Good Heath.


Good health is a great asset to a human being. It is associated with all the successes in daily life. Let’s not know the details.


Good Health:


Good health comes from knowing the needs and requirements of our bodies. It is important not to abuse our bodies. Health refers to the physical and mental state of a human being. To stay healthy is not an option but a necessity to live a happy life. The basic laws of good health are related to the food we eat, the amount of physical exercise we do, our cleanliness, rest, and relaxation.

A healthy body has all the major components that help in the proper functioning of the body. The essential component is the state of physical health.

Good physical health means the fitness of one’s body is maintained by good nutrition and exercise. This will lead to an efficient circulation, a healthy immune system, and strong musculoskeletal strength.


Some factors contribute maintaining good health:


Several things contribute to good health. Here are some highlighted below:


Sunlight has several health benefits, especially vitamin D. Which helps in the absorption of calcium in the body, is very important in building strong bones. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety and other problems. Fresh air and sunlight are very important for our health. Filthy and damp surroundings can cause diseases.





Fresh and pure drinking water and wholesome food are essential for a healthy body. It is very important to meet the daily water needs of the body. Water is needed for digestion, proper functioning of internal organs, keeping bones strong. Water is also helpful to keep the skin good, to get rid of waste products from the body.


Balanced Diet:


A balanced diet helps the proper growth of the body. Moreover, in order to keep the body healthy, we need to keep the mind sound.


Physical Exercise:


Physical exercises keep us fit. There are numerous exercises for building a fit and muscular body, which is quite heavy and laborious. However, good health does not mean a muscular body. You can start exercising with a simple walk.


Morning Walk:


A morning walk is very useful for good health. Recently, researchers say, walking, jogging and running bring equal benefits for cardiovascular health. In fact, walking is a better exercise for some people.

Walking for a while every morning gives fresh air to the lungs. By collecting oxygen from this air, the heart purifies the blood and supplies oxygen rich blood to the brain. As a result, the brain stays active and memory increases.

During the morning work every morning, fresh air and beautiful environment enhances the performance of your heart and mind. During walking, the heart carries pure blood to different parts of the body. As a result, every organ is healthy and active and people live longer.


Games and Sports:


Games and sports are also very valuable for health. From time immemorial, sports have been recognized as an unadulterated means of entertainment. Nowadays, although thousands of entertainment materials have been created, the contribution of the game has not diminished. Every game is packed with entertainment. Sport makes people happy, makes them excited. Sport is a means of expressing our emotions.

Sports keep the mind cheerful. Keeps body and mind lively, playful and joyful. So sports is a very important aspect for good health.

Physical activity is through play. It keeps the body and health good. The body burns extra calories and loses fat. As a result, human heart and brain are better and life expectancy is increased. Gets rid of the disease.

Sport helps people to get rid of depression and exhaustion. So sports ensure not only physical fitness but also mental, tranquility and well-being. So there is no substitute for sports in body building.


Healthy Diets for Good Health:


There are standard rules and procedures for eating healthy and wellness. If you follow these methods and take food and drink, there is no possibility of illness. E.g.

  1. Eat meals regularly at regular intervals.
  2. Abstain from eating on a full stomach.
  3. Do not be busy eating or drinking all the time.
  4. Eat when you are hungry. Again, abstain from food while there is some hunger left.
  5. Do not overeat.


Role of Water Maintaining Good Health:


About 80 percent of the human body is water. Water also plays a vital role in controlling the body’s internal temperature, removing contaminants, digesting food, keeping joints smooth, and keeping vital organs active.

Adults should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water (two liters) daily. But researchers at the National Academies of Science in the United States say the data has no scientific basis. Drinking water by measuring glass ignores the two major sources of water supply in the body.

Water is present in every food. Especially raw fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water. For example, watermelon, cucumber, and strawberry are 90 percent of the total weight of water. 20 percent of human water needs are met by eating healthy food.

In order to prevent coronavirus infection, it is necessary to follow the hygiene rules and drink water as per the demand.

A number of foods and beverages can help boost immunity and fight pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Water helps to increase our immunity. At this time of summer, the body needs to drink water as needed.


The way water keeps the body healthy:


It is advisable to everyone to keep hydrated when they are sick or have a fever. Water naturally removes disease-causing toxins and bacteria from our bodies.

Water carries oxygen to different cells of the body and the proper functioning of the body is done. You should drink at least two liters of water every day to stay healthy.

However, it is best to drink eight glasses of water a day. You can give lemon or mint with drinking water.


Some of the benefits of drinking water:


Drinking water keeps blood pressure under control:


Drinking water relieves fatigue in the body because water supplies oxygen and other nutrients to the blood cells and keeps blood pressure under control.


Increases blood circulation:


Drinking water increases blood circulation in the body.


Maintains body temperature:


Water maintains body temperature balance.


Prevents from kidney diseases:


Drinking the right amount of water helps to prevent various kidney diseases and also helps in eliminating constipation.


Helps in proper digestion:


Our body needs a moderate amount of water for the proper digestion of food. So in addition to fibrous foods, you also need to drink moderate amounts of water.


Increases skin radiance:


Does not allow toxins to accumulate on the skin and increases the radiance by removing the pale feeling of the skin. Does not allow the impression of age on the body, and removes wrinkles.


Eliminates gas problem:


Regular drinking of water on an empty stomach in the morning eliminates gas problems.


Prevents hair loss:


Helps to increase the shine of hair and prevent hair loss.

If the water is not pure, there will be more harm than good. So before drinking water, you have to take care of whether the water is pure or not.


Benefits of eating raw gram on an empty stomach for good health:


Waking up in the morning and eating raw gram on an empty stomach is very beneficial for the body. Each 100 grams of edible gram contains about 18 grams of meat, about 75 grams of carbohydrates, only 5 grams of fat, 200 milligrams of calcium, vitamin-A, about 192 micrograms, plenty of vitamin B-1, and vitamin B-2.


Controls Diabetes:


Gram also contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, magnesium and phosphorus. It is very beneficial for those who have diabetes to eat raw lentils every morning. Gram contains low levels of sugars and glycemic index of carbohydrates, so it is very good for diabetics. Contains meat and protein, sugars or carbohydrates and fats or oils.


Helps to loose weight:


Gram is rich in folate and fiber, as well as carbons, tryptophan, copper, phosphorus and iron. If you want to lose weight, you must eat gram in the morning on an empty stomach. Gram is a very effective ingredient in healing the fat that accumulates in the blood. Chickpeas contain polyunsaturated fats, which help in weight loss by reducing blood fats. Polyunsaturated fats reduce the accumulation of harmful fats in the body.


Reduce the risk of heart disease:


The importance of Gram in reducing the risk of heart disease is immense. Gram contains both soluble and insoluble fiber which helps in reducing the risk of heart attack. Ash, Potassium, Vitamin-C, and Vitamin-B-6 are good for heart health.


Helps to prevent Cancer:


If folic acid enters the body through food, there is no possibility of cancer. Women who are more prone to colon cancer, rectal cancer, can eat raw lentils on an empty stomach every morning to keep them free from the risk of cancer. Gram helps girls to keep their heart healthy during puberty, eat raw Gram on an empty stomach every morning to easily have a healthy heart.


Helps in blood circulation:


Gram plays a very important role in blood circulation. Eating 1/2 cup of Gram, beans and peas every day increases blood circulation in the arteries of their feet. Moreover, isoflavones in chickpeas increase the efficiency of arteries in people with ischemic stroke.


Increases Sexual Energy:


The role of gram is very important in increasing sexual energy. The old cough or phlegm that accumulates in the airways works for good air. Gram or boot spinach is also good for the body; it contains a lot of dietary fiber.


Resists from different diseases:


Thin fiber in dietary or fiber foods, which relieves constipation. Soaking raw gram and playing with raw ginger fulfills the body’s need for meat and antibiotics. Vegetables make people strong and healthy, antibiotics build resistance to any disease.


Brings smoothness to the skin:


Gram is a very nutritious food; it is a significant source of protein. It is almost equal to the amount of meat or fish, so if there are lentils in the food list, there is no need for fish meat. Brings smoothness to the skin, raw gram is very beneficial. However, the less fried and burnt food made from gram dal, the better.


Enough Sleeping for Good Health:


Keeping your heart healthy requires healthy eating habits, regular exercise or physical activity, proper weight and not to mention smoking, as well as getting enough sleep daily.

Studies have shown that people who get enough sleep on a regular basis, who sleep less than six hours a night, have a 20 percent higher risk of heart attack.

According to the American Heart Association, a person should get six to eight hours of sleep a night, an average of seven hours, for heart health. An adult needs an average of 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night.

But if sleep deprivation continues, it has a very negative effect on the body.

Dr. Gavin Buckingham, a professor of sports and health sciences at the University of Exeter, says that sleep deprivation harms a person’s cognitive function or learning new things.

The negative effects of sleep deprivation, even in the case of decision making, the person suffers from hesitation, said Dr. Buckingham.

Therefore, there is no substitute for adequate sleep to protect the health of the body and mind.


There is no substitute for adequate rest. According to experts, it is important to get enough sleep for these reasons:


  • Growth and development of young boys and girls and adolescents.
  • Knowing new information and remembering it.
  • Maintaining the right balance of hormones, which affects metabolism and weight.
  • Keep the heart well.
  • Increased immunity.
  • Not getting enough sleep can lead to obesity, depression, heart disease, diabetes, and various accidents. Surely, there is good reason for us to take adequate rest for these matters.



Some good practices for proper sleep:


  • The first and foremost things to do, is to go to the bed at the same time daily.
  • Not to drink tea or coffee before going to bed. It may hamper to your sound sleep.
  • To do exercise in the morning or afternoon. Because, for doing physical exertion will keep the heart healthy.
  • Always try to avoid using technological devices before sleeping. It will affect your brain.
  • Ensure that the sleeping room is calm and quiet.


Regular Exercise for Good Health:


Staying healthy requires not only healthy food but regular exercise. Regular exercise prevents various complex diseases like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc.

Walking, running, or exercising every day reduces the risk of high blood pressure. Cholesterol is under control. As a result, a thick layer of fat cannot build up in the blood vessels, reducing the risk of heart disease. In addition, regular exercise prevents bone loss and protects against cancer.

Exercise is extremely beneficial for sleep problems. Exercise eliminates insomnia as well as excessive sleep deprivation. Regular exercise can get rid of all kinds of sleep problems.


Weight loss can be gained by regular exercise:


Exercise consumes calories. In this way, the more we do physical work, the more our calorie expenditure will increase and our body weight will be under control.


Regular exercise increases appetite:


Exercise provide extra oxygen and nutrition to every cell in our body. This keeps our heart and blood vessels active. This creates a healthy vibration and stimulation in the whole body. It increases our work ethic.


Regular exercise is beneficial for physical intercourse:


Exercise is extremely beneficial for those who have inertia or apathy in physical intercourse. Regular physical activity increases the desire for physical intercourse, increases the duration of physical intercourse, and brings about positive changes in marital life.


Exercise helps to reduce mental problems:


Exercising for 45 minutes three to five days per week helps to reduce mental problems. Exercising for longer periods of time is not very beneficial – according to a large US study published in The Lancet Psychiatry Journal.

They released the data by monitoring the daily activities of about 1.2 million people a month. It has been found that those who have exercised have 1.5 percent less bad days than those who have not exercised.


Physical illness and stress:


Tough physical illnesses can affect all aspects of your life. Your relationships, activities, religion and your social interactions can all be affected. Severe illness can make you depressed, anxious, scared or angry.


Ways to get rid from physical illness and stress:


Proper intake of food, walk, live a stress-free life, sleep properly, diabetes will not happen. The brain, the heart, everything has a significant impact on life.

Smoking should be stopped. Stress management is very important. We have many kinds of stress in our personal and professional life. They have to be managed. There is no substitute for exercise to keep the heart healthy. If there is no place to walk, you have to walk at home. Pushups or cardio can be done indoors. The best is to swim. Yoga can also be done from home.

Forgetting all business at certain times of the day on a regular basis and resting, one’s mind brings good results for the body.

More added that,

Being alone all the time can damage mental health as well as heart. Even if heart disease is never caught, the risk of harm remains.

So don’t sit alone at home and go out with friends. But in this case you have to be careful in choosing the real friend.

Regular recreation increases the heart rate. According to the American Journal of Cardiology, published in 2010, laughter increases the efficiency of the body’s circulatory system. So always put a smile on the corner of your lips or smile if you can.

Currently, there is a tendency among people not to sleep. Six to eight hours of sleep is required to stay healthy. In this case, it is more important to sleep peacefully than time.

Practice regular walking, running, swimming or dancing. These activities will keep you physically and mentally healthy and keep you away from diabetes or heart disease. Mental exhaustion can also be relieved through physical exertion.


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