Growing The Best Ginger In Pots.

Using ginger people make curry, medicine,tea, cake etc. Doctor always advice us to eat ginger with curry. Poor people can’t buy it, according their daily demand. This post help them, to how to cultivate best ginger in pots. They can fill up their demand by using this system.


Seed selection for growing the best Ginger in pots.


Collect seed from government research center. Don’t buy seed from open market. After collect seed dry this on sun 6 hours. Spread some water into the seed. Keep this seed into the low temperate. After 8 to 10 day, The seeds will germinate. It’s eligible to plant on pots.


Pots selection.

Use minimum 3 kg container pots. Fill with soil. Use compost and organic fertilizer. Keep this pots on the sunlight. Need 6 hours sunlight per day. Ginger cannot tolerate waterlogging


Sowing seeds.

After 10 day, sow the seeds into the pots. Spread water every after one day. When the age of the seedlings 20 use a bamboo stick on the pots.


Fertilizer and pesticides.


Use Urea and water, when plants-leaf are yellow. Don’t use extra number of fertilizer or pesticides. After one month use pesticide (250ml per 100 plants). Always use organic fertilizer for good health and fit. Organic fertilize help to grow plant fast and make Ginger good weight.


Time to collect Ginger.

After 8 to 10 month time to harvest ginger from pots. Collect it and dry on sunlight. After then it’s eligible to cultivate again or use in daily life.


Frequency Asked Question( FAQ).

1. Can Ginger tolerate waterlogging ?

Answer: No. Ginger cannot tolerate waterlogging. Be careful about it.


2. Which pots are best to cultivate Ginger?

Answer: Soil-pots, plastic-polythene is the best to cultivate Ginger.


3. Which place is the best to Growing The Best Ginger In Pots ?

Answer: Sunlight and fresh air place is the best to grow Ginger.


4. Which time is the best to cultivate Ginger ?

Answer: Start February and end on the December.

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