What is Bamboo?

Bamboo is a tree, which are used for many kinds of home-development. All the village house construction are fully depends on bamboo.


How to look like bamboo?

It looks like a hard tree who have no branches. The color of the trees growing on sandy soil is light purple. The color of loamy soil is light green. Normally this tree is 40 feet tall. Suitable for making house pillars.


How many types of bamboo?

Many kinds of it. But the green kinds have top popularity. Green kinds can grow any place. Give good result. Strong and high performance.

  • Light purple.

  • Light green.

Have they flower or fruit?

They can grow flower and fruits. The fruits and flower are grow in bunches. They can give flower or fruits after 100 years old. Bamboo fruit.


How much average size of the bamboo?

Avarage size of it 30 to 50 feet tall and Wide 12 inches to 15 inches. Leaf are green. Average tall 5 inches and wide 2 inches.


How many years can live a Bambusa arundinacea?

They can survive 90 to 120 years. But after 2 years its eligible for use. After 120 to 150 years, then dried and used by the villagers as fuel.


How much important Bamboo in our daily life?

The people of the village are completely dependent on it. All the work in their house is done with it. Different bags are made with it. Those are eco-friendly. There is a lot of demand for this bag in the market. There are many beautiful baskets with it. Every day thousands of people make these baskets and sell them in the market. They are making a living by selling these.

With it are strong pillars. Different fishing tools are made. It is needed to weave nets.


Frequently Asked Question(FAQ) About Bamboo.

1. Bamboo have any flower ?
Answer: They have white colour and little flower.

2. Bamboo have any fruit?
Answer: They have green color fruit.

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Bamboo fruit.


Information last update,

12 March,2022.