What is spinach?

Spinach is one type of organic green leafy vegetables enriched with so many vitamins and minerals. Let’s know about it.

Scientific background:

Its binomial name is Basella alba. It belongs to the Species- B.alba. Family-Basellaceae. And it belongs to the world of Plantae.

What type of plant is spinach?

Spinach is a herbaceous plant. It is a multi-branched plant.

Spinach cuisine:

In Bangladesh, West- Bengal, Assam and Tripura, spinach fry (puni shak) is very favorite dish for lunch.
Again, it becomes very tasty when it is cooked with fish.


Like other leafy vegetables, it contains a lot of vitamins like vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, Iron and Calcium.

Spinach as medicine:

Besides its taste, it is also used for medicine purposes. Because this whole plants with leaves has medicinal properties. As its leaves are diuretic, it is beneficial in gonorrhea. Moreover, the juice of the leaves of spinach is beneficial for cold and constipation.
As it is a green leafy vegetable, it can also be used as pigments for the abundance of green chlorophyll and red xanthophyll in red stalks.

Cultivation process of spinach:

Generally, spinach is a winter season vegetable. Though, presently it is cultivated all over the year.
The cultivation process of it is very easy. A brief procedure is described below-
Firstly, effective land should be selected.
Plot should be prepared with specific dimensions.
If there are weeds in the land, it should be cleaned.
Seeds should be sprinkled on the ground carefully.
The land should be irrigated with sufficient amount of water frequently.
After 15-18 days, it will be eligible for eating.

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