House attractive. The popularity of Beli flower is high. All the ages of people like it very much.

Introduction of Beli flower.

Beli flower or Jasminum sambac. White color with green leaf. Flower size average 2.1 inches. Eco friendly. Make air clean. Let’s know.

Some body know it on Beli flower, Belly flower, White Belly flower etc.

Bangladesh is full of wonderful natural beauty. This country is known as the largest delta in the world. Many flowers bloom in this country for the unique structure of the earth. The fragrance of the flowers and the beauty of the human mind. On the other hand, the country has a diverse climate. The tropical climate is tropical as it crosses the Tropic of Cancer through almost the center of Bangladesh. The effect of monsoon winds is on rainfall and temperature. Due to this variation in climate, different species of flowers bloom at different times of the year with many different colored flowers and many different fragrances.

Flowers symbolize holiness.

It is said that a person who does not love a flower can kill. However, it is true that there are no people in the world who do not love flowers. Love for flowers is a natural feature of Bengali character. There is no substitute for flowers in some important areas of life. The love of a loved one wants flowers there too; The use of flowers is essential in almost every event starting from the wedding festival. Flowers are used as a symbol of truth, beauty, and holiness from Barandala to Samadhi. That is why it is paid homage with flowers at the memorials, Shahid Minar, Shikha Anirban, tombs of wise people. People of the Hindu community consider flowers as one of the objects of worship; Devotee’s devotion is dedicated to flowers at the feet of the goddess. So the various uses of flowers can be noticed.

Characteristics (Sizes and Appearance) of Beli flower.

Belly (scientific name: Jasminum sambac) is a type of fragrant white flower of the genus Jasmine. Another name for it is Mallika. It is an evergreen vine or shrub reaching the height of this species of tree can be up to one meter. Their young stalks are hairy. The leaves are single, oval, 4-6 cm long. The leaves are dark-green and smooth. A few flowers bloom in a bunch in summer and monsoon. There are several varieties according to the size and shape of the flower.

Care of Belly flowering plants.

There is no special need for irrigation during the Rainy season. Only occasionally dig with a spade to loosen the soil and clear the weeds.

Regular irrigation should be given in Winter and Summer. An infestation of spiders and leaf-eating insects can be seen on the bellied tree. Beli flower.

Season of Planting.

The best time for planting in most parts of Bangladesh is during the monsoon but one can plant belly almost round the year. Beli flower.

Belly flower variety.

Three species of belly flowers can be seen.

1. Single type and more fragrant.

2. Medium size and multi fragrant type.

3. Large double type.


Land preparation for cultivation.

After initial plowing with a moldboard plow or spade, the land should be prepared for planting by leveling the land with a ladder by plowing long and horizontally 2 to 3 times with a country plow.

Then, a hole of 45 × 45 × 30 cm should be dug keeping a distance of 90 cm from the row and 60 cm from the tree.

Apply 10-15 kg dung manure and 1 kg wood ash in each hole and mix well with soil to fill the hole.

Belly flower cultivation is done by taking cuttings or seedlings.

Belly flower cuttings or seedlings can be made from late summer to late monsoon.

Seedling to seedling; row to row distance must be 50 cm.

For planting seedlings, the hole should be filled by digging holes and sunbathing the soil, mixing organic manure and wood ash with the hole soil.

Then you have to put the belly pen in the hole. When planting trees during the rainy season, it is suitable to plant pens.

If an irrigation system is good, grafting can be done in spring also.

Made with pens or seedlings.

Belly flower buds or seedlings can be made from late summer to late monsoon. Seedling to seedling and row to row distance 5 cm. To plant seedlings, dig holes and fill the holes with soil, mix with organic manure and wood ash holes. Then place a bell pen in the hole. It is better to plant the pen in the rainy season or at the end of the rainy season. If the irrigation system is good, pens can be made even in spring.

Planting seedlings.

Seedlings are usually planted in July.

Used for the propagation of individual seedlings with cuttings or branch-pens, chess-pens (two), or roots from the mother plant. Beli flower.

These seedlings should be planted directly in each hole at a depth of 8-10 cm.

Fertilizer application.

Adequate fertilizer is required for the rapid growth of the soft stems and branches of the belly tree.

After pruning, fertilizer has to be applied once in January and once more in July.

Each plant should apply 15 kg Ammonium Sulphate 300 g, Single Super Phosphate 650 g, and Muriate of Potash 200 g per plant.

The soil should be covered by applying this fertilizer to the shallow material around the tree.

Disease management.

Belly flowers can cause spiders to attack trees. In attack they have white flakes, and the affected leaves become wobbly. Odor powder or sulpiride such as stuff, kitchen, etc. leaves can be suppressed by spraying. Different types of fungal diseases are seen on the leaves of the belly flowers. This disease can be prevented by applying Agroson or Trestol-2.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Beli flower.

1. How many varieties of jasmine?

Answer: Overall, there are more than 200 different species of plants, but most are endemic to areas with a tropical climate.

2. Which Jasmine is best in fragrance?

Answer: White Jasmine. Compared to other varieties, it is one of the best jasmines for growing indoors due to its limited length. Its pink flowers bloom in beautiful star-shaped flowers which give off a sweet but strong fragrance.

3. What is the English name of the Belly flower?

Answer: Jasminum Sambac.

4. What are the uses of Belly Flower?

Answer: Belly flowers are very good as ornaments. This flower is more in bouquets and garlands. It can create a fragrance for the beautiful aroma of bellflower. Sandalwood oil is well known nowadays.

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